Oakdale Needs Anger Management!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Emily rages at Casey, Chris itches himself right out of his clothes, Alison turns on Susan and Meg sees Sofie's ghost at Fairwinds!

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Paul comes into Meg's hospital room and says she can go home now. Meg is groggy, which worries Paul. He is even more worried when Meg mentions seeing Sofie's ghost at their wedding. She tells him everything. She mentions the necklace and reminds him they need to return it to Barbara.

At work Emily receives two containers of perfume, supposedly from an advertiser. She sprays some on.


Margo and Tom arrive at The Lakeview to have lunch with Casey. Margo believes this is Casey's way of telling them he is done with Emily. Casey arrives and quickly leaves to check his messages. Tom and Margo make a bet as to Casey's real motivations for the lunch. Casey returns, followed by Emily and announces, "This is us going public!" Emily walks out and Casey follows. He convinces her to stay for lunch. They return and Margo tries to leave but Casey orders her to sit down. She is rude throughout the meal and even mentions the men she "shared" with Emily! Emily storms out. She doesn't see that she did anything wrong and leaves. Tom says Casey should have anticipated this. He leaves to apologize to Emily, annoying Tom!


Paul takes Meg to see the gardens at Fairwinds and points out the missing roses. He says he had them removed along with Sofie's body, relieving her. They kiss. Paul places the necklace around her neck and carries her inside. Margo is there and brings up Sofie; she says they could face obstruction of justice charges, angering Meg. She gets very emotional and nearly falls down. Paul takes Margo to the study. When they are gone, Meg hears a knock at the window - and sees Sofie's ghost! She opens the window and yells at the ghost to go away.

In the study, Margo tells Paul not to bury any more bodies in the backyard. They return to the living room but Meg is gone.


Meg goes to the garden and tells Sofie to leave. Sofie tells her that she is to blame for her death along with Cole. She holds out her dead infant and asks if Meg is happy now! "No!" she screams. Paul and Margo see her fall to the ground and run over. Paul takes her inside. She tells him about Sofie's appearance. Uncomfortable, Margo turns to go. Meg apologizes for yelling at her earlier. Paul walks Margo out. He returns with tea and tries to convince Meg that Sofie's ghost was just a figment of her imagination. Meg doesn't believe him. She feels ill and asks him to remove the necklace. Paul puts it on the coffee table and then holds her.

At Java, Susan mentions Alison's tired appearance. Ally says she is just tired from studying. She tells Susan not to worry about her, saying Chris was overreacting to nothing. Susan is still worried but Alison is adamant that she is fine. Susan asks her to get a physical and Alison reluctantly agrees. They head for the hospital.


At the hospital, Susan tells Alison that she is perfectly healthy but says she needs to take care of herself and watch her stress level. Ally says she'll be fine. She says she has been feeling strange since the clasp broke on the bracelet from her dad. Susan tells her not to take superstitions seriously but Alison just points at her lucky stethoscope and they laugh. She says once she has the bracelet back she'll be fine. She leaves.

Alison picks up the bracelet and is about to put it on when another nursing student sees her. She puts the bracelet away and returns to work.


Emily arrives at the hospital and gives Susan one of the perfume bottles. Susan thanks her and notices Emily is pale and angry. Emily tells her about the disastrous lunch; Susan teases her about the relationship, angering Emily even more. She yells at Susan! Susan is called away. Casey arrives and Emily turns on him, angrily telling him that he is immature! Casey can't believe it, making Emily even more upset. Alison walks in and tries to calm the situation. Emily storms off to the bathroom; Allie asks what is going on but Casey doesn't know. He tells her about the lunch and she says he shouldn't have done it.


Emily makes it to the bathroom and splashes water on her face. She starts to feel better and sprays more perfume. She feels much better then. Emily walks back to the main area, sees Alison hugging Casey and yells! Alison tells Emily to calm down and be quiet but Emily just gets louder and louder. She calls Alison a tramp and tells Casey to keep an eye out for hidden cameras! Casey grabs her arm and drags her away. Alison is mortified. Susan walks by and Allie asks what is going on with Emily. Susan says she is just upset because of Casey.


On the golf course, Bob gives Chris advice about golf but Chris isn't listening. Bob wonders what is going on. Chris messes up another shot and yells at Bob, saying he'll never be as good of a golfer or a doctor as his father. Chris nearly falls down and Bob grabs him. He notices Chris' glassy eyes and asks what he is taking. Chris laughs, says he said the same thing to Ally and that he isn't on anything. Bob thinks he may have picked up a bug and then notices Chris' new watch. He convinces Chris to come to Memorial to be checked out.


At the hospital, Bob notices Chris is sweating profusely. He leaves to run the blood work. Chris falls onto a bench and tries to convince himself that he is just a little dizzy. He starts itching and takes off his clothes, trying to get the itching to stop. Alison walks in and then slams the door closed. Chris gets dressed and Alison returns. He says he isn't sure what came over him but he felt dizzy and then itchy and had to take his clothes off. She thinks he was trying to make a play for another nurse! He nearly falls again. He begs her not to tell anyone. She promises and then spots his watch. Chris puts it on and leaves.

Tom is waiting at the police station for Margo. She turns on him, saying he started all of this by letting Emily off the hook. Tom says they will lose Casey altogether if she doesn't back off.

Casey gets Emily back to her office. Emily apologizes for going off on him, saying she doesn't know what came over her. "I love you," she says, but adds she may not be strong enough to stand up to the public scrutiny. Casey says they'll get through everything together.

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