Here's To Saint Sofie!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Chris insults Aaron. Paul confronts Mike. Sofie can't ignore Paul's pain. Carly and Jack have a difficult time at Lily's dinner party. Holden finds Lily's hidden treasures.

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At home, Carly comes downstairs in a beautiful black dress. Jack comes in from the kitchen with the boys and is dumbstruck. He says she is beautiful. The babysitter arrives, sniffling and sneezing. She assures them she isn't contagious and Sage convinces them that things will be fine. They leave. Sage turns to the boys and says, "See? They are staying together."

At the farm, Lily and Holden are getting ready for dinner. He goes upstairs. Lily finishes a few preparations and then pulls the bag with Dusty's mementos from the cupboard. She pulls the items out, looks at them and then stuffs them back inside. Jack and Carly arrive. Lily takes Holden back upstairs as Jack takes in the candlelit atmosphere and worries about what Lily has planned. He goes to the porch to check in with the police station. Carly checks the fridge for beer but settles for wine instead. She drinks it very quickly. Lily and Holden return. Lily sends Holden to get Jack. On the porch, Holden tells Jack that dinner is ready; Jack tells Holden to make Lily back off. They go inside and Lily proposes a toast to new beginnings. The wine tastes horrible to everyone but Carly; Jack wonders how much she has had already. Holden leaves to get a new bottle. Jack wants a beer but Carly says there aren't any. She then tells Lily to stop with the pretenses because her plan isn't working. Lily changes her tactics, tells Jack to stop being stupid and admit that Carly is the perfect woman for him! Jack tells Lily to back off and they argue. Holden comes in and backs up Jack. Lily gives in and the four of them say grace and begin the meal. Carly is obviously tipsy. Jack advises her to eat something because she's had enough wine. Carly angrily says she doesn't need his advice! She walks out. Lily tells Jack to go after her but he refuses so Holden does. Holden tells her to pull herself together and blames Emma's homemade wine on her outburst. They go back inside and everyone pretends that dinner just started and the outburst never happened. Parker calls and asks if a temperature of 103 is bad! Carly and Jack agree to leave right away. "Let's do this again real soon," Jack says sarcastically on his way out the door.

Jack and Carly return home to take care of the babysitter. Sage wants them to continue their date but Jack and Carly set her straight, saying it was just a night at the farm. They send the kids upstairs as they begin bickering about Jack and Carly's reunion. Carly says they need to talk but Jack refuses, saying there is nothing left to say.

Meg and Mike land in the hot-air balloon. Paul is waiting and rips into him. He says the balloon was meant for them - not Mike! Mike steps in, telling Paul to take Meg up now. Meg likes that idea but Paul angrily accuses Mike of planning to interfere with the date and then storms off. The balloon ride owner brings them a champagne picnic! Meg is shocked. Mike sets out the food and drink. Upset, Meg tells him about her rocky past with Paul. She says that is over because she isn't willing to repeat those mistakes again.


Chris and Alison arrive at The Lakeview where Sofie and Aaron are waiting. Chris proposes a toast to Alison's medical prowess, trying to boost her confidence. Aaron chimes in that Allie can do anything she sets her mind to - and being a nurse's aide may be enough for her. Chris makes a snide comment about Aaron's career choice, which Aaron takes badly. Chris apologizes, saying he just wants to be friends. As they talk, Paul walks in. Sofie focuses on him, ignoring her tablemates. She watches Paul leave and can't stay away. She follows him and asks what is wrong. Still upset, Paul walks away, telling her to have fun with her friends. Sofie returns to the table long enough to make a few excuses about Barbara's health and then leaves.


Sofie arrives at Fairwinds. Paul tells her what happened. She can't believe Meg didn't realize the balloon ride was from him and says if anyone did anything like that for her she would know who was responsible. Meg walks in! Sofie leaves so they can talk. Paul says he'll make things up to her but she says he needs to stop trying so hard. Paul admits that he is afraid to take things slow because she might drift farther from him. She says she isn't going anywhere as long as he keeps making changes in his life. Paul asks about Mike. Meg can't believe he is jealous and says Mike is just a friend. He won't give in so Meg asks about Sofie. Paul laughs, but then realizes he is overreacting to Mike's friendship. She kisses him. Meg leaves a while later. The balloon company calls Paul to check on his balloon ride. He tells them about the mix-up as the man chatters on about the empty picnic basket and champagne bottle. Paul hangs up on him.

Meg arrives at the farm as Mike is leaving. She goes on inside where Holden and Lily are cleaning up. Lily is upset that her dinner party didn't go well. Meg goes up to bed as Holden tells Lily that her heart was in the right place even if her methods didn't work. She goes to bed when Holden offers to clean up. He picks up a tin from the cupboard and when he returns it sees the paper bag inside. Holden opens it and is upset to find some of the mementos from Dusty's box!

Sofie returns to The Lakeview and tells the group that Barbara is doing well. Chris comments that Sofie is an amazing person to be helping Barbara, especially since Paul is a screw-up and Babs tried to ruin her life. Sofie defends Paul. Aaron can't take it anymore and leaves. Alison follows him and asks what is going on. Aaron says he can't stand Chris's full-of-himself attitude. Allie convinces him to return to the table. He offers to drive Sofie home - immediately. Chris tells Aaron to let Sofie eat but she says she isn't hungry. They leave. Alison tells Chris that his attitude made them leave. She makes him see that he was being a jerk to Aaron.

In the hall, Aaron confronts Sofie about her "phone call" to Barbara. He tells her to stop lying. She defends her actions but he says she didn't need to follow Paul to Fairwinds to check on Barbara's progress in the hospital! He says he wants to be friends but Sofie has to decide if that is what she wants, too.

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