Is It Over?

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Mike tries to figure Katie out. Carly asks Jack what he really wants. Holden wants to get rid of Dusty's box. Talking about the past, Ameera breaks down.

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Katie wakes up to a ringing phone. She takes it into the bathroom so she doesn't wake up Brad. It's Mike! He asks her to meet for coffee; she checks on Brad, who is still sleeping, and says yes. Katie is sneaking out when Brad wakes up and tells her to come back to bed. She says she was going to have coffee with Mike. Brad surprises her, telling her to go and he'll see her later. Katie meets Mike in the lounge downstairs. Henry sees them and heads upstairs. Mike asks about Brad; she says it has been wonderful to find someone to love. Katie asks Mike if he has found someone else, too. He says there is no one but assures her that he isn't after her. He brings up the past, apologizing about surprising her with divorce papers. She says she deserved it and it's in the past. Mike isn't so sure and asks if she still has feelings for him!

Henry goes straight upstairs and tells Brad about Katie's coffee date. Brad says he knows and it doesn't matter. Henry disagrees and because he is so freaked out, Brad gets a little freaked out, too. He leaves for the lounge. Brad plops down beside Katie and reintroduces himself to Mike. He starts talking about the wedding plans and announces that he and Katie will be getting married the next day! Katie is stunned and says they haven't set a date; Brad just keeps talking, saying there is plenty of time to make all the plans and get married tomorrow. Mike watches, liking the fact that they are fighting already. After a while he leaves. Katie turns to Brad and asks what he is trying to do. Brad says he was just letting Mike know where things stand but more than that, he just can't wait to marry her. She says she doesn't have a dress; he says she can find one. She agrees to marry him tomorrow.


In the hall, Mike runs into Henry. He tells Henry about the disagreement going on inside. Henry says that Katie had a really tough time after he left and that she deserves a good guy like Brad in her life now. He asks why Mike really returned to Oakdale. Mike says he is going to find out if there is anything left between him and Katie! Mike goes back into the lounge and sees Brad and Katie kissing.

Carly dreams of making love to Jack. She wakes up and reaches for him but he is gone. She finds him in the kitchen and puts her arms around him. Jack, uncomfortable, tells her that sleeping together was a mistake! He says making love hasn't solved the problems that are keeping them apart. "We're good in bed but that isn't the answer," he says. Carly thinks it is the perfect place to start but he disagrees. She angrily tells him that he is the one holding them back and that if he really wanted a future with her he would be building a future right now! Jack makes things worse by saying he was drunk and had a weak moment. Carly storms upstairs. She returns downstairs a little while later. He apologizes but that only makes things worse. "I expected a lot more from you," she says and leaves.


In the Snyder kitchen, Holden offers to take the box from Dusty up to the attic but Lily tells him not to. Luke comes downstairs, still upset. He leaves without talking to them. Lily follows Luke to the porch and listens as he finally breaks down. Luke is very upset that Noah is living with Ameera and not him. Lily returns inside. Luke follows and says he doesn't know how to feel anymore. Lily tells him to find a way to be with Noah. He decides he and Noah need a project and comes up with a movie idea! Luke excitedly hurries out. A few minutes later Carly arrives; seeing how upset she is Holden leaves. Carly tells Lily about sleeping with Jack and his reaction. She says she doesn't know what to do now. Lily says she needs to toss Jack out! Carly doesn't like that idea and says the kids need Jack too much. Lily reminds her that staying together for the sake of kids is not a good idea. Carly knows this and says there has to be a way that she and Jack can live together and not hurt one another.


Jack, meanwhile, runs into Holden. Holden already has an idea of what is going on and tells him about Carly's visit. Jack says he doesn't know what to do. Holden says the only thing he can do is move out! Holden returns to the farm but Lily is nowhere to be found. He grabs the box and is about to throw the whole thing out when Lily walks back inside! She asks what he is doing and he says he didn't want to see her upset so he was getting rid of the box. He picks up the picture from Lily's teens and says he wants to be her best friend. Lily looks at the picture, inscribed to "my best friend, Dusty", and says it is just a box of memories. Holden is still upset and says it hurts that she turned to Dusty just a few weeks ago. Lily tells him to take the box to the attic.


Noah wakes up, alone, in bed. Ameera has made a traditional American breakfast. Noah is startled because she isn't wearing the head-scarf and says she is beautiful. Ameera gets her head-wrap and serves him breakfast. Noah jokes with her, saying she doesn't have to serve him. She finally sits down and as they eat, Noah tells her that she needs lessons in how to be a good wife - the kind who yells about taking out the trash. After breakfast Noah does the dishes, which is odd for Ameera. Luke barges in and Noah asks what he thinks he is doing! Annoyed, Luke says he is tired of sneaking around and has a plan for them. He explains they can make a movie - about star-crossed lovers from different cultures. Noah loves the idea because it will bring Luke to the cottage everyday; he convinces Ameera and they sit down to get to work. Ameera is the first interview. She tells them about her life in Iraq - that she had no running water, there was very little food and that the Colonel was the only person who kept them going. That, though, made them outcasts and when her mother died and the Colonel went back to the States she had no one. Crying, Ameera says she can't talk more and runs into the bedroom. Noah tries to talk to her but she won't speak to him. Noah turns to Luke, wondering what happened to make Ameera so afraid. He goes on about Ameera, upsetting Luke. Luke leaves. Noah goes into the bedroom to talk to her. She says the memories are hard to deal with but that she'll be okay. She leans on him and he holds her. Outside, Luke watches them from the window.

Jack returns to find Carly in the kitchen at home. He apologizes but that only makes Carly feel worse. She says as much as she would like him to leave, she will allow him to stay for the sake of the kids. Jack agrees to stay. "You got what you want," she says sadly, "I'm done."

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