Road Trip!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Parker springs Liberty from the lake cabin, Brad, Katie, Janet and Jack try to track down the kids, Paul convinces Meg to see a psychiatrist and Sofie keeps pushing Meg to the edge of sanity.

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Worried about Meg, Paul calls Dr. Michaelson to set up an appointment for Meg.

Meanwhile in their bedroom, Sofie appears to Meg. She tells Meg that Paul is to blame for every bad thing that has happened to her - including the loss of her baby! Meg doesn't want to believe her but cannot not believe her. Paul comes in and stops the hallucination. He says he is taking her to Dr. Michaelson's; Meg doesn't want to go but Paul insists she has to. He leaves. Sofie reappears and says he is going to get rid of her just like he got rid of Rosanna!


At the doctor's office, Meg tries to convince Dr. Michaelson that she is just stressed. Sofie appears and distracts Meg. The doctor notices and questions her; Sofie flits all over the room, encouraging Meg not to tell the doctor anything. Meg tries to keep it together but Dr. Michaelson knows she is having hallucinations. She goes to the hall and tells Paul they have to admit Meg right away! He won't have her committed and says he can watch her as closely as a doctor can. Dr. Michaelson objects but then gives Paul her private number and a prescription for Meg. Paul goes into her room and tells Meg that the doctor gave her a clean bill of health.


Paul takes Meg back to Fairwinds and pours her a glass of water. Sofie warns Meg that Paul is trying to poison her so Meg won't drink it! She smacks him and breaks the glass. As he is cleaning up, she apologizes. He begs her to tell him what is bothering her but when she sees Sofie's ghost she won't say anything. She goes upstairs. Paul calls Dr. Michaelson and says he thinks she was right about committing Meg! Meg is listening at the door. He follows her upstairs and offers her a sleeping pill. She pretends to take it but when he is gone, throws the pill away. Sofie appears, says she did a good thing and convinces her to get Paul's gun from the safe! Paul calls Dr. Michaelson again and while he is distracted, Meg gets his gun. She makes it back to their room without him seeing her. Paul kisses her and tells her he loves her. Meg pretends to be groggy. He leaves the room. Crying, Meg takes the gun from under the pillow. Sofie appears and says she'll be safe once Paul is gone.


Katie returns to the farm just as Jack has convinced Janet not to call in the FBI. She tells them about seeing Brad and Liberty which sends Janet right back over the edge. She demands to be taken to Liberty right away and won't listen when Katie says everything is fine. She believes Jack and Katie are trying to help Brad steal Libs from her! Jack sits her down and finally gets through to her that they weren't in cahoots. Katie apologizes and swears she would have called if there was any hint that Libs was in trouble. Janet calms down. Jack invites Katie to dinner; Janet isn't thrilled to have another woman in the kitchen but agrees.


At the lake cabin, Brad agrees to go to the store for real food. As soon as he leaves. Parker sneaks inside and tries to convince Liberty to come away with him. He says all adults are messed up and that they are just trying to control her. Brad returns and Parker hides. Thinking about Parker's words, Libs asks about Ugo. Brad says if she agrees to stay away from boys, Ugo will stay away, too. This breaks her heart and she convinces him to go back to the store for mustard. When he is gone, Parker jumps on her and says their parents will never let them have their own way. Liberty gives in and says she'll run away with him. They get to the car but stop along the road because Liberty is having trouble driving. Parker warns her they aren't out of the woods yet and that they need to get off the main road! They have a snack in a clearing. Parker tries to kiss her but Liberty turns away and asks what the plan is. He says they'll walk near the road until they can hitchhike to a bus station and then they'll start over on their own. Liberty laughs at him and says it will never work. She tells him to come back with her but he won't. Liberty walks off alone.


Brad returns and realizes his car is missing. He calls Katie; she admits she saw him at the lake and everything is fine. Brad says she shouldn't have said anything - because Liberty is gone and so is his car! Katie tries to cover but Jack and Janet immediately catch on that something is going on. Brad asks Katie to come get him. She says he has to call the police, which worries Jack and Janet even more. Katie tries to cover again but Janet insists on knowing everything. She freaks out when Katie says Liberty took Brad's car on a solo driving test. Jack tries calling Parker but he doesn't answer.

At Carly's, Jack, Katie and Janet realize Parker is missing and that he is likely with Liberty. They get in Jack's car and head for the lake.


Katie, Jack and Janet arrive at the lake and inform Brad that Liberty and Parker are together. Brad tries to turn the situation around on Jack but Janet butts in and says both men are equally to blame because they made it impossible for the kids to have a normal teenage relationship! Katie tries to keep the guys calm by asking Brad where they should look first. He doesn't know. Jack says he called in a few favors and has the local cops looking for the car. A cop calls to say the car was spotted. As they are waiting, Liberty returns. Janet and Brad are relieved. They ask where Parker is and Libs says he wouldn't come back with her.

Liberty takes the adults to Parker, who angrily turns on Libs and Jack. Brad gets angry when Janet puts Liberty in Jack's car. He refuses to let the kids ride in the same car! Liberty tries to talk to Parker but he won't talk to her. Jack takes Parker while Liberty rides with Brad, Janet and Katie.

Next on As The World Turns:

Brad won't give in to Liberty or Parker.

Meg goes after Paul.

Janet tells off Katie.

Liberty and Parker are forced to be friends.

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