Take The Baby and Run!

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Cole makes a play for Sofie - and Hallie! Barbara tells Kim the truth. Matt warns Alison to be wary of Gray. Gray sets up Vienna and Henry. Jack wants a second chance - with Katie!

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Sofie, Will and Gwen all tell Cole to get lost but when Cole says he has grown up and feels badly about the past, Sofie waffles on the decision. Gwen steps in and tells Cole that none of them are buying his act. A nurse comes in, tells them Hallie will be fine and calls Sofie the mother. Cole wonders what is going on. Will tries to intimidate Cole but Sofie steps in and tells him everything that has happened. Cole can't believe it. Seeing an opportunity, Cole asks for a second chance. Gwen tries to step in but Sofie tells her to leave. Gwen and Will leave. Sofie tells Cole to leave her alone. He tries to sweet-talk her but it doesn't work so he leaves. When she is alone, Sofie asks for an update on Hallie; the nurse calls and learns that the baby's father has taken her, supposedly to bring the baby to Sofie! She says Cole has no part in the baby's life and that she made a mistake by calling him. Then, she tells them that Cole is going to kidnap her.


In the stairwell, Cole calls someone and says their plan will work! He is still there when Will and Gwen catch sight of him. He tries to run but they follow. Will notices that Cole is holding Hallie and orders him to stop. He sends Gwen to get security and then Cole threatens to drop Hallie down the stairs if Will won't let him go! Before he can do that Gwen returns with security guards. Cole tosses the baby at Will, who catches her, and then tries to run. The security guards follow Cole. Will and Gwen take Hallie back to Sofie, who is relieved she is okay. The nurse returns to check on Hallie just as the security guards return to report that they lost Cole! Sofie is very worried. She breaks down and tells them that as much as she wants to be a mother she isn't equipped to deal with a baby. "I just can't be a mother right now," she says and walks out.

Barbara meets Kim at The Lakeview. As they are chatting, Barbara decides to tell Kim about the cancer. She says the treatments are going well but they are making her very tired. Then, she tells Kim about Hallie, using that as her excuse not to have told Will or Paul. Kim understands but tells Barbara that she has to make her own health her priority right now.


Carly looks through the tapes but doesn't see anything helpful. She gives the tapes back to the security guard who hands the tape off to another guard. When he mentions the date of the tape Carly realizes she was looking at the wrong one. They look through the tape and Carly sees Kit in her bag lady outfit! The guard prints a still shot for her. She returns to the hospital just after Jack tells Katie that he wants a second chance with her! Carly doesn't notice the undercurrents between Jack and Katie. She shows them the picture from the security tape. Jack believes it is a good sign and asks Katie to go on television again.


At The Lakeview, Henry and Brad are getting drunk and commiserating over lost loves. "Who needs women?" Henry asks. A bellman delivers Henry a note from Vienna, asking him to meet her at the church. He starts to go but Brad stops him, reminding him that they are done with women. Henry ignores Brad and walks out. He orders another drink. Katie calls and even though she can tell he is drunk asks him to meet her at WOAK. At the television station, Katie and Brad tape another segment but Brad can't stay focused. Carly steps in and takes over. When they are done taping, the phones begin to ring! Carly takes a call from a bus driver who recognizes Kit's picture. She leaves to tell Jack. When they are alone, Brad makes a smart remark about Katie running off to Jack, too. Katie says that will have to wait a few more days! She apologizes for sending him mixed signals. Brad pretends not to care. He walks out of the station. Katie calls Henry, but has to leave a message.

Carly returns to Jack, who says they still don't have a direct link between Kit, Parker and Sam's murder. Carly says she should search the scenic shop in Chicago again but Jack doesn't want her to go there alone. A nurse interrupts their argument and Carly goes into the hallway. Once there, she writes Jack a note and leaves - alone! The nurse delivers the message to Jack, who is very upset. He tries calling her but Carly doesn't answer the phone.

In Chicago at the scenic shop, Carly listens to Jack's message but doesn't call him back. She ignores the crime scene tape and goes inside the building!


Matt meets Alison at Java and says they need to talk. Allie apologizes for asking so many questions about him and says her questions have more to do with her than him. "But I think I'm ready to just take a chance," she says. Matt is surprised. Gray calls while Allie is ordering food; Matt says he'll meet him later and hangs up. When Alison returns, Matt says she was right about Gray - and him, too! He tells her that he can't go against Gray but says she can still warn Casey, Margo and Tom. Alison is confused but Matt repeats that she has to warn them about Gray and leaves.


Vienna returns to the diner where Gray is waiting for her. He thinks she is returning to him but when she simply hands over the jewels he bought her, Gray realizes the truth. He says he'll make sure Henry and Vienna are together - forever. Vienna leaves to change and when she returns, tells her that he called Henry, who is waiting for her at Luther's Corner's Church! When she arrives at the church, Henry is already there. He says he'll make any promise she wants as long as she will stay with him. They walk to the altar and make vows of love to one another. Crying, Vienna says she will love Henry for the rest of her life; Henry makes the same vow, then says, "Until death do us part." Outside, Gray is dumping gasoline around the church! Henry kisses her. He takes her hand and then realizes they are locked inside. Vienna doesn't care. She tells him they should make the most of their time and kisses him. Outside, Matt meets Gray, who hands him a matchbook and tells him to get to work. Gray leaves. Matt calls the police station and asks for Margo.

After leaving Katie, Brad calls Bonnie and asks her for a date. She agrees to meet him at The Lakeview. He says he is finally free to concentrate on her and then hangs up.

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Jack tries to leave the hospital.

Gray finds Carly at the scenic shop!

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