That's Robbing The Womb!

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Margo confronts Emily and Casey, Mike convinces Jack that Paul is guilty of murder, Meg realizes Barbara didn't kill anyone and Casey moves out!

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Jack arrives at the police station. Mike says he wants to report Sofie's murder but he isn't sure who killed her or where her body is! Jack listens but says Mike is probably mistaken because his story only indicates that Sofie left town. "You can't have a murder without a body," Jack exclaims. Mike tells him to look under Paul's roses. Jack says he can't just dig up a yard but does agree to question Paul.

At Fairwinds, Meg is really freaked out about what Mike may know and what he might do. Paul reassures her, saying whatever happens they'll face it together. Paul makes Meg a snack. When he mentions the herb garden, it brings back Sofie in the rose garden. Jack and Mike arrive and begin questioning them. Paul and Meg stick with their story and then surprise Jack with news of the marriage. Jack separates Meg, asking what she is trying to do. She says she is moving on with her life and the family will understand. Jack doesn't think so. Mike and Paul watch from a distance and take a few verbal punches at one another. Jack comes back to them, accepts Paul’s explanations and then asks if he can dig in the garden! Paul says not without a warrant. Jack leaves. Meg is worried about what will happen now. Paul says they can handle this and tells her to get Barbara and brings her to Fairwinds. He says he'll take the blame for the murder! Meg leaves. Paul gets a shovel and digs up Sofie's grave.


Meg arrives at Barbara's, surprising her. She says they know about Sofie's murder and they know she did it. She tells her that everything would have been fine except for Mike's meddling. Barbara is stunned, especially when Meg says Paul is going to take the blame - for her! Barbara says she didn't kill anyone! They wonder who did and then realize Paul is going to confess for no reason. They leave.


Margo pulls the gun on Emily and tells her she should have stayed away from Casey. Emily tries to explain and says she'll do whatever Margo wants. Margo won't listen. She says she'll convince everyone that she came home, saw an intruder in the dark and had no choice but to defend herself. Emily screams and Casey comes running in. He gets between them but Margo won't drop the gun. Tom walks in and tries to calm the situation but Margo is out of her mind with rage. She tells them all about Emily's prostitute past! Casey isn't surprised, which makes her even more mad. Tom can't believe it and tells Emily to get a lawyer! Casey tries to defend her but neither of his parents will listen. Tom blocks Casey from the door and Casey grabs him by the throat! Emily tells him to stay with his family and leaves. Casey says he is disappointed in both his parents and walks to the door. Margo says he can't come home if he leaves. Casey walks out anyway. Margo continues blaming Emily. Tom asks what she was trying to prove by first keeping Emily's secret and then telling him this way. She says she was just trying to give Emily a break. Tom swears Emily will never see Daniel again; Margo says the same about Casey but he says they can't fight her on Casey's behalf. She says he'll be back but Tom isn’t so sure.


Emily arrives at her office. Susan follows her in and starts talking about Allison's birthday party. She asks if Daniel can come and Emily starts to cry. She tells Susan everything. She is stunned and tells Emily that she was robbing the womb! "It was mutual," she says. Casey comes running in and tells her that he won't leave her. Susan tells him to go home and not look back! Emily says the same thing and, hurt, Casey leaves. Emily cries. Susan asks if she is crying for Daniel or Casey and Em says, "Both."

Casey walks back into the Hughes house but ignores Margo and Tom. He packs a few things and walks right back out without another word.

Jack and Mike return to the police station to try to get a warrant but the judge won't give him one. Mike keeps pushing the issue, saying Sofie wouldn't have just run off. Jack says there is nothing more they can do. Mike says he'll take care of this himself and walks out. Jack follows him.

Jack and Mike arrive at Fairwinds just as Paul is putting Sofie's body in the trunk of his car! Jack places Paul under arrest. Meg and Barbara run up; Mike holds Meg back. Jack warns Meg to keep quiet and hauls Paul away. Barbara yells that she will get a lawyer for him.

Meg and Barbara arrive at the police station and Mike tries to talk to her again. Meg says she wants nothing to do with him because Paul didn't kill anyone and he is only muddying the waters. Mike says she is better off without Paul. Meg says he should have stayed away and returns to Babs.


In the interrogation room, Jack asks Paul who might have killed Sofie. All Paul will say is that he didn't kill anyone. Jack tells him to get a lawyer. He leaves the room. Meg watches through the window.

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