A Knock-out Show!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Katie and Brad are both knocked out. Matt tells Casey to drop the prison subject. Carly and Jack worry about clearing Parker. Lily can't forget about Dusty. The Snyder family comes to Ameera's rescue.

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Katie is knocked out on the kitchen floor. Kit walks up with a baseball bat. "Wrong blonde!" she screams. She is about to leave when Carly arrives home. Kit hides upstairs. Carly finds Katie in the kitchen. Jack arrives and Carly tells him about Katie. With both of them distracted in the kitchen, Kit hurries from the house. Jack rouses Katie, who says someone hit her. Carly believes it was Kit; Jack sends her to the farm to check on Parker and then takes Katie to the hospital himself.

Bonnie arrives at WOAK but in the darkened room doesn't see Brad until she trips over the body! She tries to wake him but he doesn't come around. Matt is hiding in a corner. Brad finally begins to come around and Bonnie calls for an ambulance. She questions him about what happened and Brad says someone knocked him out. A medic gets Brad and Bonnie to the hospital where Susan takes over. Holden asks what happened but Bonnie doesn't know. He tells her about the beating and his reunion plans with Lily. Bonnie hugs Holden and wishes him luck.


Alison finds Casey working at the lounge and asks what he is doing there. He says Matt pulled a disappearing act and he had no choice but to work the bar! Alison talks about her suspicions regarding Matt and Gray. Before Casey can really answer Matt walks in! He has paint and a WOAK logo on his pants, which Allie finds suspicious but Casey only thinks is funny. Alison leaves. When Matt returns, Casey says they need to come clean about where they really met. Matt angrily tells Casey to shut up! He says he isn't going to risk his future on strangers who won't believe in him. Casey backs off because he isn't sure what to do about his friend. He says his friends and family will accept Matt's past. Margo arrives and says, "What past?" To distract her, Matt tells Margo that Casey is going to enroll at Oakdale U for the next semester. Margo is very excited and tells Casey he is doing the right thing. She leaves. Casey turns to Matt, who says Margo will forget about college soon enough. Matt leaves to catch up with Alison.

At the hospital, Susan tells Holden and Lily they arrived just in time. When she leaves Lily wonders if Colonel Mayer may have sent Ameera to "meet" Noah so that he could hurt both boys! They go into the hospital room and ask Ameera to come with them. Once she is away from the boys Ameera says the accident and the fight was her fault. She begins to explain about her connection to The Colonel; Lily interrupts, asking if The Colonel hired her to put Luke and Noah in danger! She insists The Colonel didn't send her or the thugs but Lily and Holden don't completely believe her. They apologize, though. Susan returns with the boys' release papers and takes Holden with her. Lily apologizes to Ameera, too. Ameera says she understands and they return to the boys.


Lily returns to the hall in time to see Holden hugging Bonnie! She doesn't ask about it, though. Susan comes out and says Brad will be okay. Holden says he'll explain everything in a few minutes and they leave with the boys. Susan puts another patient into the boys' old room and when Jack arrives with Katie, the only place left is Brad's room! "You've got to be kidding me," Katie says when Jack wheels her in just in time to see Bonnie sitting on Brad's bed! Brad and Katie tell their respective stories; Susan interrupts and tells everyone to shut up so she can do her job. In the hall, Jack runs into Margo and assures her that Katie is fine. He tells her about Carly's plan, finding Katie and their suspicions about Kit. Margo can't believe that Jack took the law into his own hands. Susan comes out and tells Margo Katie will be fine. Margo goes inside to talk to Katie; Brad tells Margo about his own knock-out-blow. "Does somebody want to tell me what is going on?" Margo says. Brad and Katie tell Margo what they know; Susan returns and tells them they can leave but they can't sleep for at least 8 hours. Margo tries to convince Katie to come home with her but Katie won't. She says she'll send a cop to WOAK to look around and leaves. Brad apologizes to Katie for not being there for her; both say they are glad the other is okay. Brad tries to convince Katie that they were both hospitalized at the same time for a reason and tries to talk about their relationship. He takes her in his arms but just then Jack and Bonnie walk in. Katie jumps away from Brad and leaves with Jack. At her hotel, Jack offers to stay with her but Katie says she doesn't need a babysitter. Jack apologizes for getting her into the Kit mess; Katie touches his knee and says no apologies are necessary. She brings up Parker; Jack tells her that Kit wasn't after Parker, that she was after Carly! Katie says she is just glad that she took the hit to the head instead of Parker and is glad she could protect him a little bit. Jack says no one believes in Parker or wants to protect Parker like he and Carly do. Katie shows Jack to the door and tells him to go check on his family. Jack apologizes for hurting her feelings again. Katie sadly tells him that things are fine and she will stay away from him, Parker and the rest of the family as much as she can.


Lily and Holden return to the farm with the boys. Faith is there and asks about the bumps and bruises. They tell her about the men who attacked Luke, Noah and Ameera. The kids all go upstairs. Lily and Holden go outside and she asks him about Bonnie. Holden reminds her that nothing happened between him and Bonnie; Lily believes him but says maybe something should! She says she loves him but has a few hang-ups and he shouldn't be left to wait for her to get over her issues! Holden says he'll wait as long as he has to. As they talk, Carly arrives to see Parker. Holden goes inside to get the kiddo. Carly asks Lily what is going on. Holden returns, saying Parker will be down in a few minutes. When they are alone again Lily tells Carly that she can't forget about her relationship with Dusty and that she can't bring herself to sleep with Holden because of it. Carly tells Lily to lighten up on herself and trust in Holden. Parker comes out and asks what happened this time. Kit is watching them from the trees! Carly tells Parker about Katie's accident as Lily returns inside. Parker is staring across the yard when he realizes someone might be out there. Carly sends him inside and goes to check things out herself! Jack arrives and scares her. He says he was checking the perimeter and didn't find anything. Parker comes outside and Jack gives him the school book. When Parker is gone, Carly suggests that Jack return to Katie but Jack insists that Katie is better off without him. They return to Carly's. Margo arrives a while later and says she is placing Carly's home under surveillance for her own safety. Jack is angry and tells Margo to pull the cops off but she won't do it. She leaves.


Back in the kitchen, Ameera tells the boys that her visa is up soon and she has to accept the fact that she must return to Iraq. Faith returns and tells them that she could apply for a study visa; Holden comes in and says the Snyder family might be able to help with the student visa and with tuition costs. Ameera is stunned. Lily comes inside. She agrees to help with the tuition as much as possible. Ameera can't believe it. The boys and Faith take her for a hayride. When they are alone Lily asks Holden if she is enough for him. "If you need more time, I can deal with it," he says and hugs her.


Bonnie and Brad leave the hospital together and wind up at The Lakeview where Brad orders a few drinks. Bonnie tells him not to drink but Brad won't listen. They start talking about relationships and Bonnie advises Brad not to overreact to Katie pushing him away. She says Katie will realize her real feelings soon enough. He won't talk about Katie at all; instead, Brad says he still owes Bonnie a real date; she says she is ready but he better be over Katie first. She leaves. Brad goes to Katie's hotel room to check on her. They talk through the door for a bit and Brad tries to convince her that they should keep each other awake. She refuses but he just keeps talking through the door. After a while Brad gives up. Katie, on the other side of the door, is sad.


Alison arrives at the hospital to talk things over with Susan. Susan tells her about her day and the attacks on Brad and Katie. Allie gets very suspicious when she remembers Matt had that WOAK logo on his pants. Susan hurries off to check her other patients. Matt arrives; Alison questions him more about his pants but Matt ignores the questions. He asks one of his own: will she go out with him on a real date. Alison says he should call her. Matt leaves to return to work.

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