Emily Seduces Chris

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Will and Gwen realize Hallie is missing - and so is Sofie. Emily tries to seduce Chris to learn the truth about the murder. Lily and Holden set up a secret meeting. Emily tells Margo the truth about her prostitution.

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Will and Gwen are outside the cottage, making plans for the next few hours and their next night out. They are surprised to find the door unlocked but don't think anything of it. They wake Barbara, who says Hallie was fussy for a bit but she's been fine the last few hours. Gwen goes to the nursery - and finds Hallie is gone! Gwen and Will freak out, blaming Barbara and asking where Hallie is. Babs doesn't know. She remembers Sofie's visit and tells them, making Will more angry. He says she should have called them and not Bonnie. Gwen tries calling Sofie but doesn't get an answer. They leave for The Lakeview but Barbara stays at the cottage in case Sofie turns up.

Sofie has packed up her things at The Lakeview. She tells Hallie that she made a mistake in giving her away but that she is changing that now. She leaves the hotel.


At The Lakeview, Will and Gwen run into Aaron and tell him what is going on. He shows them to Sofie's room. It's empty! Aaron calls Sofie; she answers and says she is taking her baby! She hangs up on him. The three of them go to the police station; they tell Margo what is going on. Gwen says Sofie wouldn't hurt Hallie. Margo agrees to put out an Amber Alert and asks Aaron to come with her so they can trace his phone calls. Will hugs Gwen and says things will be okay. Margo and Aaron return. The Amber Alert is in place and Kim is running Hallie's and Sofie's pictures on the 10 o'clock news. Will and Gwen return home and give Barbara the news. Barbara apologizes over and over but Will is too angry to listen. She offers to make a statement for Margo or hire an investigator but Will says she should just leave. Babs gathers her things, tells them she'll do anything to help them and leaves. Gwen breaks down. She blames herself for pushing Sofie to spend time with Hallie. Will says it isn't her fault. Aaron stops by and tells them about Sofie's place in Chicago. He leaves. Will and Gwen decide to go to Chicago.


Paul returns to Emily's hotel room with her and they bug the place in preparation for Chris' arrival. Chris arrives before Paul can leave so Emily has him hide in the room! She is sitting calmly on the sofa when Chris walks in - and immediately orders her out! Emily is very calm, tells Chris she misses him and wants to talk. Chris won't listen at all and tries to toss her out but Em won't go. She comes on to him, softly touching his chest and then running her fingers over his lips. "Can't you just give me one more chance?" she asks. Chris calls Emily desperate and tries to push her away but Emily just keeps pushing back, telling him that they were good together and they can be again. She seduces him but keeps talking about Dusty and her mistakes. Emily pulls him down on the bed but keeps talking about Dusty and Bob the entire time. Chris pulls away and asks where the bug is! Em tries to play dumb but Chris doesn't believe her. He begins searching the room and finds the bug on the headboard! He is about to hit Emily when Paul rushes out of the closet! Paul confronts Chris about how he became chief-of-staff. Chris calls Emily a prostitute, grabs her clothes and throws them out the door. In the hall, she dresses in a hurry. "I think that went pretty well," Paul says. Emily tells Paul that they need to go forward in the investigation by finding the lab technician. Paul says he'll do that but says Emily needs to tell Margo what she knows before Chris does.

Emily goes to the police station and tells Margo that there could be a connection between Bob's stroke and Dusty's death. She tells her about the coffee mug; Margo says she should have come forward much faster. Emily wonders why her silence matters. "Are you trying to make Chris look guilty to cover your tracks?" Margo asks. Emily tells Margo about her deal with Chris - she kept his secret and he kept hers. Margo won't make any promises about keeping Em's secret. Emily finally tells her about the prostitution. Margo can't believe it. Emily begs and pleads for Margo to keep her secret but Margo won't make any promises to her.


Paul is about to leave The Lakeview when he sees Evan and Chris meeting in the lounge. He eavesdrops as Evan tells Chris that they have to get rid of Emily to save MEMO21! Evan asks if Craig would help them shut Emily up; Chris says Craig has been known to do many bad things in the name of business.


Noah and Luke are having coffee at Java, talking about Dusty's murder and trying to figure out a way to help Luke's family. Noah says he just needs to keep doing what he has been doing - like taking care of the kids and the farm. Luke wants to do more. Brad, Luke's friend from school, walks in and reminds Luke about some of his extracurricular activities. Brad invites Luke and Noah to a GLBT outing that weekend; they say they'll think about it and Brad leaves. Noah tells Luke that the weekend sounds like fun and they should think about going. Luke isn't so sure and tells Noah that he is really nervous about spending a weekend, alone, with other couples. They are walking in Old Town, talking about the possibilities of the weekend. They decide to go. As they are talking, Luke's friends come by and they accept the weekend offer. Noah goes on to school; the guys talk to Luke about the sexual escapades that go on at the cabin. Luke is more nervous than ever. When Noah returns, Luke tells him what the other guys said; they decide to go to the weekend cabin anyway. They separate and then wind up back at the farm a while later. Noah begins talking about the weekend and admits it really doesn't sound like his kind of scene. Luke agrees! Both admit they only said yes to make one another happy and agree to skip the trip.


At the farm, Lily and Holden are cleaning up the dinner mess and talking about clearing his name. Holden is very calm and tells Lily that things will be fine. Lily insists that she needs to tell the police - not just Jack - what she remembers. Holden refuses to let her; Lily starts in on hiring another attorney but Holden refuses that, too. Lily asks why he won't let her help him! Before they can make any decisions, a man calls with a message for Lily - from Dusty! The caller tells her about his research and asks Lily to meet him at Yo's. Holden and Lily leave for the bar. They arrive at Yo's and the bartender hands them a note - the caller reminds Lily that he told her to come alone! The informant calls, gives Lily one more chance and sets up another meeting. Holden wants to go but Lily refuses. She leaves alone. Lily arrives at the meeting place - a darkened street - and waits for the informant. She has been waiting for a while when Holden shows up, startling her. He says she has been there long enough. Lily convinces him to wait a while longer but Holden gets antsy and begins searching the car where the informant said to wait. He finds keys inside. They open the trunk - and find a dead body inside!

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