Lilly Comes Home!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Lilly returns home, and Jade shows Will her first sonogram!

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Lilly returns home to find her entire family waiting for her with a surprise homecoming party. At the party, Lilly asks her mother if they have had any luck finding Rose's daughter Teresa. When Lilly mentions wanting to share the findings with Rose, Lucinda and the rest of Lilly's family are concerned about her recovery.

Carly comes to the apartment just as the new contractor, who Simon cannot pay, is leaving. Simon continues to lie to Carly about the financing from Lucinda that doesn't exist and tells her that the contractor will be back shortly. Excited about their new cash flow Carly asks Simon if she can finally be paid for her work. Faking a lost wallet, Simon gives Carly all of the money in his wallet to tide her over and she leaves. Simon then makes numerous phone calls in an attempt to find funding for his project only to find that Lucinda has passed word about the problems with the building so that no one is willing to help him with financing.

Jade tries to convince Will not go to her doctor's appointment with her. Just as the two are about to leave Paul arrives at the cottage enabling Jade to leave for her appointment without Will.

Craig approaches Gwen in the Lakeview dining room and expresses his condolences for the loss of her child. When Craig tells Gwen she and Will will have many beautiful children together Gwen slaps Craig and runs out of the dining room.


Paul tells Will that Emily lost the baby. As the two are discussing Paul's loss, an excited Jade enters with a sonogram photograph of her and Will's baby. Paul quickly leaves so that Will and Jade can share in the moment together.

As Will looks more closely at the sonogram he notices that although Jade claims to go to the free clinic for doctors visits, her sonogram was taken at Memorial.Jade tells Will that she started going to Memorial for her doctors visits after her car accident, Will starts to question her and then decides better of it, instead leaving to get milk for Jade.

Carly arrives at Lilly's with flowers for her homecoming. When Lucinda answers the door Carly begins to thank Lucinda for deciding to finance the apartment project. The two talk around the funding without Carly realizing that Lucinda chose not to loan Simon the money.

Emily meets with Craig at the Lakeview. When Emily asks Craig to allow her to purchase the paper from him Craig suggests that the two become partners and own the paper together. Emily tells Craig that too many horrible things have happened between the two of them for them ever to work together again. Craig works hard to convince Emily to accept his offer, eventually getting her to agree to think about it.

Back her dorm room Gwen is upset by her encounter with Craig. Casey stops in to check on her and apologizes for not letting her know he was back in town. The two discuss Jade and Gwen tells Casey she is going to focus on school and let Will deal with Jade on his own. The two smell cooking and walk across the hall to find Maddie and Casey's new roommate cooking together.

During the party at Lilly's Rose appears and tells Lilly she has to find Teresa now. Faith notices her mother talking to Rose and questions how her mother can talk to a dead person.

Concerned about Lilly, Holden leaves the party and stops by the cottage to ask Jade to help Lilly find Rose's real daughter.

Simon meets with a man at Java about financing for the apartment building. The man agrees to finance the project for only 30 days, after which he will need payment in full from Simon, who cannot tell anyone they are working together. As the man leaves Carly notices the two approaches Simon. Carly knows the man Simon was talking to was a loan shark from his encounters with Jack and asks Simon why he was talking to someone who is obviously bad news.

Will comes to visit Gwen in the dorms and tells her that too many things about Jade's pregnancy don't add up and he is determined to get to the bottom of her lies.

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Holden asks Jade to help him with Lilly and Gwen tries to convince Will to call Jade's doctor.

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