...And The Craziness Continues!

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Meg sees more visions of Sofie, Alison tries to drown herself in the pond, Margo arrests Chris, Babs suggests that Meg see a psychiatrist and Bob schedules Chris for an MRI.

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At Java, Alison tells Aaron how strange she has been feeling. She mentions running into Chris and says she is worried about running into him again. She tells Aaron about the naked incident and Aaron gets angry. He promises he won't go after Chris when she says she just wants to concentrate on school.

At The Lakeview, Bob tells Chris that they found a compound in his blood tests but they can't identify it. Chris is worried about that and then says he hasn't been able to find his watch. Aaron arrives and lights in to Chris, telling him to stay away from Alison and to stop harassing her. He tells Bob about Chris' naked incident. Chris says he blacked out and didn't know what was going on until Allie walked in. Aaron warns Chris to stay away from Alison and walks out. Chris turns to Bob, who is very upset. He asks exactly what happened and Chris says he felt suffocated and then Alison was there. Bob schedules him for an MRI exam.

At the hospital, Susan tells Alison that her grades are suffering too badly and she needs to reconsider school. Alison is shocked. She wants to continue on but Susan says she needs help or she'll flunk out! Alison can't believe what she is hearing and angrily tells Susan to back off. She leaves the on-call room and runs into Chris. He confronts her about telling Aaron; she says it was an accident and storms off. He listens as she calls Aaron for help. She leaves a message asking him to meet her at the pond. Chris follows her.

Over breakfast, Casey and Emily flirt. She is about to leave for a meeting when he says he loves her. She sprays on more perfume and leaves for her interview.


At the police station, Margo interrupts Emily and the officer. Emily gets dizzy but Margo doesn't notice. She tries to pick a fight with Margo but Margo says she is done fighting over Casey - and she'll wait for Emily to blow this relationship, too! Angry, Emily tells Margo that their relationship is real. She keeps pushing until Emily almost hits her! Margo warns her not to hit an officer. Emily turns away and walks out.

At Fairwinds, Meg convinces Paul that she is ready for a day out. He leaves to set things up and she puts on Barbara's necklace again. When he returns, Meg hears music; worried Paul offers to call Susan but Meg says she is fine.


Meg and Paul arrive at The Lakeview. He goes to get Barbara and Meg continues into the lounge. Aaron spots her just as she has a dizzy spell. Aaron brings her water and Meg insists she was just overheated. He returns to work. Meg hears music again and Sofie's ghost appears - with a baby carriage! Meg tries convincing herself that Sofie isn't real but Sofie won't shut up. She tells Meg that Paul killed her - not Cole! "Stop it!" Meg screams, and everyone turns to look at her. She runs out of the room. Paul and Barbara walk in but can't find her. A waiter says Meg was acting strange and talking to imaginary people and then she left.


Alison goes to the pond and stares at the water. Chris watches as she touches her bracelet and then walks in over her head! He races to her but she disappears below the surface! He runs into the water, grabs her and brings her back to shore. Alison is unconscious for a short time but when she comes to, wonders what really happened. Chris says she needs to get to the hospital. She refuses to go, afraid they'll finally kick her out. Chris promises to keep her away from the hospital and then carries her away from the pond.

Aaron checks his voicemail and gets really worried about Alison. He hurries off; his manager gives him the time off and Aaron turns just in time to see Chris carrying a very wet Alison upstairs!


Chris gets Alison to his room and puts her in bed. He tells her to get warm and offers to get her clothes and even take her to Aaron's. Before she can decide what she wants, Aaron bangs on the door. Chris tries to tell Aaron what happened but Alison is nearly hysterical and won't let him talk. She tells Aaron what she remembers, which is just that she went to the pond and that she woke up in Chris' room. Angry, Aaron calls the police on Chris! Alison can't stop touching her bracelet. Margo arrives and Chris tells her what he saw at the pond. Aaron says he is lying but Chris insists that he's telling the truth. Alison can't verify his story at all; Aaron says Chris is feeding Allie drugs! Agitated, Alison says she wants to go. Margo asks if Chris has ever harmed her; Aaron tells her about the naked incident at the hospital. Margo arrests Chris! When they are alone, Alison wonders what really happened at the pond.

Emily sees Casey having coffee with another college student and hears Margo's voice, taunting her about Casey finding a younger girl. She starts to leave but then goes inside and confronts Casey. He isn't sure what is going on and tries to explain about the other girl. Emily proposes! She says he has to marry her so that the rest of the world will believe in their love! He agrees.


Emily and Casey hop a plane to Las Vegas! She freshens up with a little perfume and they kiss. He says she can still change her mind and she says no way! The bottle of perfume falls from the armrest. They land and find a justice of the peace. They recite their vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

Meg winds up at the farm. Emma sees how upset she is and tries to comfort her. Meg tells her about the visions and says she is afraid of Sofie! "Do you think I'm crazy?" she asks. Emma says there is a logical explanation for what is happening to her - Paul! Meg says Paul wouldn't hurt her so Emma changes the subject to her injury. Upset, Meg tries to convince Emma that Paul would never harm her and then gets really angry. Emma remains calm and won't believe that he has changed. Meg grabs her bag. Paul calls, worried about her. She says she just wanted to talk to Emma and hangs up. Emma pounces and says if she really trusted Paul she would have told him about the vision. Meg says she doesn't want to worry him. Emma suggests that she move home but Meg won't consider that.

Barbara asks Paul what is going on and he tells her about the visions Meg has been seeing. Babs is very worried and brings up Lynn Michaels; Paul says Meg doesn't need a psychiatrist and walks away.

At the police station, Chris swears he is innocent and begs Margo to have Alison's blood tested. She agrees after he tells her about the strange things Alison has been doing - and then reads Chris his rights!

Meg returns to Fairwinds and Paul puts her to bed. He tells her that Cole is going to jail and she doesn't have to worry any longer. He leaves after she goes to sleep. Meg wakes and caresses the necklace. She falls asleep and then wakes to see Sofie with the baby carriage - and a gun! "You have to kill him," she whispers.

Downstairs, Barbara calls Paul, worried. He says Meg is fine and she gives him a phone number for the psychiatrist. He is about to toss the number in the trash but then places it in his pocket.

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