Lily Gets a Ghostly Visit From Rose

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Will and Gwen make out, and Lily gets a ghostly visit from Rose,

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Rose visits Lily

Will and Gwen are in bed making out. After their make out session, while sitting on the couch, Will begins massaging Gwen's shoulders. During the massage Gwen says to Will, "One of the first things that made know you were something special was how I felt when you touched me."

"Yea?" Will confirmed.
"Yea, it was like something inside me melted, and I felt safe."
"More than anything in the world, I want the chance to make you feel that way again, but this time... forever."

Gwen was touched, she kissed Will and the two begin to make out on the couch.

At the hospital, Rose visits Lily. Lily tells Holden she seen Rose, but Holden isn't sure she did. Holden exits the room and Lily calls for Rose to come back.

Jade enters Lily's room, and believing that Jade is Rose's daughter, Lily tells Jade she promised Rose she would take care of her. Jade looks confused and tells Lily to rest while she goes to get a nurse. On Jade's way out, she bumps into Luke. Jade tells Luke Lily sees dead people.

Luke tells Jade Lily wants to see her, but Jade doesn't think it's a good idea. Luke tells her she upset her, so she needs to go back in to calm her down. However, as soon as they walk in Lily's memory starts to come back, and she realizes Jade isn't Rose's daughter, and that Jade lied to her. Jade rushes out of the room.

Lily continues to remember things. She remembers her and Luke were angry with one another, but she can't remember why. She has a flashback, a flashback of when she fell down the stairs.

"I remember everything," Lily tells Luke.

Luke swallows hard and takes a deep breath.


Paul confronts Craig

At the chapel, Craig tells Paul he's sorry, and he says he knows what it's like to lose a child. Paul asks him why he's not rotting in jail. Craig explains to Paul that he was released, and Paul tells Craig he believes he killed Jennifer.

Meg starts to enter the chapel, but she over hears Paul yelling at Craig and she stops, stands and listens quietly at the door for a moment.

Later, after Meg enters the chapel, Craig tells Paul he's truly sorry for his loss (referring to the baby him and Emily had just lost), and he also tells him he's lucky to have Meg to comfort him.

At Lakeview, Lucinda senses something's wrong with Lucy and asks her about it. Lucky tells Lucinda her dad is back, and she tells her how he saved her and Johnny during the storm. Lucy also says to Lucinda:

"Dusty's grateful about Johnny, but that doesn't stop him from being all over me about Daddy. You know, what did I know? When did I know it? And he keeps asking me what am I going to do now. And the only answer he wants to hear is that after my father saved two lives, I'm going to turn my back on him. Because dusty has issues with my father, I'm supposed to turn my back on my own father. I'm not going to turn my back on him because Dusty has issues with my father."
"Oh, Darling. Darling," Lucinda says.
"So, you see why I'm so upset?"

Taking a deep breath, Lucinda responds, "Yes, you've had quite a morning. And of course, Dusty's absolutely right."

Later on, Lucinda tells Lucy her and Dusty just want to protect her, because they care about her. Lucy then confesses to Lucinda that she's scared because her father is back. She goes on to say when Craig was in jail she had no boundaries and could finally live her life.

Tomorrow on As the World Turns...

Craig starts to believe Lucy actually cares, and it looks as if she might.

Barbara tells Dusty if he wants to get rid of Craig he must get rid of Lucy first.

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