Lily Reunites With Her Family

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Dusty finds Craig cradling his son, Holden enters Lily's hospital room with her son, and Jack finds Carly with Simon.

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Holden enters Lily's hospital room with her son, and Lily takes her son while Holden tells her the details of his birth since she couldn't remember.

At the hospital, Jack has to leave when his cell rings and he's called out to go to the apartment where Carly and Simon are trapped. While leaving he thinks only Carly is at the apartment, he doesn't know Simon is there.


Paul and Emily grieve

Meg walks into the hospital room where Paul and Emily are grieving over the loss of Jennifer, and when Emily sees Meg she immediately says to Meg, "How dare you show your face here. You killed my baby!" Meg looks stunned.

Jack arrives at the apartment to find Carly with Simon, and he doesn't look happy. Carly explains to Jack why Simon was there, and then she tells Jack how Simon saved her from the pile of rubble she was trapped under.

At the hospital, Craig thanks Lucy for defending him, but she tells him she's doing her duty as a doctor, and that she wasn't defending him. As a matter of fact, she tells Craig she almost "clocked" him herself, and that she is on Dusty's side.

Craig tells Lucky he's not there to interrupt his son's life. Lucy replies by asking him, "Then why are you here?"

Craig tells Lucy he done some thinking while he was in jail, and he tries his best to make a mends with her. Lucy, on the other hand, tells him it was his own fault that he was in jail. He then tells Lucy he wants a chance to make things right with her, and he asks her if she's up for it, but she replies by saying she doesn't know.

At the apartment, Carly tries to persuade Simon to start over and rebuild. She tells Simon they should turn things around and rise from the ashes--change the world. Simon, however, doesn't sound as if he wants to rebuild and start over.

Paul visits the chapel in the hospital to pray. He believes God is punishing him for his past, and he tells God if it is his punishment can they call it even.

Paul's prayer is interrupted by a voice, and Paul appears to be surprised when he identifies the voice as Craig's. Craig says to Paul, "Now there's a site I never thought I'd see. Paul Ryan down on his knees."

Tomorrow on As the World Turns...

Lily is visited by a ghost.

Paul confronts Craig. He tells him he'd be happy to pick-up where the law left off by making him pay for Rosanna's life with his own.

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