We Meet Again!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Grey takes revenge on Margo through Casey, Matt and Allison. Katie breaks down with Brad. Sofie decides to move on with her life; Barbara keeps her secret from Will - again! Aaron returns to town.

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Brad and Bonnie are having a drink at Yo's when Katie walks in. They discuss the finer points of tequila, giggling and laughing. Katie watches them for a while and then orders her own drink. Bonnie thinks it is strange that Katie is there alone but Brad doesn't want to talk about her. Bonnie can't stop worrying about Katie; they make a bet on whether or not Katie will accept a drink invitation. She turns down the first invitation but then decides she wants company. The three of them down a few tequila shots; Katie brings up a past WOAK guest and they all laugh as more shots are poured. Bonnie begins to feel like a third wheel. Brad and Katie fall off their bar stools! When they return to their seats, still laughing, Bonnie is on the verge of passing out from too much tequila. Brad asks Katie to dance and during a slow song nearly kisses her. A fast song comes on and Katie starts bouncing around. She gets dizzy and walks outside, Brad follows. Outside, Brad asks what is wrong but Katie insists she is perfectly fine. Then, she starts to cry. Brad tries to make her feel better but the more he tries to help the more upset she becomes. They return inside to get Bonnie and pay the bill. Bonnie is passed out so they carry her to the waiting cab.


Sofie can't believe that Will and Gwen are leaving town but gives them her blessing. Just then Barbara arrives. She is relieved that Hallie is back with Will and Gwen but very upset when they say they are moving. "What about me?" she asks. Gwen and Will assure Babs that they won't go far away and that they'll be home for holidays. Barbara is still upset but a little bit relieved. Sofie leaves and whispers to Babs that she needs to tell them about the cancer. Gwen thanks Barbara, who asks if she can take care of Hallie when the baby begins to cry. They watch as she holds the baby and talks to her. Barbara leaves. Will checks out another college not far from Oakdale and finds out they can transfer there without losing any credits. He finds some information about housing, too, and they discuss where they might live. Neither can believe how quickly things are falling into place for them.


Aaron arrives at the farm, surprising Holden. He asks about Aaron's mom and learns that everything is fine with Julie. He says he is back in town for a while and they sit down for a drink. Aaron says he has to make things right with Sofie! He goes to The Lakeview to see about his old job and learns that they held it for him. As he is leaving, he runs into Sofie and says he needs to make things right. Aaron walks into the lounge with her and apologizes for taking Will and Gwen's side, but he says he still believes he did the right thing. She thanks him and says she has realized the same thing now. The manager returns with forms for Aaron to fill out. He asks Sofie to wait for him. As she is waiting Sofie sees Barbara and begs her to tell Will about the cancer before he leaves town. Barbara doesn't want to interfere in their lives or make their decision harder, though. Sofie says she should reconsider. Aaron returns and they go back into the lounge. He asks if they can see one another again. Sofie isn't sure what she should do and says she needs to figure things out. He says he feels the same way but that being friends might help them both. Sofie agrees to start over.

Barbara returns to the cottage after talking to Sofie. "There is something I have to tell you," she says to Will and Gwen.


Margo instructs one of her men to go to the hospital to escort Matt and Gray back to jail. At the hospital, though, the cop is fooled by Gray - who is wearing an FBI jacket! Gray says he's been instructed to take Matt back to Chicago and the cop lets them leave. Allison sees Matt but doesn't realize he is with Gray. She decides to follow them. In the car, Gray instructs Matt to call Casey and get him to meet them! Matt calls Casey, says he is worried about a deal the Feds are offering and that he needs to talk. When Casey balks, he says he is really worried about Gray. Casey agrees to meet him at the Hughes home. When Casey arrives, Allison is lurking outside, wondering what is going on. They go inside together and spot Matt, tied up, on the sofa! Grey comes out of a darkened corner with a gun! Gray ties up Allison and Casey and tells Casey to call Margo. He refuses. Gray threatens to kill Allie if Casey won't call so he does it.


Back at the police station, a real FBI agent arrives and asks about Gray and Matt. Margo says the FBI already picked them up and becomes very worried when the agent says he is the first agent to arrive in Oakdale. Margo calls the hospital, tells them to lock all the exits and not let anyone leave! She sets up road blocks and is working on the search when Casey calls. She warns him about Gray; Casey says he is at the house with his parole officer and that the guy is insisting on talking to Margo - in person. She tells Matt to put the guy on the phone so Gray takes the phone and disguises his voice. He says he'll put Casey back in prison if Margo doesn't come to the house now. She leaves the station house. Margo opens the door at the house, sees Casey and rushes inside. Gray steps out of a corner. "We meet again," he says and points the gun at her. Margo asks him to let the kids go but Gray wants them to watch. Gray punches her in the face! He ties her up and demands she call Tom but Margo refuses. He opens a briefcase with a bomb inside! Margo begs him to let the kids go but Gray refuses, saying she will suffer more knowing that the kids and Tom are dying, too. He insists that his brother wasn't the criminal she made him out to be and then stuffs a cloth into Margo's mouth! He sets the timer and leaves the house.

Next on As The World Turns:

Barbara tells Paul the truth.

Will deals with Barbara's news.

Vienna is sure things are turning around.

Margo and the kids struggle to free themselves.

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