Let The Scams Begin

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Matt wrangles a dinner invitation from Margo. Paul and Lucinda scam Craig. Meg turns down a job offer. Henry gets played in a poker game.

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At the diner, Vienna is trying to convince Henry to leave work early for a romantic evening. Henry suggests they go to the track! She thinks he is tired of her but Henry insists he can never get tired of Vienna. Gray arrives and takes a seat. Vienna tells Henry to get rid of the gambler but then thinks better of it and takes the order herself. Henry returns to the counter and watches as Gray flirts with Vienna. He orders pepakokker and coffee. Vienna brings his order and talks to him about the diner. He flirts a little more but Vienna doesn't catch on. Henry interrupts and drags Vienna away from Gray. He orders Gray to leave; Gray invites Henry to a poker match. He says no but as soon as Gray leaves, Henry makes an excuse to Vienna and leaves to gamble! At the poker game, Henry wins a little but then Gray turns up the heat and soon Henry has nothing left! A little drunk, he says they should play double or nothing and wins! Henry is about to cash out when Gray taunts him. Henry stays in the game - and loses everything! He doesn't have the money to pay up. Gray offers a solution: if Henry gives him Vienna for one night he will forgive the debt! Henry tells Gray to forget it and slams out of the hotel room.


Casey is alone at home with Matt shows up. Matt asks about all the kids in the Hughes family, specifically Adam. Casey changes the subject and invites Matt downstairs to play some games. Margo arrives, hears the boys voices and wonders if Adam is home! Casey and Matt return upstairs and Matt offers up a lie: that he is a friend from Oakdale U. Margo asks him to stay for lunch. Tom comes home and the boys go back downstairs. Margo tells Tom that she really misses Adam. Matt listens to them for a few minutes. Soon, they all sit down to eat. Margo asks Matt about his life and school. Matt says he had to drop out for a while because he is broke. Margo and Tom invite him to move in! Casey tries to derail the conversation but Margo stands firm and says Matt can move in when he is ready! She leaves to get dessert from Al's and Tom goes to make a call. When they are alone, Casey asks what Matt is planning. Matt says he won't make trouble. Matt plays the guilt card, reminding Casey that he helped him get early release. He promises to leave soon.

At the diner, Vienna becomes worried because Henry has been gone so long. Henry walks in, looking very down and tired. Vienna rushes over and asks if he is in trouble. Henry says things are fine and that he was just looking for doggie treats and pulls a small box from his pocket. She forgets about poker and promises not to doubt him.


Craig is packing up his office when he realizes Meg is doing the same thing. He catches her gazing at a picture of them, and tells her that he doesn't want Worlwide or Montgomery Enterprises - he wants her! Then he grabs a picture of Paul from the trash and suggests it remain there forever. Meg angrily asks him to leave but Craig just keeps talking about the changes she made in him. He says they can still be a family. Meg points out that he has lost all three of his children and wonders why she should trust him. Craig points out that Meg is no paragon of virtue and that she can't stop loving Paul - a man more manipulative that Craig is. He walks out.


Lucinda is at The Lakeview, feeling more guilty than ever. She remembers her last conversation with Dusty. Paul's arrival brings her back to the present. He asks what has her so upset, not understanding that Dusty's death is affecting her badly. They argue about Dusty. Finally Paul sits down and tells Lucinda she should distract herself by working with him to rid Oakdale of Craig forever. Lucinda is intrigued. Next, Paul meets Emily at Java and tells her that he needs help to get Craig out of the picture. Emily calls Craig, asks him to meet her at Yo's and hangs up. Then, she smiles at Paul! Paul disappears and Craig arrives a few minutes later. Emily asks about his job prospects but Craig cuts to the chase. Finally she says she can tell where to find Johnny - for a price! She says she overheard a conversation between Lucinda and Lucy and that the girl is calling Lucinda at 3 o'clock that afternoon.

Meg is about to finish packing when Paul walks in. He says he isn't there to win her back, he is there to offer her a job - at Worldwide! "Congratulate me, I own it," he says! He badmouths Craig's business acumen and says Lucinda wants to concentrate on her family since her near-death experience. Meg congratulates Paul. He offers her a job! Meg believes this is another attempt at winning her back; Paul says he knows they are over but that he still wants her to live her dreams. He says he has gone over her plans for charitable works and loves them. She says he is just like Craig and turns him down! She leaves. Paul glances down and sees their photo in the trash.

Lucinda arrives at a park and notes that Craig is following her. She gets out of the car and starts talking to "Lucy", pretending not to notice that Craig is close behind her. She carries on about "Lucy's" new beau, how Johnny is doing and finally makes a date to meet them in Barbados in a few weeks. Lucinda leaves. Craig calls his travel agent and books a flight to Barbados!

Lucinda, Emily and Paul meet at The Lakeview. Lucinda says Craig took the bait and will soon be out of their lives forever. Emily isn't so sure. Lucinda walks off. Emily tells Paul they are even and leaves. Paul gazes at the picture of Meg and dreams of making love to her. Emily returns, sees him looking at the photo and says it will never happen!

Meg returns to the farm and is looking through her box of office things. She daydreams of making love to Paul.

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