I Can't Be That Woman!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Lily touts Holden's good points to Luke, Carly and Holden make love, Rick and Susan spar, Margo questions many residents about Sofie and Paul learns he couldn't be Sofie's baby-daddy!

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Neil and Carly reach their hotel room in New York after a day of shopping. Neil talks about Paris and then kisses Carly. She pulls away and says she isn’t ready for this yet. He promises to give her time and leaves for a meeting. When she is alone, Carly calls the front desk for a massage. Carly is on the table when someone knocks on the door. She thinks it is the masseuse and is startled to see Holden! He says he can’t stand the thought of her spending time with Neil and that he is ready to leave Lily! Carly tells him to go home. “I can’t be yours,” she says as she puts on her robe and cries. Holden hugs her and says he can’t stop wanting her. She tells him to back off! Holden kisses her. They make love. Neil arrives! Carly talks to him through the door, saying she was just jumping in the shower. She promises to meet him in the bar in a few minutes and he leaves. She turns to Holden and says their affair is just a bunch of lies. He says this is more than sex. She begs him to go home to Lily. He asks what her plans are and she says Paris is the best option because it will give them some distance. He leaves. Carly cries. A short time later, she invites Neil back to her room. He is surprised that she has packed. She says she was using him to get over another man. He asks if her someone else is Holden! He says he wasn’t sure about anything until he saw Holden in the bar. Carly apologizes for leading him on. Neil promises to keep her secret and then says she deserves better than a married man! On his way out, Neil says she can talk to him any time.


Lily helps Luke do the initial research to start his new foundation. She is very proud of him. Luke brings up Holden and asks if he is okay with the foundation. Lily says he is just distracted with work. She says Holden is a good man who loves his idea. Luke asks how their marriage is and Lily says they are doing fine. Holden returns home a short time later. Lily tries to kiss him but he pulls away. He says he is tired of lying and says he went to New York, not Louisville. “There’s someone else,” he says!


Barbara surprises Paul and Meg at Fairwinds. She says they can now prove Paul is innocent but that Decker’s findings implicate Meg! Barbara explains that Rick believes a medical professional had to have killed Sofie. Meg can’t believe Babs has doubts about her and storms out. Barbara turns to Paul and says they have to figure things out.


Susan surprises Rick in the morgue and spars with him. He explains about his new job with the state. Rick tells his guard that Susan is still upset over the way their marriage ended. Susan throws coffee on him! Rick orders the guard to get rid of Susan. A few minutes later, Meg arrives. Paul follows her inside and takes a swing at Rick. They argue and the guard leads Rick out of the morgue. Rick keeps up his I'm-Only-Trying-To-Help routine but Paul orders him off the case.

Margo meets with a maid at Fairwinds. The woman says she ran into Paul the night Sofie was killed and that she heard Meg and Sofie arguing in her room a little bit before that. Margo questions Lisa next. Lisa admits that Sofie said Barbara threatened her; Lisa says she didn’t believe Sofie then and still doesn’t.


Rick arrives at the police station and Margo orders him back to holding. He says she should read his notes and she says she doesn’t feel a need to read anything he wrote. He points out that he has found 14 other killers and Margo reluctantly takes his notes. An officer leads him away.


Barbara walks in to her hotel suite and sees Cole sitting comfortably in her chair! Cole pulls a bottle of morphine from his pocket and says he knows how Sofie was killed! Barbara grabs her phone but Cole takes it. He says he watched her kill Sofie and keeps Babs from leaving the room. He says she was stoned on morphine and plunged Sofie full of the dope; she swears she didn't do it but can't remember the night clearly! Cole keeps pushing her, telling her exactly what he saw the night of Sofie’s murder. Babs screams that she didn’t do it but Cole says he saw everything. Then, he says he has a solution. He says he’ll keep quiet for $100,000! She says she will need some time. He tells her not to keep him waiting and leaves.


Margo goes to Fairwinds and questions Meg about the argument she had with Sofie. Meg tells her everything. She says she was certain Sofie was just lying again. Margo asks what happened after Meg realizes Sofie wasn’t lying. Meg admits she was angry but swears she didn’t kill Sofie. Margo keeps up the questions until Paul orders her to leave. Margo tells Meg to stay in town and walks out. Dr. Schiller calls from the hospital. She tells him there was a mix-up at her office and asks him to come back. He leaves in a hurry.

At the doctor’s office, Paul asks what the problem is. The doctor says they need to do another sonogram because there was a clerical error with the first picture. She says the staff found two different sonogram pictures and that there is a big difference in the age of the pictures. Paul realizes that Sofie wasn’t carrying his baby!

Meg and Paul return to Fairwinds. He wonders who the real father could be; Meg says she only saw Sofie with Mike, Paul and Aaron. Paul wonders if Mike could have been the daddy but Meg is certain he isn’t. They decide to talk to Mike about who else Sofie was intimate with.

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