Hi Mommy, I Was In A Car Bomb

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Barbara and Will argue with Paul. Sofie learns some hard truths about Paul. Gwen has doubts about the custody decision. Kit targets Carly. Jack and Parker rush to find Carly.

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At Carly's, Parker asks what is going on with their plans. Jack and Carly admit that they haven't had any luck yet but swear that they will find a way to keep him out of prison. Trying to cheer him up, Jack suggests a trip to a spring training baseball game. He clears the trip with Margo and then he and Parker go to the farm to pack. Carly hears a noise from the kitchen, but doesn't find anyone and decides it was just the wind in the trees. Kit calls! Through the answering machine Kit tries to set up a meeting. Carly grabs the phone and agrees to meet her. Kit swears she didn't kill Sam but says she knows who did. Carly leaves the house and goes to the diner. Once she is inside she tells the waitress that an ex is following her. She leaves out the back. A few minutes later the cop comes inside and tries to find her but the waitress stonewalls him. Carly sees that he is occupied and hurries away. As she is driving Carly reaches for her phone but realizes she never picked it up! A few minutes later she arrives in Chicago and goes inside the building to find Kit. Kit hides from Carly, who goes deeper and deeper into the warehouse, trying to find her. She calls out several times but no one answers. A wax mummy frightens her but she presses on. Suddenly part of a wall falls, nearly crushing her!


At the airport, Jack and Parker's plane is delayed because of snow. Parker apologizes for not listening to him about going to Metro the night of the shooting. Jack says it doesn't matter now. A flight attendant says the plane will be ready momentarily. Parker has a bad feeling about leaving. Just then the cop following Carly calls and says he lost her. Jack tells the man to find Carly no matter what. He grabs Parker and they return to Oakdale. Jack tries several times to reach her by cell phone but Carly doesn't answer. Parker and Jack become very worried. Parker wants to stay with Jack but he refuses.

Barbara arrives at the hospital and is stunned that Paul has been released. Chris tells her he had no choice and that Paul left with Sofie. Babs angrily points out that Sofie isn't qualified to care for anyone. Chris says says he doesn't like their relationship any more than Barbara does. He defends Sofie, though, by saying he doesn't think she is up to anything with Paul. Chris storms off.

Paul covers Sofie with a blanket. She wakes up and they are talking when Gwen walks in with Hallie. Upset, Sofie asks how Paul could do such a thing and runs out. Gwen tells Paul that this was a bad idea. She starts to leave but Paul begs her to stay and talk. Gwen angrily tells Paul that they tried to give Sofie access but she took advantage of them. "But Sofie's just a kid and she's lost everything," Paul says and asks if Sofie can have some contact. He sadly talks about the baby that Emily lost and the baby that Meg lost and then brings up Billy. Without another word Gwen turns and leaves. Barbara arrives a few minutes later. Paul says Meg was supposed to be his nurse but when she left Sofie stepped in. Barbara tries convincing Paul to return to the hospital but he doesn't want to go back. When that doesn't work she points out the age difference and Paul swears they are just friends. When she realizes how much pain he is in, Barbara backs off. She puts more ointment on his back, crying because of her own burns.


Gwen meets Will at Java. He notices how distracted she is and asks what is going on. She reluctantly tells him about Paul's call and the visit to Fairwinds. This angers Will, who doesn't completely believe that Sofie wasn't somehow involved. He wants to go confront Paul but Gwen asks him not to go. They argue about Paul. Gwen defends Paul, which angers Will all the more. He leaves. When Gwen is alone Sofie walks in! Sofie tries to explain and Gwen says it is okay. Seeing how upset she is Gwen asks if she wants to hold her but she won't. Gwen says things will be okay and that they aren't shutting her out entirely. As they talk Chris walks in. Gwen sees him and on her way out the door asks him to talk with Sofie. Chris sits down with her and after her Paul story says that Paul isn't the nice guy she knows. He tells her about Jennifer and the baby-switch and all of Paul's other bad deeds but Sofie refuses to believe him. Chris keeps talking and finally Sofie begins to see the light. He is paged back to the hospital but asks Sofie to join him for dinner later. She agrees to meet him.


Will bursts in to Fairwinds while Barbara is doctoring Paul and asks what Paul is trying to pull! Seeing Barbara there, Will attacks her, too, but she insists that she knew nothing of Paul's plan. Will focuses on his brother and tells him to stay out of his life as long as Sofie is in Paul's life. Paul defends his actions, saying he was only trying to help Sofie. He and Will argue; Barbara gets between them. Will tells them both to stay out of their lives and leaves. Barbara leaves, too. A while later Sofie arrives and tells Paul that she understands why he called Gwen. She asks him if he is really a bad guy! Paul tells Sofie that he has made mistakes in the past but doesn't really go into details. He wins Sofie over by saying that Will is wrong in trying to keep her away from Hallie. He says he is trying to make changes to his life and she agrees to give him a clean slate. She promises to visit him again in the future. Paul asks her to read to him but Sofie says she has to go meet Chris for dinner. She leaves.

Gwen is putting Hallie down for a nap. She is having doubts about winning custody of Hallie! She tells the baby that she knows how Sofie feels. As she is talking Will returns home and tells Gwen that it isn't their fault that Sofie lost custody. Gwen emotionally tells him that she is having trouble with how sad Sofie is feeling and says they shouldn't judge Sofie on the basis of money. Will says Gwen has a stronger connection with Hallie that Sofie can never have. The more she talks about giving Hallie back the more upset Will becomes.

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