Dusty's Secret is Out!

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Dusty shocks the Snyder benefit, Alison and Aaron argue about the future, Chris tells Aaron about Allie's one night stand, Emily tells off Margo, Lily and Carly come to an understanding and Will Dailey performs.

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Lily arrives at Worldwide as Lucinda and Brian are finishing some work. She rails at Lucinda for banning Carly from the benefit at Carly's club. Lucinda says Carly deserved it. Lily says she can fight her own battles; Brian plays mediator and Lily and Lucinda both back off. She leaves. "Are we having fun yet?" Lucinda asks.

Meg goes to Holden's and tells him that she hasn't been able to reach Dusty and she is worried. Holden says keeping Dusty's secrets isn't her job, especially with Margo on the trail. Meg insists that she needs to do this. Lily arrives and asks what is going on; Meg says she is just having trouble adjusting to the fact that Paul is in the psych ward. She leaves. Holden leaves, too, so Lily can get ready.


Emily goes to the Hughes home but Margo won't let her in. She says Emily tying her tubes was a thoughtless thing for her to do when she knew that Casey was against it. Emily says this is none of Margo's business but Margo just keeps harping at her. Emily finally breaks and tells Margo to shove her ideas. She storms off.

Aaron makes a move toward Alison but she brushes him off. She says she can't have babies; Aaron says he knows but that doesn't mean they can't make love. Alison says her disease could mean they will never have children and they have to deal with that.

Jack arrives at Janet's with the dress; she has facial cream on her face and rollers in her hair but he doesn't care. She gets dressed and they leave.


Alison arrives at The Lakeview, looking for Aaron but he isn't there. The bartender says he is at the benefit. Alison bumps into Chris, who asks if he can help her. She angrily says he can't help her and storms off but Chris follows her and makes her talk to him. She cries about the PID and says her marriage is falling apart. Chris says she can't force the matter and suggests she leave Aaron so they can be together! "Not everything is about you," Allie says. Chris says he was offered a job in Africa and asks her to come with him. Alison turns him down and runs away. Chris follows but runs into Aaron. Aaron angrily tells Chris to back off. Chris says Alison is confused and never should have married him because she slept with Chris the night before the wedding! Aaron is shocked.

Aaron arrives at the farm; Alison is already there and apologizes for being so out of sorts before. She says they can concentrate on the future now. Aaron tells her about Chris and asks if it is true. She admits it and Aaron storms out. Alison breaks down.

Alison returns to The Lakeview, slaps Chris and angrily tells him that he just killed any feelings for him that she had left! She storms out.


Holden arrives at Metro just as Carly does. He has brochures and she agrees to help him. He compliments her outfit and she tells him to back off before she gets another lecture from Lily. Holden apologizes for that. Carly says she is used to defending herself and then says she should skip the party. Lily walks in and agrees with Holden. Lucinda and Brian arrive and Lucinda gets catty with Carly. "Pull in the claws, Mother," Lily says. Margo arrives and watches Meg for a moment. Then, she asks Meg for a truthful statement. Emily sees them and interrupts before Margo can get much farther. Margo walks off; Emily asks what is going on but Meg won't tell her. Emily decides this is about Paul, which only upsets Meg more. Jack and Janet arrive and the benefit gets underway. Holden and Lily play hosts for the event. Lucinda interrupts to announce that Worldwide is selling the land back to Emma for $1! This means all of the money raised can go toward the park; the crowd is thrilled. Holden takes center stage again to introduce Will Dailey, who sings for the crowd. Carly serves drinks to the crowd and watches Jack and Janet together. She watches Holden, too. Meanwhile, Margo keeps a close eye on Meg and Brian puts his arm around Lucinda. Lily offers to help Carly so Carly gives her a tray of champagne to distribute. Lily turns around and sees Dusty there! Lily can't believe it. Holden confronts Meg about why Dusty is there as Lucinda freaks out. "He's not supposed to be here," she whispers. Margo steps up and asks what is going on. Dusty tells her exactly what happened in the lighthouse and swears Meg is innocent. He says he swore Meg to secrecy. Emily sees him and is stunned. She follows as Margo hauls Dusty to jail. Holden convinces Lily to stay to help save the benefit but Lucinda leaves and so does Jack and Janet. Lily overhears Holden and Meg talking about Dusty and realizes they knew he was alive before tonight. Holden asks for her forgiveness. Will sings another song, requested by Holden for Lily. Lily asks Holden to dance. She can't stop thinking about Dusty, though.


Margo gets Dusty to the police station and demands answers. He says he took a drug that induced a coma and made him appear dead, then was given an antidote. She wants to know who helped him but Dusty won't say. She says he faces a wealth of charges and better talk but Dusty won't. Frustrated, Margo leaves. Emily sneaks into the room and smacks Dusty! She rails at him for faking his death and cries, then hugs him. They kiss. Margo comes back in and sees them. Emily walks out.

Jack takes Janet home. He hugs her at the door and then leaves. Janet goes inside alone and leans against the door.

Meg goes to Fairwinds and sits down to think. She holds a picture of Paul and cries.

Next on As The World Turns:

Jack and Carly share a close moment at the farm.

Janet confesses her part in Brad's plot to Margo, hoping to exonerate Jack.

Dusty's return has repercussions for Oakdale.

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