Ice Storm

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

An Ice Strom hits Oakdale as Gwen and Casey are moving in to college and Emily is trying to move out of town!

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Will is asleep on the couch. He dreams that Gwen is asking him up, only to wake up and find Jade there.

Gwen is unpacking her dorm room when Casey knocks on the door bringing coffee. Casey complains that his new roommate spent the entire night talking about his ant farm. Casey finds a picture of Gwen and Will in her stuff and suggests that maybe a life in the dorm isn't for her right now.

Lucinda stops by to visit Dusty and confronts Dusty about his trip to New York. Lucinda thinks that Dusty is running away from Lucy.

Mike stops by the hospital and tells Dr. Chen that he will go ahead with the fertility test since it means so much to Katie. Meanwhile Katie meets Nancy at Java and tells her she thinks her marriage is in trouble.

Emily confronts Meg who has been "following her" around town. Emily has seen Meg at the cleaners, Al's, and now Java and she thinks that Paul is out of town so he has Meg doing his dirty work. After their confrontation Meg calls Paul and says she can't follow her anymore.

In Gwen's dorm Casey and Gwen discuss college and how they had always looked forward to it. Gwen tells him that college was always her dream until she found a new one with Will. Casey's roommate, Elwood walks in on Gwen and Casey hugging and apologizes thinking Gwen is Casey's girlfriend. Gwen notes that he looks just like Alex, the boy who died at Raven Lake.

Mike tells Dr. Chen to "give him the cup" so he can do the fertility test. Dr. Chen tells him that she is glad he and Katie have resolved their differences, but he will have to schedule an appointment for the fertility test. At Java Katie tells Nancy about her and Mike's problems. Nancy tells Katie to give up on all of the books and thermometers etc, and just let nature do its best. Katie leaves with intentions of apologizing to Mike for pressuring him.

Lucinda lectures Dusty of running out on Lucy. Frustrated, Dusty tells her to stop mixing business with pleasure, and to never butt into his personal life again.

Elwood talks to Gwen and Casey about Alex. When Gwen tries to leave Elwood tries to hit on Gwen. Gwen tells him she's married and he responds "I've never been with a married chick before".

Jade walks out in her underwear and asks Will if he can tells she's pregnant. Will tells Jade to go look for a job, and gives her some money and his car keys hoping she will leave. Offended, Jade leave.

Dusty gives the babysitter instructions on caring for Johnny while he is gone to New York and leaves for his trip.

Paul calls Meg back at the hospital. Meg tells him she can't tail Emily anymore and he convinces her to continue after her shift ends.

Henry arrives at Margo's house with Maddie's stuff. The two discuss Maddie, and Margo tells Henry that living with her is the best thing for Maddie. Maddie is off running errands, Margo suggests Henry wait for her and he declines. When Henry sees Emily outside of the window he changes his mind and decides to stay.

Elwood is performing a dance for Gwen when Casey comes in and tells him one of his ants is having a crisis. Gwen asks Casey to borrow his car, he tells her she shouldn't drive in the sleet but Elwood enters and tells them one of his ants are dead and he has planned a funeral they are invited to. With that, Casey is convinced and gives Gwen his keys.

Jade and Will discuss him giving her money. Will tells her he just wants her to be warm and have the things she needs, convinced Jade takes his keys and heads out on the road.

Katie arrives home and realizes Mike is not there. Mike arrives at Java looking for Katie and finds Nancy just as the power goes out. Mike tells Nancy he will take her to the hospital so she is safe, and then go home to Katie.

Margo is called into work and leaves Henry at her house. Emily comes in once Margo leaves and starts looking for Daniels passport. Emily tells Henry she plans on picking Daniel up from cup scouts the next day and leaving the country.Henry tries to convince Emily to stay.Henry begs her to tell him where she is going, she tells him "no" and leaves.

Lucy takes a call from Dusty's babysitter. Johnny has spiked a fever. Concerned, Lucy tells her she will come over as soon as possible.

Driving Casey's car Gwen changes the radio from a weather advisory to music. We hear a horn honk, and Gwen swerves to gain control of the car.

Margo stops by Katie's house where she has lit candles and is waiting for Mike. Katie tells Margo she os concerned about Mike who is out in the storm.

Lucy arrives at Dusty's and decides that Johnny needs to be at the hospital.

Gwen can not start Casey's car and is stuck in the snow. She hears a knock on the window and rolls it down to find Will standing outside.

Wednesday on As the World Turns...

Mike and Jade are both in car accidents on the icy roads, and Barabara arrives home to find Lucy getting ready to leave with Johnny.

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