Holden Moves Out and Decker Moves In!

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Chris figures out what is poisoning the town, Aaron is shut out of the hospital, Rick calls Barbara and offers to help, Margo believes she knows who is poisoning the town, Holden gives up on Lily and Carly calls Lily a hypocrite!

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Lily can't believe what she just walked in on. She says she was coming to tell Holden she reconsidered the divorce but now she's changed her mind again. Carly and Holden try to explain but Lily storms out. Carly tells him to go after Lily but Holden refuses! "I'm done," he exclaims, tired of Lily's actions. Carly says he has to try. Holden talks about the kids and says he can't hurt them. Emma walks in, annoyed to find Carly there. Carly leaves. He explains what happened and angrily says he is tired of taking the blame for everything! Holden calls Lisa and asks her to reserve a room for him at The Lakeview.

Emma goes to Carly's house and asks her to give Holden and Lily space to find their way back to one another.


Luke catches up to Lily at home and asks if she has worked things out. Lily tells him nothing is worked out - and she is tired of him trying to push them back together. She tells him that it is time that they all let go. Carly arrives. Lily asks Luke to give them some space and he leaves. Carly cuts to the chase and says she is finished with Holden. Lily doesn't believe her because Carly keeps showing up with Holden day after day. Carly says she is only here because of Emma - and Lily is a hypocrite! She points out that Holden is trying to fix things and he forgave her after she slept with Dusty. Lily tells her to get out!

Emma returns to the farm. Holden tells her he is moving to The Lakeview because he has to accept that his marriage is over. Emma informs him that he can't let go that easily. Lily calls. Emma apologizes for sending Carly over there; Lily says she won't change her mind about Holden and hangs up. Holden returns with his packed bags. He hugs her and says they'll be okay.

Carly returns home. Holden calls to tell her about his new living arrangements. He asks her to come over for a drink! She turns him down and hangs up.


At the hospital, Chris and Bob tell Margo what is going on. Neither is certain about exactly what is going on but they are certain the town is being poisoned! Bob asks where Tom is and Margo says she didn't want to worry him because of his heart. Bob tells her she needs to start investigating the crimes. Kim promises to stand by Casey for her. Margo leaves. Kim is about to go when Chris tries to get out of bed again. She takes his clothes so he can't leave and the watch falls out. Kim doesn't recognize it and asks where it came from. Chris says it is from her; she says she didn't send it! He realizes they are all being poisoned by the mysterious gifts. He leaves. Casey wakes and Kim tries to keep him calm. A guard comes in and Kim orders him to get Bob quickly. She stays with Casey, who collapses. She calls Margo to come as soon as possible.


In another room, Aaron tries to help Susan, who is watching Emily and Alison. Susan fills him in on what they are facing but she isn't sure what is going on. Emily's fever spikes and she tells Aaron to get a nurse and a crash cart! Chris comes in, looking really bad. Susan tries to get him back to his room but he keeps questioning her about gifts that Emily or Alison received. Susan can't think of anything except Alison's bracelet. He is about to take it off when Aaron comes back and says they can't take her lucky charm. Susan tells him Chris is trying to save Allie so Aaron backs off. Chris bags the bracelet and goes to the lab. Dallas goes to Emily's room and she tells them about the perfume. He asks about the name of both perfume bottles - they are Sweet Vengeance and Second Chances! Aaron sits with Alison until she wakes up. She asks if she is dying. He says she just has to fight but Allie doesn't think she can. Aaron leaves to get her a gift. Margo arrives and listens as Emily and Alison wonder why they are sick. Em tells Allie they were poisoned. "Who hates us that much?" Alison asks.

Chris is in the lab testing the bracelet and the watch when Bob walks in. He sees the toxin there, too. Another doctor comes in and gives them Meg's chart. They realize there is another victim!

In the psych ward, Barbara arrives and tries to get to the bottom of Meg's illness. Dr. Michaelson says they aren't sure why Meg had the psychotic break and gives Babs a bag with Meg's things. Paul is worried. Meg calls out to him and he returns to the room. Barbara takes the necklace out and wonders if they can save Meg.


In Meg's room, Sofie taunts her about Paul, who is still trying to keep her calm. He realizes that Meg is having more visions but she covers and says Sofie is gone. "Good girl, Meg," Sofie says. Meg convinces Paul that her wrist hurts and he releases her restraints! As he is getting water, Sofie tells Meg to take the cloth from the restraint and strangle Paul. She is about to do it when he sees her. She collapses in tears. Paul goes to get a nurse and Sofie keeps taunting Meg. She tries to make a break for it but Paul returns and stops her. The nurses restrain Meg again and tell Paul not to let her out no matter what she says. Meg apologizes and asks him what is wrong with her. He says they'll fix everything. Barbara knocks on the door and Paul goes outside. Chris and Bob tell him about the poisonings and wonder if Meg got any strange gifts. He says she hasn't gotten anything since the wedding. Paul and Barbara remember that she has been wearing the necklace almost constantly. Bob advises Babs to call Will and Gwen; she leaves a message for them. Bob leaves to find Margo. Just then Rick calls to tell Barbara that he might be able to help her family! He says he can fix everything for her family if she'll just hire him to solve the crimes - immediately! Rick hangs up the phone. Paul angrily tells Barbara not to consider hiring Rick but Babs says he is the only one who can help. They return to Meg's room. Bob and Dr. Michaelson say they have to reduce the amount of sedatives they are giving Meg because they could interact badly with the poison. Paul is very worried. The doctors leave. He tells Babs to call Rick!


Paul and Barbara go to the police station to tell Margo about Rick's offer. Margo doesn't want to employ Rick; Paul says they will pay for all of the costs and Rick might be their only chance. Margo gives in. Rick is delivered to the hospital a while later. Paul warns Decker not to try anything. Rick says he only wants to help Meg - for a price! He says he'll save the town if they help him escape prison!

Margo rushes in to Casey's room and tries to keep him calm. He begs her to allow him to see Emily. She holds him for a minute and then gets Emily for him. They kiss. Margo tells Susan to let Casey out of the restraints, certain he won't hurt Em. Casey holds Emily in bed and Margo watches from the door, in tears.

Aaron returns to the hospital with balloons for Alison but a guard won't let him inside.

Margo goes to the lab, tells them about Paul hiring Rick. She tells Bob and Chris that Rick must be the culprit!

Next on As The World Turns:

Holden makes a play for Carly.

Lily takes off her wedding ring; Lily and Mike kiss.

Margo pulls a gun on Rick.

Rick swears he is the only one who can save Oakdale.

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