Who's Drugging Who?

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Carly and Jack set a trap for Kit. Paul survives the bombing - just barely. Margo has the cops looking high and low for Craig; Meg has second thoughts about Paul.

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Barbara hurries to the hospital where Chris is working with Paul. He comes to her and says Paul is doing okay and they've called in a burn specialist. Margo arrives and asks how Paul is. Barbara tells Margo to go arrest Craig! Margo tells Barbara there is no proof against Craig; Barbara points out the bombing that Steve was involved in in the 80's. Barbara storms off. Margo reluctantly calls Dallas and asks him to pick up Craig as soon as possible. Barbara walks in to Paul's room to sit with him. He has burns on his face and hands and has a lot of tubes. He asks for Meg! Just then Meg runs in to the hospital and watches through Paul's hospital room window. Barbara sees her and goes to the hall and asks what Meg wants. Meg starts to leave but Babs grabs her, tells her that this is Meg's fault, and says she better stand by Paul this time around! Meg slowly walks inside. Paul asks her to stay with him. He takes a turn for the worse and Chris has the nurses take him back into observation. Barbara sees Sofie across the hall and becomes angry when Chris gets sidetracked with her. She tells Chris to forget about Sofie's lost-cause-case and to focus on Paul. Chris tells Babs to back off and then takes Sofie into the lounge. He says things will be okay. Chris is called back to Paul's side. Emily sees Sofie and makes a beeline for her. She warns Sofie to stay away from Chris and keep her problems to herself! Sofie tells Emily to stay out of her life and leaves. Emily sees Barbara and offers her condolences, which aggravates Barbara to no end, especially when Emily says she has an investigative reporter looking into the bomb. Emily leaves.

Meg returns to Paul's side and sits with him for a while. She leaves after a while and then Paul wakes, wondering if she was really there. He hits the call button and Chris walks in; he asks about Meg but Chris says it was probably a hallucination.


Emily is about to ask Chris about Paul when Susan stops her, telling Emily that talking to Chris is a really bad idea. Emily is about to go to him, anyway, when she spots Sofie and walks away. Chris sees Sofie, too, and asks her to have coffee with him sometime. She agrees. They talk about Paul a little bit more and then Chris continues on his rounds. Sofie watches Paul through the window for a while and then quietly walks into the room. Paul wakes and asks who she is. She introduces herself and then turns to go. Paul asks if she has seen Meg; Sofie says Meg was there for a while but is gone now. Paul asks Sofie to stay with him for a while so that he won't be alone.

Meg returns to the farm and tries to occupy her mind. She is having a hard time, which Emma notices. Emma tells her to just stay away from the hospital. Meg calls the hospital instead and learns that Paul finally woke up for more than a few seconds. Emma says staying away is the right thing to do.

Emily and Susan are having lunch at the diner. Susan asks Emily what her new obsession is with Paul; Emily says they are just friends. She tells Susan about Paul's buyout offer for the paper. "Are you out of your mind?" Susan asks. She reminds Emily of the hard feelings and horrible things she and Paul did to one another but Emily insists that things are different now. Emily returns to the hospital and watches Sofie with Paul!


Barbara goes to the cottage to tell Will and Gwen what is going on. Will is stunned and asks why she didn't call from the hospital; Babs says she didn't want to add to his load too much. She brings up Sofie and Chris, wondering what is going on there. Will says it doesn't matter because no matter whom Sofie's friends are, Hallie is better off with he and Gwen. The hospital calls to update Barbara. She is relieved that Paul is awake. Will suggests that he go with her but Babs says he should stay with Hallie.

Jack and Carly are making calls, trying to track down Kit's movements the night Sam was killed. Jack can't find anything so he picks up the dummy. He says they should gaslight Kit. He leaves for work and then tells Carly to get the kids off to work and do whatever she has to to keep Kit in town. Parker comes downstairs and tells Carly he isn't going to school today. He asks what she and Jack were discussing but Carly won't tell him. Even when he says he won't learn anything and that the kids think he is crazy Carly insists that he go to school. JJ and Sage come downstairs and offer to be the buffer between Parker and the other kids. The kids leave for school.


Jack arrives at the police department and asks Dallas for help; he says he is busy trying to track down Craig for Paul's car bombing. Jack is stunned. Margo walks in and sends Dallas off to follow up on Craig. Jack tells her she has to help him keep Kit in town. He tells her about his suspicions and Margo reluctantly agrees that it deserves to be looked into. She wishes him luck and hopes that he can do for Parker what she couldn't do for Casey. Jack leaves the station.


Kit is at The Lakeview having breakfast. She tells the waiter to hurry up so she can catch her flight. She is about to leave when Dallas arrives and says she can't leave town until the business with Metro is over! Kit objects and Dallas is about to haul her downtown when Jack walks up and talks Dallas out of it. Kit is grateful but at the same time annoyed because she can't leave. Jack calls Carly and tells her Kit is on the way. A few minutes later Carly "accidentally" bumps into Kit in Old Town and offers to let her stay at Metro. Then, says that probably won't work and says she can stay at the house. Jack is listening from around the corner. Kit asks what Carly is up to! She says she is just trying to make things easier since Carly is partly to blame for Sam. She even offers to have the kids stay at the farm. Kit gives in. Jack watches them leave. They arrive at Carly's and Kit becomes jumpy. She wants to leave but Carly won't let her. She makes Kit a hamburger and puts drugs in the meat! Kit digs in. Kit finishes the burger and gets really sleepy. Carly sends her upstairs to take a nap.

Jack picks up JJ, Sage and Parker from school and takes them to Java. JJ tells Jack about the problems at school; Parker says he didn't need his brother's help. Before the boys can really go at it, Jack sends JJ and Sage off to buy some snacks. Jack tells Parker that the kids are staying at the farm that night. Parker asks what Carly is planning at the house. Jack refuses to answer Parker's questions and tells him to stay out of it. Carly calls with their signal and Jack packs up the kids. He takes them out to the farm and then makes Parker promise to stay away from Carly's for the night. Jack goes to Carly's. She says everything is set and then grabs Cowboy Jack from the trunk. Jack practices his Cowboy Jack voice!


Craig, meanwhile, is on his jet on the way to the Cayman Islands! He toasts to his perfect plan and then removes his wedding ring. He calls Margo and she tells him to turn himself in. Craig says no way and then asks if Paul is dead. He's annoyed to learn that Paul is still alive and kicking and tells Margo that he tried to blow Paul up because Paul has been torturing him for months. "I feel completely justified," he says and then says she'll never find him. He hangs up.

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