Let's Make a Baby!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Katie changes her mind about going to New York and tells Mike she wants to make a baby. The clock is ticking for Damian to take Luke away to Malta. Gwen finds comfort from Casey about Will sleeping with Jade.

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It's late at night. Luke awakes and finds Damian still up, asks him why he's up so late. Damian says his medications keep him awake. He asks Luke if he's packed and ready to go to Malta. Luke wants to go to his house but Damian says there's no time. Holden shows up demanding to see Luke. He and Luke talk. Luke asks why he's there in the middle of the night. Holden tells Luke he came to try and convince him to stay, that he thinks Damian's story about dying is a lie. Luke doesn't believe it. Holden also tells him that Lucy is looking at his medical records as they speak, trying to find out if he faked his diagnosis Luke gets angry. Holden says what if he locks you up in a cellar again? Luke says he has seen Damian taking his medication, he knows he's sick and he is going to Malta to be with him when he dies and bury him, it's the right thing to do. Holden says his gut tells him that Damian is lying, begs Luke to wait, to give him time to prove it, wait a week or so, if the story pans out, fine; go. Luke says no, the decision is final, he's going to Malta.

Sergio calls Damian from the hospital, says they must leave for Malta immediately no matter how Luke feels. Sergio is spying on Lucy. Dusty is at the hospital with the baby and sees Lucy go into the records office, sees Sergio lurking, watching her. Dusty is there getting medicine for his child. He keeps noticing Sergio who looks really suspicious. Lucy is snooping around in the records office in the dark. Someone tries to open the door, jiggling the handle. Lucy gets a lamp off the desk to use as a weapon, but it's only Dusty. He says she has no business there, tells her about the guy outside who's been watching her. Lucy accuses Dusty of following her. He tells that baby Johnny has been sick. He describes Sergio to her, warns her. Lucy tells him this is none of his business and storms out. Holden shows up and tells her that Dusty called him. Both men tell her she's in danger, that Damian is having her followed. Holden tells Lucy he'll find someone else to handle this. She tells Dusty he had no right to interfere. After Dusty and Holden walk off, Lucy takes something from the nurse's cart and puts it in her purse. Sergio calls Damian and tells him it's a good thing he got to the records room first got Damian's files before Lucy got there. Sergio says they need to leave for Malta tonight. After Damian hangs up, Luke asks him who was on the phone. Damian tells him it was his latest lab results.

Mike is at home, listening to Katie's message on the answering machine telling him she had to run to NYC on business. He is disappointed and upset. Katie is on the plane. For a second she mistakes a stranger for Mike. She calls home but Mike is not there. The stewardess says she must be her cell phone away, the plane is about to take off. She changes her mind about going and when she gets home Mike is just coming in from the store with stuff to make dinner, asks her if she wants green or black olives, very calm and cool as if he knew she'd be back. They talk about how much they've grown in their relationship, have a big, sensual kiss. She says, ...Let's make a baby.... He says they aren't ready. She is talking about starting tonight! Katie assures him they would be great parents, he agrees, they are thrilled. She runs upstairs, he follows.

Casey is at the lake near the scene of Maddie's attack. Will walks up, startles him. Will says, ...Maddie isn't as innocent as you think she is; she busted up my marriage.... He tells Casey about his fight with Gwen over sleeping with Jade. Casey is shocked that he did that. Will defends Jade, says it's not her fault. Casey asks Will what he's doing there. Will says he's looking for Gwen. He and Casey argue about why he was stupid enough to cheat on his wife. Will asks Casey what he thinks he should do, asks Casey to talk to Gwen for him. Casey says he will; tells Will that he's got to show Gwen she's worth fighting for.

Gwen confronts Jade, angry as hell, tells her she knows she slept with her husband, slaps her; but good! Jade says, ...So what? It was a long time ago, maybe it shouldn't have happened but you weren't there for him; it was a one time thing, that she and Will are just friends. Gwen says, ...Your idea of friendship was sleeping with him?... Jade tells her that she and Will didn't want her to find out because they knew this was how she'd react. Gwen is like, what, mad? Upset? Gwen says Jade is not even sorry. Jade says hating her or Will is not going to change what happened, she is Gwen's friend, they are screaming at each other, Gwen said she blackmailed Will, holding the fact that she slept with him over his head, getting him to help her to get a place to live. Gwen tells Jade she can have Will, breaks off their friendship, tells Jade she is a liar and a cheat and it's over between them. Jade begs her not to leave Will; she says that Gwen was the only person he trusted except his sister and now she's gone. Casey shows up, asks Jade to leave so he can talk to Gwen. She hugs him and cries. They sit down and talk calmly, Casey tells her what he told Will, Gwen says, ...It doesn't matter, I can't go back, if he had just told me when it happened, but how can I stay with him when I don't trust him?... Casey tells her not to make any decisions right now, but she says she's calling a lawyer first thing in the morning. She is disillusioned with love. Casey defends Will. Gwen says not to make excuses for him. Casey says he didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her. Gwen is tired of people letting her down. Casey says, ...We are all just mistakes waiting to happen.... He wants to drive her home, but she says she's staying at Crash. Casey says if she's staying, he's staying too, there's a killer out there and he's not getting along with his mom anyway. He tells her he's going to crank up the grill. Jade goes through some CDs, wants to put on some music but it all makes her think of Will, both of them are in separate places, broken hearted.

Will is at home when Jade knocks on the door. He tells her his marriage is over. Jade tells him what she told Gwen. Will says that it sounds like she thinks she knows him better than Gwen does, and to mind her own business. Jade tells him that he's just as much to blame as she is; they were both on that bridge and both willing. She says she's his friend and he says she's not. Will accuses her of using him after they slept together, to get a job, a place to live. Jade swears that's not true and that she would have never told Gwen, asks him if he doesn't understand that she likes him? She starts telling him how much she does; she needs him for a friend, and if he needs anything to call her. She leaves and Will looks at a happy picture of him and Gwen. He goes to the window and stares out into the night, so sad, just as Gwen is.

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