One Good Fight...

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Vienna tells off Henry. Katie offers to fund the new plot against Kit. Luke and Noah run into trouble. Holden and Lily ride to the rescue.

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Luke is the first to wake up in the truck. He watches Ameera sleep with her head on Noah's shoulder. In his sleep, Noah leans and rests against Luke, waking Ameera. Finally Noah wakes up, too. A car comes by and the boys flag it down. The car stops for a second but then drives off again. The car slows and begins to back up but when Noah and Luke are nearly there it takes off again. Noah yells at them and the car turns around, nearly hitting him! Two guys get out of the car and several beer cans fall out, too. The guys pick a fight once they see Ameera in her Iraqi outfit. They offer to take Ameera with them as long as Luke and Noah stay behind, angering Noah. He tries to push the guys away and one of them takes a swing at him! Luke and Noah begin fighting with the guys and one of them hits Noah with a tire iron! When Luke goes to him, the tough guys called them names. Ameera confronts the guys and they try to take her against her will! Luke tries to stop them.


Holden and Lily are enjoying a quiet morning at the farm. Lily notes how quiet it is just as Holden finds a note from Luke that the kids went to Statesville the day before. They begin searching and realize the kids never came home the night before. Holden calls the prison and learns that the boys didn't show up for their appointment at the prison. Lily tries their phones but neither picks up. Holden tries Dallas but he hasn't heard of any accidents on the roads. Holden and Lily get in their car and begin to search the roads. They see Luke fighting off the two tough guys and Holden runs to help him. Luke manages to get Ameera out of the car and Noah holds her. Holden and Lily get the kids to the hospital. Susan checks out Noah and reports back that he will be fine. Luke goes inside to be with Noah. Holden tells Lily he has to go to the police station to give his statement. Ameera asks Lily if the tough guys will be punished. Lily says they will be. Inside, Noah tells Luke he can't remember much about the fight. Luke tells him he doesn't need to remember. Ameera comes inside and calls Noah her brother! She explains that even though they aren't related by blood she feels a family connection to him because of Win. Noah takes her hand and says no explanations are necessary. She is stunned at how Luke and Noah defended her. Noah says he wants to go home.

Holden returns and Lily hugs him. He reports that the thugs are going to be in custody for a while. Lily worries about Luke and Noah and even Ameera and wants to protect all three of them. Holden hugs her.

Katie and Brad are outside Vienna and Henry's room, talking about make up sex. He comes on to her but Katie refuses to "play doctor" with him. She walks off and Brad follows.


Inside, Henry kisses Vienna, ready for round two. Her phone rings and Vienna insists on answering. It is Kit! She demands that Henry bring her the money immediately; Vienna asks what is going on and Henry quickly hangs up. She is worried and demands that he tell the truth. Henry won't give her all the details, which only makes Vienna more nervous. All he will say is that he is doing a good thing that will make Vienna proud. He leaves. Seconds later a bellhop arrives with boxes of clothes and shoes. Vienna tries to refuse but the bellhop says it is all for her - from Gray! Vienna reluctantly brings in the boxes and starts trying on the clothes. She reads the note he sent and decides that, even though the clothes are wonderful, she can't accept them. She makes a big deal of telling the dresses and shoes goodbye and then has second thoughts. She calls Gray and tells him she isn't keeping the gifts! Then she picks out a killer outfit and gets ready. She goes to the store with all of the boxes and sees Gray there! She says she is keeping one pair of the shoes but that is it. Gray pushes, asking what he can give her. Vienna says she'll take $250,000 in cash by noon! Gray leaves and a while later he returns with a bag of cash. He reiterates that there are no strings and Vienna walks away.

Jack arrives at Carly's, ready for plan B to take shape. Parker is still there, trying to get out of another day of school but Carly and Jack insist that he go. When they are alone Carly asks how they can get the proof that Parker didn't kill Sam. Jack says they need the payoff money. Henry arrives a few minutes later and says Kit is getting nervous. Carly tells Henry that Kit has to wait because they don't have the money yet! Henry becomes very nervous and worries that Kit will hunt him down. She suggests a poker game but Henry says that isn't a good idea.


Jack, meanwhile, has gone to Brad at WOAK to get the payoff amount of $250,000. Brad wants to help but he doesn't have that kind of cash. Katie hears them talking and offers to get the money for them! Jack refuses at first but when he realizes this is the best way to get the money to Kit right away he accepts the offer. Carly arrives and is upset to realize that Katie is giving them the money. She says there is no way they'll accept! Jack says they don't have a choice but the more Katie says she is trying to help the more reluctant Carly is to take it. Finally she gives in. Henry asks about the plan but Jack hasn't come up with anything solid. He is really upset and heads for Brad's office for some snacks. Brad asks about Vienna and Henry says things are back on track. Katie comes in just as Brad says he has a great idea! Brad hurries out and tells Jack that Henry just has to seduce Kit to get the goods. Henry hates the idea but with no other choice he decides to go forward. Brad takes the men to the prop room for hidden mikes and cameras. Carly quietly thanks Katie for helping them out. The guys return with their props and then Henry, Jack and Carly head for Metro. Brad and Katie stay behind.

Jack, Carly and Henry arrive at Metro just before Kit. Henry stays out front and gives Kit the papers to sign but before she takes the money he says he can't let her go without knowing if she feels for him the way he feels for her! Henry takes her in his arms and begins to seduce her! Just as he kisses Kit, Vienna walks in the door and asks what is really going on. As they argue and Henry tries to not blow the operation, Kit counts the money. Vienna walks out. Kit tells Henry he is no different than Sam, grabs the money and walks out. Henry goes after Vienna and Jack realizes they've just lost Katie's money.


Henry arrives at WOAK and tells Brad and Katie to help him fix things with Vienna! Katie leaves to find Vienna and explain things. Henry worries about where Vienna might have gotten the money and jumps to the only conclusion he can: that Vienna got the money from Gray! Brad tries to calm him down. Katie returns but hasn't been able to find Vienna. Henry leaves to look some more. Jack and Carly return, promising to get the money back for her. Katie tells them not to worry about the money. Jack and Carly leave. Brad follows Katie into her office where she is crying and tells her things will be okay. He kisses her and Katie kisses him back!

Vienna, meanwhile, is meeting with Gray. She returns his money and asks him to take her away from Oakdale! Gray pulls out a bottle of champagne and asks where she would like to go. Still really upset with Henry she kisses Gray and says he should take her right there! Gray kisses her but Vienna can't think of anything but Henry. She pushes him away but then remembers Henry's betrayals and kisses Gray again. They make love but that only makes Vienna feel worse. Gray pours them more champagne and Vienna checks her phone.

Henry returns to the hotel room but all he finds there is an empty shoe box. He looks harder and finds the note from Gray on the bed. Henry starts to call her but then can't.

Jack and Carly return home, worried about their next step. Parker returns from school and tells them he wants to try out for the baseball team. Jack and Carly tell him that is a good idea and things will be fine. Parker leaves for the ball field. When they are alone Jack worries that they are getting Parker's hopes up for nothing. Carly smiles and says she has a plan! "The only way to do it is to catch her trying to kill again," Carly says, planning to be the bait in their next sting!

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Alison questions Matt's past.

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