An Apology, A Boom and A Con

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Brad comes up with a plan to save Parker. Ameera and Noah bond over Colonel Mayer. Vienna pushes Gray away. Carly and Katie go at it again.

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Luke is in the kitchen when Noah and Ameera come in from the parlor. Both slept well. Luke asks if she has any plans; she says her visa is almost expired and the money from The Colonel is almost gone. She doesn’t know what she'll do. Luke brings up school but Noah says he is skipping classes. Both Ameera and Luke tell Noah he can't start skipping class now but Noah insists on staying with her for a while. Luke leaves for school alone. Noah offers to show Ameera around Oakdale. As they walk in Old Town, Ameera is awed by the bookstores and the people she sees walking freely. She tells him that his gay lifestyle wouldn't be accepted in Iraq; he says it isn't always accepted in America, either. She asks about Win and Noah admits that The Colonal wants nothing to do with him. Ameera doesn't believe that Win could be that harsh. Noah says the Win she knows is not the same Win he knows. Noah tells her about Win's attempted murder of Luke and his murder of Cheri. Ameera is stunned. As they talk Luke watches.

Carly is very nervous at the house but Jack says they can still make things right for Parker. Carly believes that their plan is backfiring and blames Katie! Jack says he is to blame, not Katie but Carly won't listen.


Henry wakes Vienna with coffee and pastries. He asks about the necklace from Gray and says she should give it back. Vienna wants to keep it but finally says she will hock it for money. Henry says they can't hock it and she can't keep it - they have to give it back to Gray. Vienna brings up Gray's new offer - that they get the diner back for nothing. Henry believes there is an ulterior motive and refuses the offer! Vienna doesn't see the problem with accepting Gray's new offer but Henry insists that Gray will come up with some form of repayment if they accept his terms.


Alison meets Matt at Al's. Aaron walks in and Alison introduces them. Aaron takes an instant dislike to Matt. He questions Matt about his past and Casey; Alison tells Aaron to back off but Matt takes everything in stride. Matt leaves to make a call, and Alison asks what Aaron is trying to prove. He says he just wants answers, which Alison takes to mean that he doesn't trust her judgment. Matt returns from his phone call and asks what is going on. Aaron says they were just catching up and then stuns Alison with news that he is returning to Seattle because Julia has had a relapse. He leaves as Gray walks in the door. Matt becomes uncomfortable. Alison asks if he knows Gray but Matt says he doesn't. He asks Allie to go for a walk and they leave the restaurant. Vienna arrives. She tells Gray that they won't accept his terms. Gray says he is sorry. Vienna removes the diamond necklace, too, and hands it over. Gray asks her to have dinner with him tonight! As they are chatting Ameera and the boys walk in. Vienna tells Gray she won't have dinner with him. Just then there is a huge bang and everyone takes cover! Gray grabs a gun! Vienna tells everyone to be calm, that it is just the oven. Ameera is very upset and the boys take her home. Gray asks Vienna if she'll have lunch with him since their coffee break was interrupted. She says okay, as long as Henry doesn't object.

Outside, Alison explains that the loud bang was the oven. With everything returned to normal she tells Matt about her past. Matt says the past doesn't matter and says he has his own secrets - he used to shoplift candy and comics! Matt offers to take Alison to work but she turns him down. He kisses her cheek and she leaves.

The boys and Ameera return to the farm. She tells them about the car bombings that she has lived with all of her life and says that the noise at the diner brought all that back. She tells them about a bombing outside the place her cousin was married. Luke and Noah give her some space to be alone. Outside, Luke and Noah decide they can't let Ameera return to Iraq.


Katie and Brad are at WOAK getting ready for a taping when she begins to cry. He asks what is wrong and she says Jack. She tells him about ruining Jack's big plans for Kit; Brad says it isn't her fault and Jack should have turned off his phone. Katie keeps blaming herself anyway. Henry arrives and asks Katie to help him with Gray. Brad interrupts and says he has an idea on how they can help Parker!


Kit, meanwhile, is finishing up some paperwork with Dallas at the police station. He is delaying as much as possible and makes up several excuses about needing the proper paperwork for transporting a dead body across state lines. Dallas leaves for a second to call Jack, letting him know that they can't keep stalling for long. Jack says he'll be right there. Jack arrives a few minutes later but Kit has already been released. Dallas tells him that he has to stop freaking out about Parker and follow the law. Brad walks in, tells Jack he has a plan - and has already put it into action! He tells Jack everything. Jack is more annoyed than ever.

Katie arrives at Carly's and tries to apologize for calling Jack. Carly doesn't want to listen and tells Katie that she has to stop butting in to other people's lives. Katie says she wants to help and that she and Brad have put a plan in action! Carly believes Katie is using Parker to worm her way back into Jack's life. Katie insists she is only trying to help the kiddo and walks out.


Henry arrives at The Lakeview and sees Kit, with her bags packed. He pretends to be a real estate investor who is interested in buying Metro! Kit takes the bait and offers to take him to see the place right away. Henry pretends to like the place and offers $250,000; Kit says that will only cover her half but says she doesn't care what he does to cover the other half. Henry says they'll have to close the deal the next day and when Kit objects, he says if they can't close tomorrow the entire deal is off. Kit accepts his terms and asks for a down payment.

Katie is back at WOAK when Henry walks in, excited because he managed to convince Kit to stay. She is very relieved, especially after her run-in with Carly, and leaves to tell Jack the news.

Carly is at the police station, telling Brad and Jack how far off-base Katie was to come up with that plan. Brad says it was all his idea and to lay off Katie. Katie walks in and says their plan worked and Kit is staying in Oakdale! Brad and Katie return to WOAK, both excited that the plan worked.

Carly and Jack return to her home relieved that Kit is staying and that Henry didn't blow it. Jack says the hard part is just beginning because they still have to get a confession out of Kit!

Henry returns to The Lakeview, where Vienna is waiting. He apologizes for the way he talked to her; she says she smoothed things over with Gray and the man now knows Henry is her one and only. He is relieved and takes her in his arms. "I've made your life so much harder than it was before," he says apologetically. Vienna smiles and kisses him, telling him she loves him. He says he loves her, too.

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Henry tries to con Kit again.

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