Carly Plans To Seduce Simon!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Carly plans to seduce Simon, and Craig makes plans to move into Fairwinds.

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Outside of Simon's room Carly begs him to let her in. When Simon continuously refuses Carly asks him if he has a woman in his room. Simon tells her that he has a friend from out of town in his room and needs to catch up without Carly by his side.

After his business with Spero is completed, Simon stops by the dining room looking for Carly. He sees Spero and tells him that he needs to get out of the hotel before he's seen. When Spero refuses Simon angrily leaves the dining room not noticing that Jack was standing in the doorway of the dining room and overheard their conversation.

Later on after an inspiring conversation with Lilly, Carly bribes a hotel employee to let her into Simon's room. Once she's inside she calls room service and orders the most expensive bottle of champagne to be delivered to the room along with strawberries. When there is a knock at the door a short while later Carly answers it to find Jack standing outside.

Jade shows Luke the sonogram picture of her baby. When he starts to look at it Will walks in and asks her why she hasn't left yet. Jade tells Will that she started to leave but felt ill and had to lay down. When Jade rushes out to throw up, Luke yells at Will for his poor treatment of the mother of his child. Will leaves and as Jade and Luke start to talk Jade passes out. When jade comes to, Luke notices she has a high fever and tells her he is going to take her to the doctor. Jade adamantly refuses to go to the doctor with Luke.

Dusty leaves Chaz alone with Johnny in order to go make a long distance phone call. When Dusty leaves, Barbara comes home and attacks Chaz thinking he is there to steal Johnny. Dusty walks in and introduces the two, Barbara appearing to be enamored with Chaz tells him that he tackling her was no problem.

Jack stops by to talk to Dusty and tells him that Lucy called him to arrest Craig, and that Craig will be out of the hotel by the end of the day.

Dusty calls Lucy and asks her to come upstairs and discuss the two of them, Craig, and Johnny. Lucy comes upstairs and starts yelling at Dusty, Dusty interrupts her, and tells her that he just wanted to tell her he was sorry.

Meg and Paul talk about their wedding while having a cup of coffee at Java. Emily watches the two of them from the doorway, and when the two start to kiss turns to run out of Java bumping into Craig. Craig encourages her to come back into Java where the two approach the happy couple and begin to taunt them about their wedding. Craig tells them that he plans on moving into Fairwinds, since it belongs to his wife, Meg encourages Paul to forget about Craig and focus on the two of them. Emily finally agrees to be Craig's partner with the intruder. The two shake hands sealing the deal.

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Simon walks up on a fightng Carly and Jack outside his room.

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