Sinister Connections...

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Casey learns Gray's true identity. Gray shoots Matt. Carly looks for answers at the scenic shop. Brad drinks champagne meant for Henry!

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Brad is waiting at The Lakeview when Bonnie walks in. She realizes Brad is nursing a little bit of a broken heart but he pretends that he isn't affected by Katie at all.

Katie is working at WOAK but she can't stop thinking about Brad. She calls Margo for a dinner date, saying she doesn't know what to do about men. They agree to meet in 30 minutes. After she hangs up, Margo receives a call from someone who says, "Mom" in a quiet voice. It's Matt! But Margo doesn't recognize his whispery voice; he pretends to be Adam and tells Margo to meet her at Luther's Corners Church and hangs up. Margo calls Tom, who hurries over. Jack calls but Margo blows him off. She and Tom are about to leave when Katie walks in. They blow her off, too, and hurry to the church.


Henry and Vienna are about to make love in the church sanctuary when Vienna pulls back. She isn't comfortable making love in a church but Henry says God couldn't be upset about a little love making. Gray returns to Matt and orders him to torch the church - now! When he turns his back Matt knocks Gray out! Matt unlocks the door; Henry and Vienna hear the keys and get dressed in a hurry. Matt drags Gray around the side of the building as Henry and Vienna escape. Matt watches and when he turns around Gray is holding a gun on him! "Tom and Margo Hughes are not innocent," Gray says angrily, reminding Matt that he was paid to do a job. Gray shoots Matt! Margo and Tom arrive but don't find Adam inside. They are about to leave when Margo sees Matt's crumpled body and calls for an ambulance. Matt says Gray shot him. Margo questions Matt, who admits that he was hired to lure them to the church. He says they can find Gray at the scenic shop. The medics wheel Matt away; Margo looks at the address on Matt's business card and realizes the scenic shop is the same place where Jack was shot and Henry was taken!


Alison calls Casey to meet her at Java. She tells him what Matt said about Gray and the warning she was supposed to pass along. She wants to call Margo straight away but Casey decides they need to find out more about Gray first. Alison and Casey go to The Lakeview to see if Bonnie can help them by getting Dallas to let them use the computers. Bonnie doesn't want to do it until Allie mentions Gray Gerard, causing Brad to bring up Gray's connection to Henry and Vienna. Bonnie agrees to help them out. Casey and Alison leave. Brad and Bonnie are following when they run into Henry and Vienna. Brad is happy they are back together but Bonnie reminds him that they are supposed to be meeting Alison. Henry and Vienna go into the bar, alone, and order drinks. A waiter says there is a bottle of champagne already waiting - courtesy of Gray!


Brad and Bonnie arrive at the police station first. Katie sees them and wonders what they are doing there. Casey and Allie arrive next. Katie tries to talk to Casey but he says he has some research to do. Bonnie convinces Dallas to help them and she and Casey begin looking through files. They learn Gray's real name: Gerald Nevins! Worried, Casey calls Margo and tells her that Gray is really Gerald Nevins, who could be related to Margo's rapist! She hangs up. Casey and Alison thank Dallas for helping them. They leave. Brad returns to Bonnie and asks if they can continue their date now. Bonnie says yes, which annoys Katie!


Carly has second thoughts about going inside the scenic shop alone and calls Jack. He tells her to come back home but she says she has to clear Parker. Carly won't listen to him and hangs up. As she goes inside, she doesn't notice that someone is watching. She goes inside but can only think about Kit nearly killing her. Carly is digging through a few records at the scenic shop when Gray walks in and says she is trespassing! Carly realizes Gray is acting very strangely, apologizes and says she must have the wrong scenic shop. She inches her way away from Gray, who is happy to have her leave. As she rounds a corner, Carly runs into Margo! They each explain why they are there; Margo tells Carly she needs to leave. Carly won't go. Margo looks around but can't find Gray anywhere. Carly finally leaves. Outside the scenic shop, Carly finally calls Jack to check in. He tells her about Gray and warns her that she needs to stay away from the scenic shop and return home. She says she is on her way but then notices a bag woman and hurries after her. More police arrive, scaring the bag woman away.


In the hospital Jack tries calling Margo and a few other friends for help but no one is available to talk to him. He decides to leave the hospital and is almost out of a bed when his nurse returns and tells him to stop. Tom arrives and updates Jack on Matt, trying to distract him. Casey and Alison arrive to tell Tom about Gray/Gerald. They walk into the hall with Tom as Matt is wheeled by. Matt wonders why they aren't angry with him and is surprised when Casey, Alison and Tom say he came through for them in the end.


Brad and Bonnie arrive at The Lakeview and see Henry and Vienna still celebrating. Henry warns Brad not to try to get over Katie in one night but Brad won't listen. Meanwhile Vienna cattily comments to Bonnie about Brad's love for Katie. Bonnie sweetly asks Vienna about Gray! Vienna asks about Bonnie's marriage to Isaac. Brad and Henry return and break up the fight. Brad notices the untouched champagne and takes a long drink. As soon as he swallows, Brad has a bad reaction to the alcohol and falls over! Henry tells Vienna to call 9-1-1 but then Brad starts laughing, saying it was just a joke. Henry angrily tells Brad to act like a grown-up; he and Vienna go upstairs. They stumble into Katie's hotel room just as she is getting into bed. "It's nice to see you're back together," Katie says and leaves the room. Henry and Vienna make love again and begin planning their future. He kisses her and says they just need to forget about the past. He wonders how they can make things up to Katie. Vienna brings up the diner, already missing their place. Henry kisses her again.


Katie is in The Lounge, trying to stay awake. She sees Bonnie and Brad across the way and orders a drink. Brad gets woozy but Bonnie thinks he is just making another joke. Katie rushes over and discovers that Brad isn't breathing this time!

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