Jade Takes a Pregnancy Test

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Jade takes a pregnancy test to prove she is pregnant and Simon asks Lucinda to finance the apartment project.

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Jade calls Will and asks him to bring Gwen back to the cottage so she can prove she is pregnant to her once and for all. After some discussion, Gwen reluctantly agrees to go with Will to see Jade. When the two arrive back at the cottage Jade shows Gwen an unopened pregnancy test and then takes the test into the bathroom in order to complete it while Gwen waits. Outraged by the idea of waiting for Jade to return with test results Gwen leaves right before Jade returns to the living room with a test strip labeled Pregnant. Convinced now that Jade is pregnant Will tells her he will come with her to her next doctors appointment.

Simon contacts Lucinda and asks her to come over to the now disheveled apartment project. Once she arrives Simon asks her to consider financing his and Carlys attempt to re-build the apartment. Simon is able to smooth talk his way into getting Lucinda to agree to finance the project, once she checks everything out. Lucinda comes back later and tells Simon that Mike has told her he is not working up to code with the building, and thus she must decline his offer to allow her to invest.


Later when Carly arrives back at the apartment upset after a bad encounter with Jack, Simon tells her that they have the funding to start to rebuild even though they do not. An excited Carly embraces Simon happy that she will never have to go back to Jack for anything.

Meg stops by Craig's hotel room and returns the vase he sent her as a wedding present. The two fight and as she is about to leave Craig collapses unable to breathe. When Meg suggests Craig stay in bed so he does not hurt himself further, Craig taunts Meg with the suggestion of bringing Rosanna back to Oakdale so Paul can visit the woman he truly loves.

Dusty gets angry at Lucy for allowing her father near Johnny. Lucy tries to explain that she was not aware her father was in the hotel, but Dusty remains angry and tells Lucy that she will have to choose between him and Johnny and her father

Paul and Emily finish the memorial service for baby Jennifer. Emily is upset because the death of her child is the worst thing that has ever happened to her, and she has no one to share it with. The two briefly discuss their relationship, and Paul tells Emily he could never have given her what she needed.

Angered by her encounter with Dusty Lucy goes to visit her father. Just as Lucy is about to leave Jack arrives to arrest Craig for violating his court order and going near Johnny. While his rights are being read he begins to cough uncontrollably. Lucy convinces Jack Craig is too sick to be arrested but after he leaves tells Craig she thinks that he deserved to be.

Dusty runs into Emily in the Lakeview dining room and expresses his condolences for the loss of her child. Dusty tells Emily that a part of her baby will always live on in Johnny and the two bond briefly before Dusty breaks the news to Emily that Craig is back in town.

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