Carly Could Drive A Person To Murder...

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Henry continues his con on Kit. Gray gets Vienna drunk. The judge makes his custody decision. Parker visits Paul. Casey and Matt argue - again!

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Henry meets with Jack and Carly, who ask him if he can do a repeat performance - this time to get a confession out of Kit! Jack says they will wire him, which immediately makes Henry nervous. Carly begs him to reconsider, for Parker's sake. Henry gives in and says he'll do what he can. Jack lays out their plan. A while later Henry meets Kit and says he can't buy her out because he refuses to be in business with Carly Tenney! Henry blames Carly for the break-up of his marriage! "She did the same thing to me and my man," Kit says! They commiserate over their shared pasts. Kit pours Henry a drink and they talk about how to get rid of Carly! Jack and Carly, listening in a surveillance van, can't believe how quickly Kit has been conned by Henry. Henry asks what Carly did to Kit and how Kit retaliated. Kit clams up. She grabs her things and says she is going to let Henry off the hook and will just take her chances with another buyer. Kit leaves but Henry follows, telling her that they might be able to come to another agreement. Henry tries calling Carly to see if she is willing to sell, too. When he can't get a signal, he goes outside and jumps in the surveillance van. He says he wants to call the whole thing off but Jack won't let him. Henry returns to Kit and says he reached Carly and she is willing to hand over her share of Metro. Kit wonders why but Henry doesn't know. He tries to get her talking about Sam again but it doesn't work. Henry says he can have both halves of the cash by the next day and Kit agrees to stay in town for a while longer. In the van, Jack hopes they have enough on tape for Margo to investigate Kit.

Margo comes by Paul's hospital room. He angrily asks if she has arrested Craig yet. Margo noncommittally says they are still investigating the car bomb, which makes Paul angry. Margo remains calm and tells Paul that her priority right now is Parker - not Paul! Paul says Parker's case shouldn't be taking up all of her time. "You should stop obsessing about Craig and get yourself better," Margo says and leaves.


Jack and Carly take the tapes to Margo, who listens to them and says there is nothing incriminating in them. Jack angrily says they got Kit to admit to something but Margo says all they have is an illegal tape-recording of Kit saying she has regrets. She leaves and Jack follows, continuing to push her to open an investigation into Kit. Margo tells Jack he needs to back off. Jack angrily tosses his badge on a desk and quits the force! Carly follows him out of the police station and Jack rages about Margo's blindness. He says she would have tossed Kit in the clink on the same evidence if she had okayed the wire tap. Carly says things will work out.

Gwen and Will are enjoying a quiet morning at home with Hallie when Bonnie arrives. She tells them the judge is making his decision in an hour. The babysitter arrives and Gwen gives her instructions. Gwen calls Barbara to let her know. Barbara is at the doctor's office but doesn't tell them that; she says she will meet them at the courthouse. Will tells Gwen things will work out and they leave.

As Barbara hangs up, a nurse comes by to take her to the radiation appointment but Babs says she can't stay and hurries away.


Parker comes into the farm kitchen to see Meg. He sees the newspaper and asks how Paul is. He begs Meg to take him to the hospital. She refuses, saying he would need permission from Jack and Carly first. Parker says he can't wait for their approval and keeps badgering Meg until she gives in. Parker goes into Paul's hospital room with Meg close behind. He asks what happened. Paul says it doesn't matter who set the bomb because if he wouldn't have pushed so hard he wouldn't have been hurt. Meg listens, believing that he may have changed his thinking. She leads Parker out but then turns back to Paul. She thanks Paul for talking to Parker the way he did but insists that it is too late for them to try again. She hurries away. Parker and Meg return to the farm. She assures him that he will be fine.


Gray and Matt meet at The Lakeview. Matt tells Gray that he needs to keep a lower profile and Gray tells Matt not to forget who is in charge of their operation! Matt walks off as Vienna gets off the elevator to meet Gray for lunch. He leads her into the lounge. He tells Vienna he doesn't know how to react to her because most women fawn all over him. She says they are only friends. Gray offers her the necklace - again! - as a friendly gift and when Vienna turns it down he pulls a set of diamond earrings from his pocket and offers them to her! Vienna loves the earrings. She drinks some champagne and tries on the jewels as they talk about Paris and Milan. Gray offers to take her on a trip - with Henry!

Alison arrives at the courthouse and sees Matt there. She asks what he is doing and he makes up a story about meeting a friend but being lost.


Sofie's lawyer calls her at The Lakeview and tells her to report to court in an hour. She is worried about what will happen and hurries to get her things. As she is leaving Chris stops by to check on her. Sofie is very nervous about the hearing and Chris offers to go with her. They are already at the courthouse when Will, Gwen and Barbara arrive. Gwen tells Sofie they just want the best for Hallie; Sofie says she does, too. The judge arrives and calls Sofie's actions unstable. He rules in favor of Will and Gwen! They are relieved. Sofie asks the judge if she can speak and tells the court how much she loves Hallie. She, her lawyer and Chris run from the room. Will, Gwen and Babs come out and tell Alison and Matt about the ruling. They ask Allie to come by the house for a celebration; Babs begs off and everyone leaves. Alison, Matt and Casey meet the Munson's at the cottage and begin their celebration. After a while Alison leaves; Matt thanks her for introducing him to Will and Gwen. Outside, Casey tells Matt to stop intruding on his life. Matt plays the guilt cards, again, telling Casey that he just wants a normal life and Casey's family is uber-normal. Casey gives in and tells Matt he can stay a while longer. Back inside, Will tries to relax but Gwen can't forget about the things Sofie said in court. She feels guilty that they have Hallie and Sofie has no one!


At the hospital, Chris is called to consult on a case and leaves Sofie alone. Barbara sees Sofie and tries to apologize for her part in the baby-dealing scandal. Sofie doesn't believe her and is hurt when Barbara says Hallie will be better off. As they are talking, the nurse comes over to reschedule Barbara's radiation treatment. Babs asks Sofie not to tell Will and Gwen. A few minutes later Sofie stops in to see Paul and breaks down in tears. Paul comforts her and Sofie curls up on the bed with him.

In the hall, Chris is searching for Sofie.


Gray leads a drunken Vienna up to her hotel room. She can't get the key in the door and sways against him. Gray kisses her as Henry comes around the corner!

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Henry sees Vienna and Gray kissing.

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