Lawyers Are For Wimps!

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Lucinda asks Lily and Holden for help, Margo and Dallas find incriminating evidence against Lucinda, Lily goes to Dusty for help, Kevin and Luke have an uneasy reunion, Luke decides to run for Student Body President, Brian considers leaving Oakdale and Dusty tells Lily they are even now.

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Lucinda comes to Lily and Holden's and demands to know if they threw her under the bus with Margo. Both Holden and Lily say Margo probably figured things out on her own and point out that Lucinda is one of the only people in Oakdale who could have helped Dusty fake his death. She asks them to help her but Lily stubbornly tells Lucinda that she is on her own. Lucinda leaves.

Dusty runs into Luke and Noah in Old Town. He tries to apologize to Luke for coming between Lily and Holden. Luke snarkily says he understands why Dusty chose his family over everyone else and walks out. Noah tells Dusty that Luke will come around but Dusty doesn't harbor any grudges. He leaves. Lily arrives and begs Dusty to tell Margo that Lucinda isn't to blame but Dusty won't do it. He says he can't jeopardize finding Johnny this way!


Luke runs into Reg at Al's and asks about the festival; Reg says the school is withdrawing funding so that the donors aren't offended. Both are very upset. Brian walks in and demands to know why Luke went behind his back. Luke says he can do anything he wants because this is his foundation. Brian says he won't work this way and walks out. Reg returns and Luke asks what is really going on. Reg tells Luke to ask the man in charge and points over Luke's shoulder - right at Kevin! Kevin walks over, tells Luke he made the soccer team and is running for student body president. Luke tells him about the film festival and asks Kevin if he is going to cut funding to that. Noah walks in and Luke introduces them. Kevin leaves. Reg returns and says Kevin isn't on their side! Luke and Reg wonder what they have to do to get a voice in the school. Noah suggests that Luke run against Kevin and Luke says he might! "I have as much chance of winning as Kevin does," Luke says. He says his platform will be censorship.


Margo has Dallas pull Lucinda's financial records. They find out that Lucinda wired money to an Oakdale funeral parlor and to a ' Jonathan Burke' in Singapore. Lucinda is waiting in the questioning room when Margo walks in and asks about the money that went to the funeral home. Lucinda says she bought a pony from the man. Margo asks about Jonathan Burke and Lucinda says she doesn't know anyone by that name. Margo keeps questioning her. Lucinda asks for her lawyer. Margo returns to Dallas and tells him what is going on. Holden walks in and asks why Margo is really doing this. Margo says they have to solve the crime; Holden says what Lucinda did didn't hurt anyone; but Dusty did! Dusty walks in and tells Margo that if she wants him, he is ready! Margo asks if he wants a lawyer. "Lawyers are for wimps," Dusty says. They go into interrogation and Margo lets Lucinda go. Dusty says he convinced Lucinda to help him so that he could find Johnny; he says once he was in Singapore, Lucinda was out of the loop. Dusty says Ernest gave him the antidote; Margo asks why Lucinda was involved in that. Dusty says it doesn't matter. Margo angrily says Lucinda was at the heart of this. Dusty says he'd do all of this again because it kept Craig away from Johnny. Dusty says Evan did try to kill him and asks why she didn't care about that. Margo opens the door. Margo says Lucinda can go and then shuts the door again. "You're free to go as well," Margo says. She says she told him a long time ago that she would always be there for him and tells him to remember that next time!

In the outer office, Holden and Lucinda wonder why Dusty is doing this.


Lucinda and Dusty meet in Old Town. She says Dusty hurt Lily and that he is worse for Lily than pills. He reminds Lucinda that he didn't know about the overdose; Lucinda says she would do everything she did again to protect Lily. Dusty tells her that Lily came to him on Lucinda's behalf but swears he doesn't want to be back in Lily's life. He advises Lucinda to give Lily a little time.

Holden returns home and finds Lily. He asks where she went earlier but she doesn't say. He tells her about seeing Lucinda and Dusty rescuing Lucinda at the last minute. Lily isn't surprised, which confuses Holden for a minute. "I get it. You went to Dusty," Holden says and hangs his head when Lily admits she did. Lily says she had to go to Dusty because he was the only one who could help. Holden jealously asks why she didn't talk to him first. Lily says there wasn't any time and it had to be Dusty. He asks why they always turn to other people instead of each other. "Whatever is between you is still between you and I have a problem with that," Holden says. Lily points out that she came home to him instead of going with Dusty. Just then Dusty arrives! He says their slate is clean now and leaves. Lily turns and tells Holden, again, that he has nothing to worry about where Dusty is concerned. Holden says there is plenty to worry about because she obviously isn't through with Dusty!


Lucinda returns to Worldwide and finds an upset Brian there. He asks about her change of mood and Lucinda says things are righting themselves because Lily is back in her corner. At least a little bit. Brian is happy for her but tells her to give Lily time and space when she suggests calling. He says that Lucinda has to give Lily space or she'll lose her. Lucinda calms down. Brian drops his bombshell - that he is leaving the Foundation! Lucinda is shocked. Brian says he can't work the way Luke wants him to work. Lucinda begs him to stay on because she and Luke both need him!


Noah and Luke return to the farm. Noah asks if Luke is serious about running for president and Luke says he is very serious. Noah asks if this is about Kevin and Luke insists it isn't. Noah presses the issue; Luke swears he doesn't care what Kevin thinks. He says he is doing this for Noah because he cares so much about the festival. Noah tells Luke that Lily came around looking for Dusty and when Luke gets upset, Noah says he is being too hard on the man. Noah tells him that Dusty influenced him to fight for Luke and has been a good friend to him.

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