The Ice Storm Cripples Oakdale

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Gwen and Will are snowed in together, Dallas confronts Jade about her pregnancy, and an injured Mike is missing!

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Dusty sits on his plane looking at a picture of Johnny, a stewardess makes an announcement that the plane will take off as soon as the storm switches directions.

Lucy calls the hospital to try and get an ambulance; all of the ambulances are out on assignment so Lucy decides to take Johnny personally to the hospital. As Lucy is about to leave Barbara walks in and tells Lucy she will take Johnny over her dead body. Barbara realizes that Johnny has a high fever, but doesn't want Lucy to take Johnny like she took Jen. When Barbara calls the hospital Lucy sneaks out with Johnny.

Emily walks into the barn at the Snyder farm to see Meg. She tells Meg that her farm hand's car was in a ditch about a mile down the road empty, so the two are alone. Meg tells Emily she knows Emily plans on kidnapping Daniel. Emily tells her that because of Meg she has to choose between her son and her unborn child. As Emily starts to leave Meg tries to convince her to stay at least until the storm ends.Meg distracts Emily and locks her in the barn.

Katie tells Margo about her and Mike's fertility office fight. Nancy calls Katie and tells her that Mike is on his way home.

Jade tries to call Will from the road. Jade swerves and hits her head on the steering wheel. Mike is cautiously driving on the interstate. We hear a horn honk as Mike swerves off of the road.

A huge pileup of cars are on the interstate. Jade beats on her car window trying to get out.

Gwen asks Will if he was following her. Apparently Gwen drove almost to the cottage. Will tries to help Gwen get out of the ditch the car is stuck in. When Gwen thinks Will got rolled over by the car she gets out causing the car to turn off. Will tries to convince her to come in the house to call a tow truck. Gwen eventually agrees to come inside and when she calls a tow truck find out that one will not be available until tomorrow, making it so she has to stay with Will for the evening. Will goes outside to get firewood and thinks about the last time he and Gwen were snowed in together, when he comes inside Gwen tells Will she was thinking about the same time.

A stewardess makes an announcement allowing the passengers on Dusty' plane to use their phones. Dusty gets the message about Johnny and tells the sttewadess he has to get off the plane.

Dallas helps get Jade out of the car. A man outside calls an officers attention to Mike's car which is very bloody and against his windshield.

Margo gets a call from the station letting her know about the accident. Margo heads to the accident and Katie insists on coming, not knowing that Mike is hurt.

Gwen and Will discuss their marriage and how things have changed since the first time they made love in their last snow storm. Will tells Gwen that he loves her, and he thinks Gwen loves him too.

At the hospital Jade refuses to get helped by Dr. Hughes. Dallas tries to convince her to be seen by a doctor but she stands firm that she's "ok". When another doctor offers to see her Jade agrees.

Katie arrives on the accident scene with Margo. Katie finds Mikes car. The car is empty, but Katie finds blood on the windshield.

Driving to the hospital Lucy hears news of the accident on the highway and decides to take a shortcut. When she turns onto the short cut the car swerves.

Will is still talking to Gwen about their marriage. As Gwen is about to go back to Will Dallas calls letting Will know Jade was in an accident. Will asks about the baby. Dallas knowing nothing of the baby tells Will he will have to talk to Jades doctor. When he gets off the phone Will tells her that he needs to go to Jade.As he is about to leave Gwen asks him not to leave.

Lucy's car is totaled having run into a tree. Lucy tells Johnny that they are going to walk though the woods to the hospital. When she tries to leave she has trouble opening her car door.

When she is done with the doctor, Dallas confronts Jade on not telling him she was pregnant.

In the barn Emily's water breaks, and meg rushes in to help.

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