A Marriage In Name Only...

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Noah and Ameera say "I do"; Holden and Lily make a big decision. Katie and Brad, Jack and Carly wind up at the same warehouse but are looking for different people.

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Emma, Lily and Faith are getting the farm ready for Ameera's and Noah's wedding. Lily is upset on Luke's behalf but Emma says things will work out. Holden comes in with the eggs and tries to steal a few goodies. On the porch, Luke asks Noah how the vow-writing is going. Noah says he can't think of anything to say that won't hurt Luke. Luke reassures Noah that he is okay with the wedding. They are about to kiss when Aaron walks in. Back in the kitchen, Holden is still trying to steal a few goodies but Emma stops him every time. Lily and Faith go upstairs to check on Ameera. Emma asks if things are better with Lily and he says yes. The boys return inside as Lily returns and says, "Ameera is gone!" She returns a second later and says she went for a walk. She asks if they can get married in a non-religious ceremony at the farm instead of the church. Emma changes plans immediately. Noah asks Luke to be the best man and he accepts. Natalie and Emma return to the stove for more goodies. Lily takes Ameera upstairs to lend her a dress. Once they are finished with a few decorations, Luke decides to help Noah write his vows. In the kitchen Aaron tells Holden that he is going to go back to Seattle for a while to be with his mother. Holden doesn't want him to go but understands. Aaron pulls Luke aside and tells him not to be blinded by Noah's marriage. As they talk Faith comes downstairs in her wedding outfit. Faith, Emma and Holden return next and then Ameera makes her debut in one of Lily's dresses. Outside, the ceremony gets underway. Noah and Ameera both say "I do" and exchange rings. Noah has doubts that they are doing the right thing but goes ahead with it. Holden and Lily hold hands during the ceremony. Noah kisses Ameera on the cheek and the family claps for them. The family goes inside for a wedding dinner. Luke toasts to Noah and Ameera. Emma blesses the food and they all dig in. After dinner Ameera goes upstairs to sleep; Faith and Natalie follow and so does Emma. Luke and Noah inspect the marriage license. "I hope one day we'll have one of those with out names on it," Luke says. Noah agrees. On the porch, Holden asks Lily if she would like to renew their wedding vows.

Aaron leaves the farm and goes to Java before leaving town. Alison walks in as he is finalizing his flight plans. She asks about his mother but Aaron doesn’t know very much. They talk about leaving for Seattle together the last time his mom was sick; Allie says he'll have the same affect on her this trip. Alison says she'll be thinking of him and he leaves.


At Carly's, Jack is inspecting Cowboy Jack and learns that the dummy was made at the Chicago Loop Scene Shop warehouse where Kit lured Carly. She insists that they go there right away. Jack refuses to let her go but Carly says he can't stop her. When he says he'll go alone Carly points out that her police bodyguards aren't very intelligent. Jack gives in. They wait until dark and leave together. After they have been driving a while, Jack realizes they are being followed! He loses their tail and they arrive at the scene shop.


At The Lakeview, Katie and Brad try calling everyone they know but no one has seen Henry or knows where he might be. Brad is very worried and decides he'll have to beat the truth out of Gray. Katie stops him, saying Gray will make Brad disappear next! Brad feigns a shoulder injury and asks for a massage. Katie calls him on it and says she doesn't need to have sex with him to come up with a plan. On opposite sides of the room both try to figure out a plan but nothing works. Brad sits beside Katie and rubs her shoulders.


At the design warehouse, Henry finishes "99 Bottles of Beer" and renews his efforts to break free. Nothing he does works. He tries to figure out what Katie would do in the situation. He realizes he has the answer: his cell phone! Henry maneuvers his body until he can get the phone out of his pocket and uses his tongue to dial Katie. When she answers Henry says he's been knocked out and chained to a stove but doesn't know where he is. He sees some piles of wood and boxes and one has a label: The Chicago Loop Scene Shop! Katie and Brad leave the hotel and Henry returns to talking to the dummy. He looks up and sees Kit! She knocks him out.

Brad and Katie arrive at the scene shop. Kit sees them and hides. Katie says they should split up but Brad doesn't want to. She walks off on her own anyway. Brad comes around a corner and runs into Jack! Katie comes around another corner, sees them all and the lights go out! Jack says he and Carly are there to find Kit; Katie says they are there to find Henry. Jack says it is a strange coincidence. Jack tells Brad and Katie to watch the door; he and Carly continue on. Katie refuses to wait at the door and goes off on her own! Jack and Carly hear a strange noise and then Cowboy Jack falls from the ceiling! Cowboy Jack's laugh echoes in the room. Jack and Carly keep searching and find Henry. Jack tries to get the cuffs off but can't. Meanwhile, Kit has found Katie! They fight over Kit's gun and Katie is knocked out. Brad hears the scuffle and catches up with them. Kit turns the gun on him but just then Jack and Carly walk up, too. Katie wakes, comes around the corner and says, "Jack!", distracting everyone. Kit shoots Jack! She runs and Carly follows, telling Brad to call 9-1-1. Carly catches up with Kit just outside the warehouse. Kit fires at her and Carly fires back!

Next on As The World Turns:

Will and Gwen get used to not having Hallie around.

Carly kills Kit!

Brad and Katie find Henry.

Carly tells Jack he'll be okay.

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