Who Knew First?

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Lily confronts Lucinda, Dusty tries to explain himself, Spencer has a crush on Brad, Casey tries to make up with Emily, Alison worries about Aaron and Holden is jealous of Dusty.

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At home, Lily and Holden argue about Dusty. She can't understand why Dusty didn't tell her he was alive; Holden doesn't get it either. Lily decides she has to go see him; Holden doesn't like it but tags along.

Lucinda arrives at the police station. Dusty says her secret - that she helped fake his death! - is safe with him. She asks about Lily; Dusty says they have unfinished business. Lucinda tells him to stay away from Lily but Dusty won't agree. Lucinda turns to go and, with the door open, says their secrets will be safe. Lily overhears and demands to know how long Lucinda has known. "Practically since the beginning," Lucinda exclaims. They go inside and shut the door. Lily tells Lucinda to get out. When they are alone, Lily asks why Dusty did it. Lily emotionally tells Dusty that she went back to Holden but she has been missing Dusty every second since he left. He says he had to do it to find Johnny. Holden comes in and demands that Dusty let go of Lily's hand! Dusty says he returned to town to protect Meg; Holden says Dusty needs to keep his distance from all Snyder women. Dusty is released and finds Emily waiting for him.


Holden and Lily return home to find Lucinda waiting for them. Holden tries to get rid of Lucinda but Lily tells him to give them some space so he leaves. Lily turns on Lucinda and asks how she could do it. Lucinda says she was trying to protect her but Lily doesn't believe her. Lucinda reminds her how difficult things were for the kids when Lily and Holden were separated. "I saved you," Lucinda says. Lily angrily tells her that she doesn't need to be protected or treated like a child. Holden returns and asks what happened. Lucinda says she only knew about Dusty's plans after he had faked his death. Lily says again that it wasn't her decision to make. Lucinda says she did what she did because she loves Lily. Lily tells her to leave. Holden tells her it hurt to see Dusty holding her hand; Lily says that is the same way she feels when he is with Carly. They agree to try to move forward.


Casey and Alison run into each other at Java and commiserate over their busted love lives. He tells her about Emily's operation and their break up. Alison tells him about sleeping with Chris and is surprised when Casey says he already knew but was keeping the secret. Alison can't believe it. Casey tells her that Aaron may come around; she says Emily will come around faster than Aaron and Casey takes that to mean that Alison believes he overreacted.

Emily goes to the hospital to confront Susan about Dusty. Susan didn't know. Emily is shocked. Susan says both Emily and Alison better stay far away from Dusty. Emily leaves. Alison arrives a while later and Susan drops the bomb on her. She can't believe Dusty is alive. Susan says things will be okay since Allie is happily married. "My marriage may be over," Alison says. Susan is stunned.


Chris arrives at WOAK and tells Kim about his job offer in Africa. Kim asks if this has anything to do with Alison. He says he has to get out of town because everywhere he turns, Alison is there. He won't let Kim talk him out of leaving because he doesn't like the man he is becoming now that Alison is with Aaron. Kim wishes him the best and hugs him.

Casey stops by Emily's office and tries to make peace with her by apologizing. He says the surgery was Emily's decision alone and tries to kiss her. Emily says they can't keep dating or sleeping together because they don't belong to one another. "We want different things," she says. Casey asks what is really going on.

Casey arrives at the hospital and tells Alison that Emily blew him off. Alison says it has to be Dusty's return. Casey is shocked. He says Emily said it was because of the age difference and then blames himself. He believes that if he hadn't sent her away because of the surgery she would still be with him. Alison isn't so sure.

Emily takes Dusty to The Lakeview. He checks in and she asks for an exclusive for the paper. "Is that all you want?" he asks suggestively. She says it is and that the offer is open whenever he wants to use it. She turns to go but Dusty stops her.


Katie and Brad are surprised at WOAK when a new anchor arrives. Kim introduces Spencer is going to host a new show and says she wants Brad to co-host. Brad hesitates. Kim says she has plans for Katie, too, including getting her into hard news. Katie is thrilled but Brad isn't. Spencer is star-struck by the duo. Kim leads Spencer away and tells Brad to make his decision soon. Brad and Katie go to their office. Brad says he is afraid that he can't be a co-host with anyone but her! Katie says this is a huge opportunity for both of them because she is ready for more than Oakdale Now and he is becoming a big star. Brad is still leery but agrees to it.

Katie and Brad take Spencer to lunch at The Lakeview. They talk about show ideas and then Spencer leaves to check out the gift shop. Katie tells Brad to stop! He says he is just trying to include her; she says she isn't an insecure woman. They kiss. Spencer returns and Katie turns to go. Brad reminds her of an appointment and they leave together.


Brad and Katie are about to make love on the sofa when the doorbell rings. It's Spencer. She apologizes for interrupting; she says she had another idea and is flustered. Brad says they can talk about it tomorrow and closes the door. Spencer fans her face and walks away.

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