Ice Storm: Babies in Peril!

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Paul finds Meg and Emily in a burning barn, Gwen and Will make love, and Jade refuses o have her baby checked out at the hospital.

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Gwen tries to convince Will to stay at the cottage. She confesses that she would be worried if he was out on the roads, and that she still loves him. Will tells Gwen he wishes that he and Gwen could just make Jade and the baby disappear, the two talk about what they used to want together with a family and home and start to kiss.

Dallas asks Jade why she didn't tell him she was pregnant. Dallas tells her a check-up is confidential and that a doctor would not have told everyone she was pregnant. The nurse who helped her overhears and later confronts her about her pregnancy.

Dusty and Paul fight over the one taxi. The taxi driver eventually agrees to take both of them for $5000, if they stay quiet.

Emily's water has broken, Meg tries to help and Emily pushes her away. Emily starts to think she was only going to have one contraction when another one comes on. Emily wants to go to the hospital but Meg thinks the roads are too bad. Meg offers some medicine for pre-mature labor and Emily reluctantly allows her to give it to her. The door to the barn swings open and a electrical cord sets fire to some hey outside.

Casey finds Maddie who hid because the lights went off and she heard a noise. Casey talks to Maddie who eventually comes around.

When Bob and Lucinda hear Holden talking to Lilly about what she said to him in the church they mistakenly think Lilly was awake. When he tells them it was a conversation he had in the church with a Lilly spirit their faces turn to concern.

Lucy struggles to get out of her wrecked car when a masked stranger appears at her door and opens it for her. When Lucy gets out a tress begins to fall. The man grabs Lucy and pulls her to safety, causing him to be trapped under a tree.

The man tells Lucy to leave him and go to the hospital with the baby.

Gwen pulls away from kissing Will. Will tries to convince Gwen to "be happy for just night" and hopefully that night will lead to more.

Maddie and Casey play a board game. Maddie questions Casey who had told her he wanted to have a serious talk. Casey tells her that he knows she may think she is always going to feel scared, but she will get over it.

When the two fight over where the cab will go first Dusty tells Paul that Johnny is very sick. Paul decides to let them go to the hospital first as the taxi gets stuck and can't go anywhere.

The cows in the barn start mooing. Meg thinks something is wrong and opens the barn door to see the entire barn on fire.

Gwen and Will make out, and eventually make love by the fire. Afterwards the two discuss plans for the future.

Maddie has beat Casey in their board game, the joke like they did in the past. Maddie tells Casey that she sleeps with the lights on now, and when they went out the first thing she thought of was "it would be ok if Casey was here".

The nurse tells Jade that they shouldn't have done x-rays if she was pregnant. The nurse is much more concerned about Jade's pregnancy than she is, and tells her she is going to call a doctor to find out what the next step for Jade and her baby should be. When the nurse calls a doctor Jade sneaks out.

Meg tells Emily that they have to leave because the barn is on fire.

Dusty finds Lucy in the woods, and Paul finds Meg and Emily in the burning barn, bith men try to bring the women in their life to safety.

Luke and Holden got to check on Lilly after the power outage and find her bed empty.

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