Get A Life!

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Lucinda convinces Meg to try to oust Paul from Worldwide, Paul and Emily continue plotting against Dusty and Meg, Paul asks Lucinda to buy him out, Jack jumps to conclusions about Janet and then comes to her rescue!

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At the hospital, Lucinda corners Meg and tells her that Paul is in danger at work. She says the board is upset at the actions he took in the Snyder Farm Project. She suggests that Paul resign! Meg says Paul doesn't have a choice but to stay at Worldwide and work because he has no money. A doctor interrupts and says they are ready for Meg. She tells Meg to think about it and walks away.


Janet is alone at Brad's apartment when Henry calls. He apologizes for placing her in harms way. Janet looks at her face in the mirror, sees the bruises and says it was her fault. Henry tells her to take the day off. Jack stops by and asks if they can talk; Janet says she has nothing to say to him. Jack keeps trying but he won't let him in. He turns to leave but Janet opens the door; she tries to face away from him but Jack sees the bruise. He says she shouldn't have taken up with the first rough guy she found! Janet is insulted and says she had no choice since he was taken and shuts the door.

Jack arrives at Al's and Henry brings up the mugging. Jack feels like a heel and vows to solve Janet's mugging. Janet arrives a few minutes later and says she needs to work. Henry brings up Jack but Janet refuses to listen to any Jack stories or information. "Okay, Al's is now a you-know-who free zone!" Al says.

Jack goes to Yo's and the bartender tells him about a guy who was waving a lot of cash around. The man left with a hooker; Jack hurries out.

Jack arrives at The Lakeview and asks where Crystal is. The desk clerk hesitates and Jack grabs him and threatens him. The clerk gives in and gives Jack a key. He goes upstairs and busts into the room. He grabs the guy, Lester, and demands his pants from Crystal. Jack takes the ring that Lester gave the girl; Lester makes a break for it but Jack catches him and drags him downstairs. At the elevator, Dallas is waiting with the desk clerk and another officer. Dallas asks what he is doing! Jack says he is doing his job; Dallas says Jack was doing police work and threatens to arrest him. Jack convinces Dallas to give him an hour to prove that this man is Janet's mugger.

Jack gets to Al's and demands that Janet come with him; she won't. He says he'll be arrested if she doesn't come to jail with him so Janet follows.


As soon as Janet walks into the police station she sees the mugger and identifies him! Jack and Dallas write up the paperwork; Dallas tells Jack he should come back to work! Janet asks about the money and Dallas says everything that is left will be returned to Henry. She leaves to give Henry the good news.


Paul and Emily are meeting at The Lakeview. She says their plan is full of holes and they'll get caught. He says they'll be fine but then Dusty walks in and Emily gets weirded out. To save face, Paul picks a fight with Emily over Meg and threatens her job! Dusty steps in and Paul takes his anger out on him, too. Paul storms off. Dusty wonders what is going on with the man. Over lunch, Emily tells Dusty that the best thing he can do for Meg is to watch her from a distance so that Paul doesn't get suspicious. Dusty agrees that she is probably right.


Meg arrives home at the same time as Paul. She says her ultrasound was fine; he apologizes for missing it. Meg brings up work and says she wants him to quit! She says with the difficult pregnancy and all the pressures of a new baby, she thinks they'll be better off if he isn't working. Paul says he can work and still be around. "But there's the first word and the first step and the first date!" Meg says, telling him that she doesn't want him to miss anything. He doesn't want that either and admits he doesn't like working at Worldwide anyway. She asks if he can sell; Paul says they would get fair market value and could live anywhere. Meg is thrilled. Paul says this is a good idea and brings up painting. "Well, the house could use a fresh coat," Meg teases.


Paul goes to Worldwide and tells Lucinda that the office is too boring and he wants out! He tells Lucinda to buy him out! Lucinda wonders why. Paul says he is tired of Worldwide and bored with the work. He gives her an hour to make her decision and leaves. Lucinda sees Brian and tells him, excited about taking over again. Brian tells her not to do it and instead to focus on her life!

Lucinda sees Dusty and Emily at The Lakeview. Emily leaves. Lucinda tells Dusty about Paul's offer. He says he'll buy the shares for her!

In Dusty's hotel room, Emily calls Paul and tells him that Dusty has agreed to keep his distance from Meg. Paul is happy with that. Dusty comes to the door so Emily hangs up and makes herself comfortable on the bed. Dusty kisses her and says he is buying Worldwide from Lucinda! Emily asks what Paul will do; Dusty says Paul is selling his shares to Lucinda, but the shares will actually be purchased from his offshore account and won't be tracked back to him. He insists this is a favor to Paul. Emily wonders why he is doing this and can only come up with one reason: Meg. Dusty says Meg must be pushing Paul to sell and he's doing her a favor; he tells Emily to keep this quiet.


Back at Fairwinds, Paul hangs up from Lucinda, who says a multi-national company is going to buy! Meg is thrilled and so is Paul. Meg goes upstairs to change so they can celebrate. Emily calls and asks about the sale; she tells him that Dusty is behind the sale and hangs up! Paul throws his phone at the fireplace.

Dusty comes out of the shower and asks who Emily was talking to; she says it was the paper. He asks for a kiss and then says he needs her to be his eyes and ears at the company. She says she'll need a raise and he carries her to the bed.


Jack takes Janet home and asks why he didn't tell her about the mugging when it happened and then apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Jack says he nearly did some very bad things trying to bring in the mugger; Janet thanks him and says the mugger deserves everything he got. Jack kisses her bruise and then her neck and lips. "Better?" he asks. Janet says it hurts all over and he kisses her some more!

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Paul turns to Derek to set up Dusty!

Emily overhears their plans.

Carly asks Holden for advice.

Jack proposes to Janet!

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