He's Gone Cindy Brady On Us!

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Katie and Brad's wedding is full of mishaps. Holden gives Carly advice; Lily plans to reunite Jack and Carly.

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Katie is getting ready for the wedding when Kim announces she has about 10 minutes left. She gets fidgety and rips the dress! Mike walks in and asks if he can help. He calls her angel, upsetting her and she tells him to leave her alone! Mike says she wouldn't be on the verge of tears if she were really over him and in love with Brad. They argue. Kim comes in and tells him to get lost so Katie can concentrate. Mike leaves.

Jack walks in, surprised to see Mike. Henry is shocked to see both of Katie's other exes standing up for Brad and tells him to fix the problem. The minister arrives and an excited Brad comes out. Jack takes Brad aside and asks what he is trying to prove. Brad says nothing is going on. Jack starts to leave but Brad asks him to stay, as his brother. He does. Just then the music begins and Katie walks out of the office. The wedding gets underway but the minister freezes when the cameras go live! Henry tries to unfreeze him but the minister has stage fright. Brad asks everyone to stand by and sends the show to commercial. Katie suggests Henry but that leaves them short one man-of-honor. Katie refuses to allow Jack or Mike to attend to her so Kim okays her going ahead without an attendant.


Tom is surprised when Margo walks in from work. He asks what is going on and she says she is taking him up on his rain check offer! Tom asks if she is really going to stand Katie up! Margo settles herself and turns on the television as the minister freezes up. Margo watches as Brad comes back on-screen to announce that Henry is going to do the honors and invites the viewers to pretend to be Katie's attendant. Henry gets things going, talking about Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the fun of marriage. Katie and Brad can't take their eyes off one another. Tom tells Margo that she should give in and go to Katie. Margo leaves the house. She returns a few seconds later and asks him to come along. They leave together.


Back on television, Henry asks Brad and Katie if they are ready for the vows. He asks for objections. Jack scowls at Mike to keep him quiet; Henry asks the audience if they object and Katie punches him on the shoulder. He moves on. Brad and Katie join hands as Henry begins the "to have and to hold" part of the ceremony. Katie gets the hiccups and can't say I do! Kim sends a glass of water up but Katie accidentally drops it. They go to commercial and try several different things but Katie can't get rid of the hiccups. Margo rushes in, yells, "Cellulite", and scares the hiccups right out of Katie! The show comes back from commercial. Brad and Katie say their I Do's. They are about to exchange rings when Margo asks if she is really sure. Katie has almost said, "I thee wed", when she faints! Kim tells them that there are no commercials left and they need to either have a wedding or call the whole thing off. Brad asks everyone to leave and talks to Katie alone. He admits that asking Mike to stand up for him was a test and apologizes. He says he wants to marry her, have kids and grow old together but that is all up for negotiation if she isn't ready. This calms Katie down and she says she wants to marry him. Mike asks Jack if Katie fainted at their wedding and Jack says no. Mike is sure this means Katie doesn't want to marry Brad but Jack disagrees and says Katie loves Brad. Brad and Katie return to the set. Katie says her I Dos and they kiss. Brad feeds her cake a while later and smears icing all over her face. They are all smiles and laughs. Jack congratulates the couple. They sign off the show and Brad picks up Katie, telling her it is honeymoon time!


Brad and Katie return to her hotel room, talking about the life ahead of them. The room has candles and flowers all around. Brad places a lei around her neck and is about to kiss her when she says they need a first dance first! Brad turns on some music and they dance to "Tiny Bubbles". Brad tells her how happy he is to be married to her. She says she never wants to feel different than she felt today - minus the hiccups and fainting, of course. They kiss.

Henry returns to the diner to applause from his patrons. He offers pepperkokkar all around and then calls Vienna, who is still sick.


Mike returns to The Lakeview and takes the porcelain angel from his pocket. He orders a drink, staring at the figure. After finishing the drink, he leaves the angel behind.

At the farm, Lily looks through a few more things in Dusty's box and cries over him. Realizing she has to let go, she takes the box out to the trash but then takes the music tape and a few other things out to keep. She puts the items in a brown bag and hides them in the cupboard. "I'm sorry, Holden," she whispers.


At the pond, Carly tells Holden that her problems with Jack aren't the same as his problems with Lily and that things aren't over between him and Lily the way they are over for her and Jack. "He will always find fault with me," she says. Holden says he has to get back and Carly returns with him. When they return, Carly goes inside to talk with Lily. Sympathetic, Lily asks if she is sure things are over. Crying, Carly says she still wants a life with Jack. As they are talking Holden comes inside. Carly leaves the kitchen. Lily tells him they can't let Carly and Jack give up so easily! She thinks she has the perfect solution and when Carly returns suggests a quiet dinner party for the four of them. Carly agrees. After she is gone, Lily tells Holden this is the beginning of a second chance for them. He asks about Dusty's box and she says she is ready to move on.

Jack returns home where Carly is waiting. He tells her about the wedding. Carly wonders how he feels and he says it was good to see Katie happy. She tells him about the dinner party at the farm and asks him to come along. He accepts.

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