Craig is Back

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Simon emerges from a pile of debris, but Carly is nowhere to be found,

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At the apartment, Simon and Carly get all hot while kissing, but Carly tells Simon to stop. She says they can't do that because he still has a "thing" for Katie and she has a "thing" with Jack.

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When the program returns from the breaking news report, Simon emerges from a pile of debris, but Carly is nowhere to be found. A terrified Simon begins to look for Carly and calls out her name.

Meanwhile, at the chapel in the hospital, Holden finds Lily in a confused state calling out for Rose. Holden reminds Lilly that Rose got sick and died. Lily recalls being with Rose and holding her hand, and then Lily remembers when Rose died.

"How could I have forgotten that," Lily tells Holden.

As Holden starts to take Lily back to her room, the door to the chapel opens and it's Luke. After Lily tells Luke she loves him, Luke expresses that he loves her too and he rushes over to give her a hug.

Dusty catches up to Lucy at the hospital and hands her a cup of coffee. Lucy gives Dusty a quick kiss and then apologizes. She tells Dusty she couldn't help herself, but he doesn't seem to mind. Lucy suggests they go sit a minute. Dusty agrees telling her there's something he needs to tell her anyway. As they start to walk off, Lucy is called for an emergency.

At the farmhouse, a worried Emily continues to ask Meg if her baby is going to be alright, and Meg just keeps telling her she needs to keep the baby warm. Emily tried to get up to check on the baby herself, but Paul ran over to stop her. While Paul tries to calm Emily, Meg performs CPT on the baby, but the CPR fails.

As soon as Paul tells Emily the baby didn't make it, Emily refuses to believe the baby's gone, and she calls Paul a liar.

"No, no, you're lying to me."
"I wasn't lying to you," Paul says.
"Yes you were. You lied to me. You lied to your sister. You told your sister that her baby was dead and he wasn't, and you're doing that to me now, aren't you!"

Paul pulls Emily over to show her the baby's dead, but Emily refuses to see the baby and in a frenzied rage she runs outside to search for Jennifer. Paul rushes outside after Emily.

Back at the hospital, Dusty finds Lucy again to see if she has a minute, and she does. Dusty thanks her for saving Johnny's life. She reminds Dusty that she didn't do it on her own giving credit to the stranger.

A relieved Katie finds Mike in a cabin, and Mike eases her mind when he tells her the blood she found is nothing to worry about. He goes on to explain why he left the accident site, and she tells him she's sorry for pushing him to have a baby. Nevertheless, Mike still wants to have a baby with Katie, however, Katie has a change of mind. Katie responds telling Mike she just needs him, and they share a passionate kiss.

At the apartment, Simon finds Carly pinned under the rubble, and he works quickly to free her. Once Carly is out, Simon explains what happened, and he tells her since the door is blocked they'll have to wait for someone to find them and dig them out.


Craig is back

Back at the hospital, Dusty finds out from a nurse that Johnny's father took him to the sunroom. Without delay, Dusty heads for the sunroom, but upon his arrival he finds Craig sitting in a wheelchair.

Back at the farmhouse, Paul finally convinces Emily their baby is gone. Paul takes Emily into his arms and comforts her as they mourn the loss of their child together.

At the hospital, Lily asks when she's going home and Holden tells her she's not. Lily asks Holden where Luke is and he tells her Luke is with her Mom and the kids. He goes on to tell Lilly how she should see the baby because he's gotten so big, but Lilly shocks Holden with her response: "The baby. What baby?"

Tomorrow on As the World Turns...

Dusty tells Craig to give him his son and threatens Craig's life.

Emily accuses Meg of killing her baby.

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