Hello! I've Been Kidnapped!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Henry is rescued; Jack is shot; Kit is killed. Margo questions Carly. Casey and Will look into Gray's past. Someone confesses to kidnapping Henry.

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At the cottage, Gwen and Will play a board game; she wins. He suggests they watch a movie but Gwen just wants to be alone. Will says he understands. She apologizes again for charging ahead without him. Will hugs her and says they will get through it all together.

Vienna is about to leave her hotel room with Gray sees her and reminds her to wear the bracelet. She says she needs to check in with Katie and admits she is worried about Henry, too. Gray says he'll look into Henry's disappearance. He sends Vienna to freshen up and then calls Matt, who says Henry is on the loose again.

Alison surprises Casey at the Hughes home and begins questioning him about Matt. Casey tries to convince her that she is wrong but Allie keeps pushing. She tells him about the information that Emily found on Gray. The more Allie talks the more concerned Casey becomes. Casey goes to Will's for help. After listening to Casey's claims, Will agrees to help. They go to the police station and convince one of Hal's old buddies to let them use a computer for a school project. He and Matt look up Gray Gerard but find nothing. They look up Jerry Pulaski and find a lot of arrests - and another alias! They are still looking when the detective returns for his computer. Once he has finished his work, he lets Casey and Will look up some more information.


In the parking lot, Kit fires at Carly and she returns fire! Kit is hit and falls. Carly asks her to tell the truth but Kit doesn't say anything before she dies. Carly hurries back inside and focuses on Jack, while Brad focuses on Katie. Medics arrive and wheel Jack away. Brad and Katie are about to leave when they remember Henry is still in the warehouse somewhere. They start searching again. Brad finally finds Henry and they untie him. Henry says Kit tied him up and knocked him out; they tell him about the shootings. Once he is free they go outside, still talking. None of them see Matt there, listening. Henry says Gray has to be behind the kidnapping. They return to Oakdale. Alison sees Katie, Henry and Brad at the hospital and asks what is going on. Katie is taken to an exam room. Before Henry can answer Vienna hurries in, hugs Henry and asks where he has been. "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?" Henry asks and he sees Gray! Henry tries to fight Gray but Brad pulls him off and sends Henry to get checked out. Brad returns to Katie and says Jack will be okay. A nurse brings Katie her medication.

In the parking lot, Carly tells two Chicago police officers about the shooting and Kit's death. She promises to give them more of a statement later if they will let her go with Jack now. Carly gets in the ambulance to ride with Jack to a helicopter yard where he will be flown to Oakdale Memorial. Carly calls Gwen to tell her about the shooting and asks her to pick up the kids and watch them for her. Gwen agrees and says she'll meet them at the hospital. At the hospital Carly tells Gwen Jack is in grave danger because the bullet is very close to his heart. A doctor comes in to check on Jack and says they've repaired the damage to his lungs and removed the bullet. Carly is relieved. Gwen leaves to call the kids.


Margo hurries into the hospital. Henry, facing off once again with Gray, tries to get her to arrest Gray but she says she is too busy. "Hello, I've been kidnapped!" he exclaims but Margo ignores him and hurries into Jack's room. Margo asks Carly about Jack and then questions her about Kit. Carly recounts the events and says, "She fired first." Margo is upset to learn Kit didn't make a dying confession and says Parker is still in trouble. She leaves. In the hall, Henry and Brad accuse Gray of the kidnapping. Margo tells them all to come to the stationhouse. She is surprised to see Casey and Will there; they tell her they are researching for a class. Just then a bedraggled guy named Irv Winer walks in and says he kidnapped Henry! Henry can't believe it and asks the guy, who was a poker buddy, why he is lying for Gray. Irv doesn't change his story so Margo releases Gray and tells Henry to go home. Henry asks Vienna if they can have their date now. She says another time and leaves with Gray. At the hotel, Gray says they need to celebrate the "unpleasantness" with Henry being over and tells her to get dressed up.


Brad returns to Katie, who is ready to be released. He takes her back to The Lakeview. Brad sits with her and tells Katie a silly bedtime fairytale about Sir Brad-a-Had, Fair Lady Katie and their manservant Henry the Fainthearted. Brad kisses her. Katie falls asleep but Brad stays with her to watch over her.


Parker arrives at the hospital and is relieved that Jack is recuperating. Jack reminds the kiddo that everything will be fine but when Parker learns that Kit is dead he isn't so sure. Gwen tells Parker they have to go. Jack is reassuring Carly that things will be fine when Margo returns to the hospital. After speaking with the D.A., she says they are going ahead with the trial against Parker since they have no way of knowing what part Kit had in the killing. Carly cries. Margo apologizes and leaves. She returns to Jack and lies down on the bed with him.

Casey meets Alison at the hospital and tells her what they found out about Gray.

Henry goes to The Lakeview and orders a drink from Matt, ranting about Gray the entire time.

Next on As The World Turns:

Katie and Brad become closer.

Sofie realizes Hallie is very ill.

Carly still believes Kit is behind Sam's death.

Henry kisses Vienna goodbye.

Gray tells Matt to get rid of Henry.

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