Maddie Learns the Truth About Jade's Pregnancy

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Lily remembers Luke pushing her down the stairs, Will asks Jade to move out, and Maddie tells Gwen (over the phone) she found something out about Jade.

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At the hospital, Lily remembers Luke pushing her down the stairs. Lily recites to Luke what happened when she fell. She tells him she remembers he was unhappy and that she was worried about him. Luke tells her it was because he was gay. Lily blames herself for his unhappiness and they hug. As they hug, Rose reappears and tells Lily, "So far so good," but you're not done yet."

Holden enters and Lily tells him what Rose said to her. Holden asks Lily if she understands Rose is dead and she confirms she does understand. She expresses to Holden she has to find Rose's daughter to tell her about Rose. Holden says then they'll do it together.

At Lakeview, Dusty tells Barbara Craig is back, he also tells her he got Johnny a bodyguard to stop Craig from taking Johnny. "Do you really want to get rid of Craig? You have to get rid of Lucy first," Barbara responds.

Later, Dusty informs Barbara Johnny comes first, so he reveals he won't be going to New York, instead he states he will be staying with Johnny.


At the hospital, Margo and Craig talk. Craig tries to make a mends with Margo, but Margo tells Craig if he wants her forgiveness he has to stay away from Johnny. Margo walks out.

Lucy enters to find Craig trying to leave the hospital. When she asks him what he's doing, he tells her he's leaving the hospital and asks for his walking papers, but Lucy refuses to release him. Because he's so determined to leave, he tries to stand but falls to the floor. Lucy helps him back into his chair and insists he stay at the hospital.

At Will and Jade's place, Jade doesn't look happy when Will conveys to her that he and Gwen had time to talk last night, and he continues by saying it helped them make some decisions.

Gwen leaves the room, and Jade tells Will how worried she was about the baby last night. She also tells him she forgot to take her prenatal vitamins and asks him to get them for her.

While Will is getting Jade's prenatal vitamins, Gwen comes back into the room and Jade tells her Will went to get her vitamins. Jade goes on to say how she forgets to take them, then she apologies to Gwen for the comment.

Later, outside, Gwen and Will talk. Gwen tells Will she wants to be with him. Will tells Gwen he loves her and she says she loves him too. Will kisses Gwen goodbye and goes back inside. Inside, Will lets Jade know she has to move out. He informs her she can't live there anymore and says to her, "This isn't your home anymore."

Maddie runs into Dallas at Lakeview and asks him to sit with her a minute.

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Maddie and Dallas are still talking at Lakeview when Jade approaches and interrupts their conversation. She believes they were badmouthing her and confronts them about it. Maddie informs Jade that they were not talking about her and Dallas tells Jade Maddie's right, they weren't talking about her. Jade, looking unconvinced, walks away. As soon as she walks away, they do begin discussing Jade.

"You and Jade really don't get along, huh?"
"Yea... well... I had her pegged from day one. And if people had of listened to me maybe she wouldn't have ended up pregnant with Will's kid."
"You know about that?" Dallas asks with a look of surprise.
"Sure, it's not like its some big secret or anything."
"That's not the way she made it seem last night at the hospital."
"What do you mean?"
"She went out of her way not to mention... I mean with most pregnant women, if they're in an accident, they immediately worry about the baby. But with Jade... it's like she didn't even want anyone to know about it."

Later, Maddie phones Gwen and tells her to she needs to meet with her. She relays to Gwen that she's found something out about Jade.

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Maddie reveals to Gwen that Jade's faking her pregnancy just to get her hooks into to Will.

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