Ameera and Casey Are Arrested!

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Matt and Alison grow closer; Casey is attracted to Ameera. Noah doesn't like the attention Casey is showing Ameera. Lily and Holden take a step forward. Cowboy Jack has a surprise for Carly - and Parker!

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Jack arrives at Carly's but no one is there. He sees the blinking answering machine light and listens to Kit's message telling Carly where to meet. Jack grabs his keys and runs from the house. In the car, he calls Chicago PD for backup.

A heavy cart rolls toward Carly but she dives out of the way. She is about to leave when Cowboy Jack's voice starts talking from the corner! Carly walks toward the sound and sees the dummy in a chair, laughing at her. She shuts off the recording. Just then a large crate falls from the ceiling! She screams and Jack rushes in, asking why she went there alone. Jack's cop buddies begin. He gives them a picture of Kit and tells them about the Oakdale happenings. The cops begin searching for her. The cops check for fingerprints on the dummy but don't find anything; they also don't find Kit inside the building. Jack follows Carly in his car. Neither notices Kit, hiding behind some boxes, as they leave. They arrive home just as Parker gets there. He begs them to let him stay at Carly's for the night and they agree. Carly and Parker head up to bed; Jack says he'll sleep on the sofa. Carly asks him to come to bed with her and he agrees. She gets under the covers but Jack sleeps over the covers. Carly asks if they can still save Parker and Jack takes her in his arms. They fall asleep. Carly has a nightmare about Cowboy Jack and Kit sneaking up on her with a rifle. She wakes as Kit takes the shot! Carly hears a noise downstairs and goes to investigate. She finds Parker downstairs and Cowboy Jack on the sofa!

At the Hughes home, Casey thanks Matt for telling Alison the truth. He says maybe Matt should tell Margo and Tom, too, but Matt insists Margo and Tom won't be as understanding as Allie. Casey agrees to keep quiet. Matt is about to leave when Allie stops by the house, surprising him. She tells both guys about the Oakdale U mixer at Yo's and asks them both to come. Casey tries to turn down the invitation but Allie insists and he tags along.


The Snyder's and Ameera are cleaning up after dinner. She talks about her first day in class; Noah suggests that Ameera come along to the mixer. Luke isn't thrilled but agrees to the plan. Holden returns as the kids leave and says not to drink and drive. Ameera is uneasy about alcohol being included in the night but goes along anyway. When they are alone Holden kisses Lily. Parker interrupts and says he is really worried about Carly. Lily and Holden reassure him and when they are alone worry about what Jack and Carly have gotten themselves into. Holden goes upstairs to take a shower. Lily joins him and they make love! After, they are talking about the future when an agent from Homeland Security calls looking for Ameera. Holden tries to call Luke but he doesn't answer.


Ameera, Luke and Noah are among the first to arrive at Yo's. Ameera is uncomfortable but stays with them. Noah asks her to dance with them but she doesn't want to. As they are dancing, Ameera runs away from their table! Luke and Noah follow her outside and ask her to come back inside with them. She wants to be alone and walks back inside alone. Luke tells Noah that they can't push Ameera into the college scene. Matt, Casey and Alison arrive. Casey doesn't like the party scene, either, and separates himself from Matt and Allie. Matt asks why Alison brought Casey along. She says group dates are always a safe thing for a beginning relationship. Casey returns from a back room and sees Ameera. When Alison asks about Matt's jail time he changes the subject and goes over to Casey, who is watching Ameera very closely. Matt approaches Ameera and asks her to dance with Casey. Noah watches and becomes worried about Ameera; Luke tells him to leave Ameera alone. Matt sits with Ameera and makes her laugh. Alison, meanwhile, tells Casey to go talk to Ameera himself. Matt comes over and introduces Ameera to them. She agrees to dance with Casey. Ameera isn't a good dancer but she tries. Noah is very worried about Casey and Ameera but Luke tells him Casey is a nice guy. They go outside for a few minutes. Ameera becomes more comfortable with American dance and begins to enjoy herself. After the dance, Ameera and Casey sit down to talk. Seeing that Casey is occupied, Matt and Alison decide to dance. Outside, two Homeland Security agents approach Luke and Noah and ask questions about Ameera! They boys try to find out more but the agents won't give them any answers. Luke tells them Ameera is inside, angering Noah. As Ameera and Casey are talking the federal agents grab her and take her away! Casey slugs one of the officers and he is arrested. Noah and Luke, seeing that the agents are preoccupied, grab Ameera and run. The agents take Casey away. Alison grabs Matt to follow them.


Alison and Matt arrive at the police station as Dallas pulls Casey into an interrogation room. Alison tries to get Dallas to let her talk to Casey but Dallas refuses. Casey asks Dallas not to call his mom. When Allie goes inside, Matt calls Gray and asks a favor. He asks Gray to make the situation go away; Alison overhears!


Ameera and the boys return to the farm and another agent is hot on their heels. Ameera cries, saying she can't go back to Iraq. The agent tells Lily he has to take Ameera but that they can call the local offices in the morning to see about her release. Noah is really worried about his new friend.

Next on As The World Turns:

Alison tells Tom and Margo that Matt worked a miracle.

Jack goes looking for Kit.

Noah decides to marry Ameera so she can stay in the country!

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