Three Exes and a Wedding!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Katie's wedding plans hit a snag. Brad decides who his best man should be. Margo refuses to attend the wedding. Carly tells off Jack. Mike has something up his sleeve.

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Brad and Katie finish up a taping for WOAK; they thank the crew. Brad leads Katie into the office; they wonder what they'll do without an attendant for Katie. Kim walks in and says they better find someone - fast! Katie thinks Vienna is a good choice. Brad asks if she wants to try one more time to talk to Margo but Katie says she doesn't. She leaves. Kim returns and asks Brad about the maid-of-honor crisis. He says things are under control and then asks if Snickers can be the ring bearer. He gets another idea for the attendant problem and leaves. He goes to the police department and asks Margo why she can't be there for Katie. Margo tries to skirt the issue but this only makes Brad angrier. Finally Margo says Mike is at the root of the problems between them. Brad says Mike broke Katie's heart and he will never do that. Margo says Katie isn't over Mike and only turned to him out of desperation. Brad doesn't want to hear that and tells Margo that he loves Katie and she loves him. Margo refuses to believe him, saying that Katie has five marriages behind her and doesn't need another impulsive decision. Margo begs him to reconsider getting married so fast. She walks out the door.


At the diner, Mike is still thinking about Katie. He tells Henry about barging into Katie's room and how she keeps pushing him away. He says this is all his fault and he never should have walked away after she slept with Simon. Mike asks Henry's opinion on Brad. Henry says Brad makes Katie smile; Mike insists that Katie can't be in love with Brad - because she isn't over him! Henry tells Mike that the wedding is going to be televised, throwing Mike for a loop. He tries to convince himself - and Henry - that Katie is only getting married on live television to get things over with very quickly. Henry tells Mike to leave Katie alone. He leaves as Katie comes in. Katie asks for Vienna and Henry gives her bad news: Vienna has chicken-pox and has been quarantined! Katie has no idea what to do now. He suggests Nancy and Kim but Katie says she can't ask either woman. Katie asks if he will be her "male of honor"! Henry says he won't wear a dress; she says he can wear anything he wants. Henry says he already promised Brad. Katie says Brad can ask one of the other Snyder's and he gives in. Henry suggests that Brad ask Jack to be the best man. She isn't sure Brad will like it but Henry convinces her to talk to Jack. She leaves. A while later Brad arrives and Henry tells him about the change in plans and that Katie has gone to Jack on his behalf. He leaves the diner and tracks down Mike - yes, Mike! - at The Lakeview. Brad tells him about Margo and the switcheroo with Henry and asks him to be the best man! Mike doesn't like the idea at all but Brad says it would be the perfect gift for Katie because she would finally see that he only wants to make her happy. When Brad puts it that way Mike caves in and agrees to be the best man. Brad leaves. Mike returns to Henry and tells him the good news. Henry practically explodes, especially when Mike says he just wants to see what will happen. Henry says he better not speak at the speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace part. He won't promise and Henry wonders what he is up to. "I'll see ya at the wedding," Mike says cryptically.


At home, Carly hangs up from talking to her insurance company. They won't fix Metro's security alarm, which is going to set her reopening off. Jack comes down and offers to help. Carly says she'll find someone else and walks out as Jack says he wants to be her friend. From Metro, she calls a service company but they can't be there for a week. Jack walks in and offers his services - again. As he gets to work, Carly breaks down and says she can't have him half-way in her life. He says she'll get used to it! Carly yells at him, saying she can't handle what is happening. Katie walks in and Carly turns on her, then storms out. Katie turns to Jack apologetically. She tells him about Margo and Henry and asks if Jack would step up for Brad. Jack doesn't like the idea at all and points out it will be weird to stand up for his ex-wife's new husband. Katie says it will finally show everyone - including Margo - how they have all moved on. Jack agrees to do it. Katie tells him about the televised ceremony and leaves. Jack goes to the police department and tells Margo that he needs the afternoon off to support Katie. Margo is surprised at the turn of events but says having Jack there could be exactly what Katie needs to realize she is making a huge mistake with Brad. Jack tells Margo that Brad loves Katie. He tells her about the televised ceremony and leaves.


At the farm, Lily and Lucinda are making lunches for the kids. Once finished they hurry out the door. Holden arrives and wonders where they're going. Lily says they are going to see Dusty's headstone be set up. He wonders why she didn't ask him to come along. Lily says she just didn't want to upset him. Lucinda tries to be the voice of reason and says it was all her idea; this only annoys Holden and Lily. He sadly tells her to go. In the car, Lucinda asks if there is trouble in paradise. Lily says she is completely in love with Holden but she isn't sure Holden feels the same way. Lucinda says she'll have a talk with Holden but Lily tells her not to. After the headstone is set, Lily tearfully tells Lucinda she has to work doubly hard to prove to Holden that she loves him. Lily returns home but can't find Holden anywhere.


Carly shows up at the farm, looking for Lily. She isn't there but Holden is. Carly realizes she can't talk to Holden about her problems with Jack and walks out. Holden follows her, trying to get her to open up. She calls him a typical Snyder male and says she doesn't want to feel even worse. Holden tries to be understanding and tells Carly that she just has to let go because nothing she can do will bring Jack back to her. She realizes he is right and being mad at Jack won't solve anything. Holden tells her she is always welcome at the farm.


Katie returns to WOAK, happy that things are resolved. Brad returns a few minutes later and Katie tells him about the Henry switcheroo and that she found him another best man - Jack! Brad says he found his own best man - Mike! Katie gets a little freaked and tells him to cancel Mike. She says she doesn't want three exes at her wedding. Brad points out that all three men can give her away - and give their ratings a huge boost. Kim hears them. "We'll have our own soap opera," she says. Katie asks if Brad is testing her. He kisses her and leaves to get ready. Brad stops by Kim's station; she is finishing up a few last minute details. Katie watches them.

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