A Friendly Offer!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Lily makes a play for Mike, Holden convinces Carly to help him win Lily's heart, Henry asks Bonnie for help and Meg tries to kill Paul!

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Carly arrives at Metro and thanks him for watching the club while she was in Montana. She offers a gift for Vienna and says it's more of a bribe because she needs him to take a bigger role at Metro. Carly says she needs time with the kids because of a big mistake she made. Henry agrees to do it. She leaves. Bonnie arrives and asks Henry how he is going to convince Vienna to give him more time at the bar. "She left me," he says sadly. The news doesn't disappoint Bonnie but she realizes how upset Henry is and tries to be a friend. She advises him to work as much as he can and if all else fails, to find a new love. Bonnie calls an associate who stops by a while later. He gives her an envelope filled with cash and leaves. Henry asks what she does for the man. Vienna will only say he was a client who she kept out of jail. "I'm sick of being such a good lawyer that I end up feeling dirty," she says. Henry offers to take the money off her hands! Bonnie decides to give the money to charity and then says she needs to find a new profession. "Have I got a job for you," Henry says! He says she could be a manager for him so that he can concentrate on Al's. He says it is just a temporary fix until she figures out what she wants. Bonnie wonders what will happen when Vienna comes back; Henry says she isn't coming back. Bonnie gives in and accepts the job offer.

At the farm, Lily's divorce papers arrive. Holden is about to sign when Luke walks in and says Holden owes it to all the kids to give his marriage to Lily another chance!


At home, Lily flirts with Mike after he fixes the driveway wall for her. She tells him about the affair and is about to kiss him when Holden walks in with the divorce papers. She acts very chummy and Mike plays along. He gives them some space and Holden asks for a second chance. She won't listen. She says Mike is helping her get over him! Holden walks out. Mike returns to the room. Lily vents her anger, saying she doesn't know how to handle Holden. Mike wonders why she pretended to Holden that they were more than friends. She can't answer. On his way out the door, Mike says he is only available for friendship. She agrees. He leaves. A while later, she calls Mike and invites him to lunch. Lily gets dressed and leaves.


Holden goes to Carly's house, tells her about Lily's blooming romance with Mike and asks for her help! Carly doesn't think she can help him. They sit and talk; both of them send mixed signals to the other. Finally, Carly agrees to talk to Mike on Holden's behalf.


Carly finds Mike at The Lakeview. He tries to brush her off but she barges right ahead and asks him to stay away from Lily! He asks if she really slept with Holden. She admits to the mistake and says she is trying to fix things now. Mike realizes she is doing this for Holden, says he and Lily are just friends and they both need to back off. He mentions their impending lunch date and Carly says there is more on Lily's mind than friendship and a simple lunch date. He says he isn't going to shut Lily out but he'll make sure she knows this is friendship only. Carly hugs him and leaves. Just then Lily arrives, dressed to the nines. "You…look great," he says. He mentions checking his mail and says they should eat in the lounge. She says she already ordered an expensive wine but she'll change everything to fit the lounge. Mike makes it clear that he is only going to be her friend. Lily is crushed and embarrassed. They sit and talk. Mike advises her to be honest with Holden but she isn't sure she wants to try again. Mike reminds her that he lost Katie because he couldn't be honest and advises her to try to forgive him. Lily decides to go after Holden.

Holden is at the farm when Carly arrives. They beat around the bush a little bit so that they can be around one another for a few more minutes. He invites her in for lemonade so she can tell him about her conversation with Mike. He says he knows this was difficult for her. She tells him to fix things with Lily. Holden hugs her just as Lily walks in!


Meg wakes up at Fairwinds. Paul comes in and says they have to leave for Dr. Michaelson's soon. When he is gone, Sofie appears to taunt her. She warns Meg that Dr. Michaelson is in cahoots with Paul and that they are trying to harm her. Meg tries to shut Sofie's voice out but she can't. Sofie points to the gun, under the pillow, and says Meg knows what she has to do. She is ready to go when Paul returns; she pretends everything is normal. Paul says it is good to see her smile and leaves. Meg puts on Barbara's necklace and leaves the room. Sofie is waiting in the hall! She tries to shut Sofie out but Sofie barges in, telling her that Paul is going to kill Meg just like he killed her. Meg picks up the gun. She goes downstairs. Paul chats about the doctor visit. Sofie appears and taunts Meg until she pulls the gun on Paul! Paul tries to get through to her but Sofie keeps taunting her. "I have to kill you," Meg says, nearly in tears. Paul remains calm and tries to talk her down. Sofie tells her to kill him now. Meg is torn between watching Paul and Sofie. Seeing her distraction, Paul grabs for the gun and they begin struggling. The gun goes off but no one is hurt. Paul manages to get the gun away from her as Meg screams for Sofie. He calls for an ambulance.


At the hospital, doctors and nurses take Meg away from Paul. He angrily says she doesn't belong in the psych ward and begs them to let him stay with her. The nurse agrees. One of the techs takes off the necklace. Paul hugs Meg and tells her he is sorry. Meg wakes up in restraints. Paul explains what happened and she believes Sofie was right all along and he is trying to hurt her. Paul holds her as she begs him to take her home. He says he is trying to save her. Meg struggles. Sofie appears and says she should have killed Paul when she had the chance!

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Meg freaks out in the hospital after another visit from Sofie.

Rick Decker calls Barbara to say he can help her.

Chris believes Meg was poisoned, too.

Holden tells Emma he can't give Lily another chance.

Lily confronts Carly.

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