Parker To The Rescue!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Katie and Brad set up Liberty, JJ is caught lying for Parker, Brian insults Luke, Noah sides with Brian and Janet takes a big step forward.

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At home, Carly tries to get through to Parker but he sullenly says he doesn't want to do anything without Liberty. Frustrated, she goes to the kitchen and he immediately calls Libs.

At the apartment, Katie convinces Brad that a date with Leo is exactly what Liberty - and Parker! - need. She says this is the only way Parker will get the message. He leaves to set things up with Leo. Katie convinces Liberty to get all dolled up. When she goes to retrieve some jewelry, Parker calls. Liberty tells Katie, who says this is perfect and tells Libs to let Parker know where they'll be.

After talking to Liberty, Parker orders JJ to cover for him by going to the movies. JJ doesn't want to go but Parker bullies him into it. Carly catches them at the door and questions them; she buys their movie story. A school administrator calls and Carly begins searching for a paper. She can't find it downstairs so goes to Parker's room. She finds it on his desk and on the way back downstairs sees JJ climbing in a window! She insists on knowing where Parker is. JJ asks if this means he can't keep the $20. Carly calls Jack, who tells Carly not to tell Brad or Katie.


Jack is still worried about Liberty and Parker but Janet convinces him that with school starting, the kids will soon develop new crushes and friendships. Brad arrives with Leo and reminds him of the rules. Katie and Liberty arrive soon after. Liberty goes inside while Katie tells Brad about Parker's call; Brad is upset but Katie sets him straight. The three of them sit down. Janet takes their order and is arguing with Liberty when Leo arrives. He joins them as Katie reintroduces the kids. Katie sees Parker outside, watching, so she gets Leo to move closer to Libs. Liberty grabs a menu and questions her. Katie points out Parker and says this is Libs' chance to set him straight. She doesn't want to hurt him but agrees to the plan. Janet spots Parker, goes outside and tells him Liberty isn't on a date but that she also isn't free to date him. Parker walks away. Brad watches, relieved. Jack calls Janet, looking for Parker. Janet says he was there but he is gone now. Janet watches Liberty and Leo leave and asks Brad what is going on. Brad says Leo is a good kid and they are just going to the bookstore. Janet says she is upset about Parker. Katie says this was the only way to get Parker to back off; Janet gets really angry and says they were out of line!

Jack arrives at Carly's, hoping that Parker will be there. He isn't. Carly says they need to give Parker space but Jack doesn't. Janet calls and tells him about Liberty's "date" with Leo. Jack can't believe what Brad and Katie did.

Jack and Carly arrive at Al's to confront Brad and Katie. They insist that this was the only way to get through to Parker. Carly and Jack can't believe what they did; Janet says she probably ruined everything anyway because she told Parker it wasn't a date. They argue. Brad and Katie leave to track down Liberty. Jack tries calling JJ again. Brad and Katie return but haven't found Liberty; Jack says Parker is still missing in action, too. Janet angrily tells Brad he is to blame if anything happens to Libs!


Liberty and Leo return but Liberty can't face any of the parents. He offers to take her away from all that and they walk away. Parker follows them to a gazebo at the lake. He tries to kiss her but Liberty pushes him away. Leo says he really is interested in her, making Liberty even more nervous. He asks about Parker and Liberty tells him everything, including how connected she is to Parker. He tries to kiss her again and she pushes him away. Leo won't back off so Liberty runs from him. He follows but Parker is there and punches him. Liberty hugs him, relieved someone was there for her. Liberty calls Janet from Carly's phone, which Parker stole. She begs Janet to come get her. Liberty explains things to Parker. In minutes the parents arrive. Liberty tells them about Leo's advances and tells them not to be hard on Parker. Jack and Carly lead Parker away but Brad stops them. He apologizes to Parker. Jack, Carly and Parker leave. Liberty turns on all of the parents, telling them that they shouldn't have interfered that way. Brad and Katie leave.

Janet takes Liberty to Al's. Brad calls to apologize again but Liberty won't talk to him. Janet tells Libs to give Brad another shot because he's new to parenting. Liberty is worried about what happened with Parker.


At home, Jack says Parker is just as much to blame for what nearly happened to Libs as Jack. Parker refuses to believe that. Janet arrives with Liberty and says they have to trust the kids sometime. Jack stands in the middle but finally gives in. He says the kids can see one another but only with an adult present. Liberty agrees, so do the moms and so does Parker. Carly and Janet go to make coffee, leaving Jack to be the "adult in the room". He pretends to stare out the window as Liberty thanks Parker for being there for her. She kisses his cheek. In the kitchen, Carly thanks Janet for being so cool-headed earlier. They hug.

Faith calls Lily at home, worried about spending the night at the farm and leaving Lily alone. Lily says she'll be fine and hangs up. Lucinda calls and tells Lily to drop everything to meet her at Fashions.

Brian is meeting with Luke and Noah. He gives them more of his ideas; Luke loves every one of them. He and Noah act romantic, throwing Brian.


Lily meets Lucinda and gives her the third degree about Brian. Lucinda insists that Brian is a business acquaintance but then insists that Lily throw an impromptu dinner - and invite Brian. She calls the boys, who are glad to come. They invite Brian who agrees to dinner, too.


Lily and the crew meet back at her house. Brian compliments her and Lily, unsure what to say, tells him about her recent separation. Lucinda grabs Brian's contract with Luke and he signs. Noah has to leave. Luke takes Brian to the terrace while Lily and Lucinda head for the kitchen. Outside, Luke can't stop talking about Noah. Brian warns him that the non-profit world is very conservative and he should rethink his open relationship with Noah. Luke is thrown. Brian says it won't be a big deal to some but to many in the community it will be a hurdle. Luke angrily says he isn't going back to the closet and neither is Noah. Brian says he is only suggesting they keep things quiet for the foundation's sake. Luke refuses to listen. Lily and Lucinda bring out plates of food. Brian leaves a while later and Luke turns to Lucinda and tells her to fire Brian because of what he said. Lucinda says Brian may have only been trying to smooth the way for the foundation but Luke won't listen. Lily agrees with Lucinda.

Lucinda meets Brian at The Lakeview and asks about what he said to Luke. He says he was just trying to get Luke to see that things won't necessarily be smooth sailing. She says he has to fix this with Luke.


Luke goes to the farm and angrily tells Noah that they have to get rid of Brian! When he tells Noah why, Noah agrees. He says Brian may have a point which angers Luke even more. Noah says keeping their relationship secret from people who don't matter isn't a big deal. They kiss.

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