Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Gray's revenge leaves the Hughes family fighting for their lives. Gray's manipulations still have Vienna and Henry reeling. Barbara's cancer serves as a bridge to possibly bring together the family.

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At Gwen and Will's cottage, Barbara admits to Will and Gwen that she has oral cancer. Will doesn't understand how she can have oral cancer because she doesn't drink or smoke. Barbara tells them about HPV and how certain strains can cause oral cancer, and is receiving radiation treatments. Will is upset she has been going to treatments alone. Barbara tells them she is doing everything she can to be okay. Gwen wishes she had told them, as Will believes he should have known something was wrong. Barbara says she just wanted to protect him, as Will gets teary and doesn't want anything to happen to Barbara. Barbara insists she will be fine and wants them to go ahead with their plan to move out of town, but Will and Gwen insist her health is more important. Barbara gets upset and wants them to take care of their baby. Will gets Barbara to admit that Paul does not know. Will insists she must tell him.


At the farm, Parker greets Meg in the kitchen. Neither can sleep. Parker says he knows he is going to jail tomorrow. Meg tries to give him a pep talk but it does not work and he leaves to try and sleep. She pulls out her cell phone and calls Paul. At Fairwinds, Paul's cell phone rings and he smiles seeing it is Meg. She tells him she needs his help. Paul goes to the farm, as Meg asks him to talk to Parker because he can get through to him in a way no one else can. Paul thinks it is nice to hear her say something nice about him. Meg gets Parker and they sit down at the table to talk. Paul tells him sometimes he has to believe in miracles even though it seems impossible and having faith that things will work out can be a real act of courage. Parker is still frustrated but appreciates Paul's help and leaves. Paul doesn't think he helped Parker at all, but Meg thinks Paul was exactly what he needed. Paul thinks having faith that things will get better is all they have sometimes. Meg says she hasn't seen this side to him in awhile. Paul says talking to Parker and seeing her has given him hope.


Alone at the cottage, Will tells Gwen he does not think they can leave. He believes when the chips are down that Barbara and Paul always come through and are still family. Gwen thinks it is important to teach Hallie those values. She thinks they have to hope for the best, but Will wonders how much more Barbara can take. Gwen says Barbara won't give up, and a teary Will says she can't because after Hal and Jen, he can't lose his mom, too, and feels there is always a black cloud hanging over his family. Gwen thinks spending time with Hallie will be the best medicine and both agree to stay in Oakdale a little longer. At the farm, as Paul is leaving, Barbara arrives and wants to talk to Paul in private, so he steps out on the patio with her. She tells him she is very sick. Paul understands she needed her privacy and wants to help however he can. Barbara says she dreaded telling him and Will but is glad she did. Paul says they are all survivors and the two hug. Barbara thanks Paul for making this easier and he insists they will get through this together. As she leaves, Meg walks out and says she heard and is sorry. Paul smiles that she is going to be fine. Meg says she is there for both of them. They almost kiss as he leaves.


At Margo and Tom's house, Margo and the others struggle to free themselves as the bomb ticks away. The bomb gets down to zero and nothing happens. They are all shocked and relieved. Margo says they still need to get out of there and call the bomb squad. Matt says Gray will be back to finish the job. Margo explains they have to wait for Tom to get home. Matt wishes he had told them sooner that Gray was out to get them. Tom enters and unties everyone. Margo calls for backup as they run outside to wait for the bomb squad. The bomb squad arrives and determines that the bomb malfunctioned. Margo asks Matt if he has any idea where Gray could be. Tom is angry that Matt's protection of Gray almost cost them their lives. Margo tells Matt to be grateful for a second chance to make up for his mistakes as he leaves to be questioned. Susan arrives to check on Allison and wonders if she could still be in danger. Margo says she will get her police protection until Gray is caught, but doesn't know how long that will be.


At the Lakeview, Vienna and Henry are making love passionately in their suite. Henry needs a break but Vienna doesn't want to stop. Henry wants to have a serious talk with Vienna about her being with another man and wonders why she gave herself so willingly. Vienna thought he was cheating, but Henry wants to know how he can be sure she will remain faithful. Henry feels that Gray offered her a life he can never give her and wonders what she will do if another billionaire comes along. Vienna insists it was a horrible mistake and needs Henry's forgiveness. Henry wants to know if she can be faithful forever. Vienna believes there are not guarantees but promises to love him. Henry asks her to love only him and they both agree they do not want to lose one another.


At the diner Susan tries to console Allison. Henry and Vienna enter and Allison tells them she is glad to see they are back together. Allison admits that Gray almost killed her and three other people and explains about the bomb. Susan wants to go home and lock all the doors. Allison says she has to go back to Margo and Tom's to get her jacket and cell phone. Susan thinks it can wait, but Allison insists she has police protection and will be fine. Sitting at the diner bar, Vienna becomes upset and can't believe she let Gray touch her and feels like she will pay for this mistake the rest of her life. Henry says it is over and Gray cannot hurt them anymore, but Vienna disagrees. Henry wants Vienna to be happy and put Gray behind her and asks if they can go back to being "the most unlikely couple in Oakdale, but stronger." She kisses him and they pledge their love for one another.


The police tell Margo and Tom they need to lay low, as Casey feels bad for bringing Matt into the house. They make dinner and Tom prays and thanks God for protecting his family. They then try and relax on the couch and watch television. Tom checks the locks on the door, as they all go to bed. When they are gone, Gray enters the house. He turns on the television and waits with a gun. Margo walks into the living room and as she turns the television off, Allison knocks on the door looking for her coat. Margo wonders if she is okay, as Allison sees a gun emerging from the door behind and lunges at Margo knocking them to the floor as the gun goes off. Tom enters and struggles with Gray. Margo grabs her own gun trying to get a shot. Gray throws Tom to the couch and tells Margo to put down the gun or Tom is dead. As Margo puts down her gun, Gray tells Margo that his brother always said she was soft. Margo fires a shot and Gray falls to the ground dead. Susan arrives as the coroner and the police take the body away. Margo thanks Allison for saving her life. Susan and Allison leave and the police tell them the case is closed, but Margo says the case is not closed for her as Tom hugs her.

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