Jade Admits She Is Not Pregnant!

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Jade admits she is not pregnant, Lucy and Dusty kiss, and Craig starts a foundation named after Jennifer.

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Jack confronts Carly in Simon's room, he tells her that he saw Simon in the dining room with Spero and tells her she needs to be wary of Simon and the company he keeps.

When Carly tries to kick Jack out Simon walks in on the two fighting. Jack asks Simon if he is working with Spero, and when Simon denies working with him Jack leaves warning Carly to keep her eyes open.


After Jack leaves Carly asks Simon once again if he is working with Spero. Simon denies having any involvement with Spero and the two embrace. As the two talk Carly tells Simon she doesn't want Simon to be with anyone but her.

The two start to kiss, and when they move to the bed Carly accidentally knocks over the suitcase full of money Simon got from Spero, and bills tumble out onto the floor.

Carly angrily throws bills at Simon and tells him that he has brought Spero into her life, and now he better get him out of it.

Luke tries to convince Jade to go to the doctor. Jade insists on not going to see a doctor even though she has an incredibly high fever. When Luke tells Jade she has to go to the hospital, or he is going to call Will, Jade reluctantly agrees to go.

At the hospital Jades OBGYN stops by her room to check on her after he sees her chart at the desk.

When he prescribes an anti-biotic for her infection Luke approaches the doctor, concerned that the medicine will not be good for the baby. Jade's doctor then tells Luke that Jade is not pregnant. Her doctor tells him she came in for a routine exam that morning, and is definitely not pregnant.


After looking a Jade's chart Luke rushes into Jade's hospital room to confront her about not being pregnant.Eventually Jade amits to Luke she is not carrying Will's child.

Will comes to Crash looking for Gwen. While he is standing at the bar Gwen comes into Crash with Elwood.

When Maddie arrives Will overhears them talking about Gwen moving on with her life without Will. Hen Gwen starts to dance with Gill Will decides to leave Crash. Another guest at the party yells out to Will as he leaves, making his presence known to Gwen.

Will leaves, and Gwen follows him outside. Outside the Gwen tells him to have a good night, and he tells her that the last good night he ever had was with her.

When Gwen returns inside Crash Gill asks her if she would consider going out with him sometime.

Craig and Emily go to the Lakeview to celebrate their new partnership. During dinner Emily tells Craig about how her baby was able to save Johnny's life while Craig was in prison.

After hearing about Johnny's condition Craig decides he wants to sponsor a foundation to support children with issues like Johnny's.

When Craig pitches the foundation to Bob and Kim they tell him there is no chance Jennifer's family will allow him to use her name on a foundation connected to his money.

Bob agrees to allow him to pitch the idea to the board, but makes no promises on the foundation being approved by Memorial.


Dusty apologizes to Lucy for the way he's treated her up until now. Un moved by his apology Lucy thanks him and leaves. Dusty follows her and asks her to go to dinner with him.

Dusty and Lucy have diner together in his car. The two joke and talk, and eventually kiss.

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Luke knows Jade isn't pregnant, will he tell Will?

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