Moving day.

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Gwen gets a scholarship from an unlikely source, Maddie moves into Tom and Margo's place, and Lucy is upset by Dusty.

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Gwen and Casey discuss how expensive it is to go to school. She tells him she's going to look for a grant, but he tells her that she can ask for money from Will. She refuses. Gwen goes to Carly's place and Casey leaves for the dorms. They're really cold. A storm is approaching.

At Java, Will listens to Jade's plea, asking for a place to stay. He agrees to help her. She runs off holding her stomach. Jade admits her fear about being pregnant and Will tells her the best place for her is with him.


At Lakeview, Lucy is upset with Dusty that he didn't even ask her to look at the baby. She feels that he is pushing her away and wonders if Johnny is not even sick! Dusty admits that when she was singing karaoke he saw Jennifer and it shocked him. He tells her she deserves better than him. He is still in love with Jennifer and the two can't be friends. Lucy cries as he leaves. At that moment, Lucinda comes into the bar and hugs an upset Lucy. Lucinda tries to tell her that Dusty needs time to himself.

Lucy is angered with Lucinda for encouraging her to love Dusty when she doesn't feel she can ever be with him.

At his place, Dusty flashes back to when he was with Jennifer.

At the apartment building, Carly and Simon think quickly. She tells him that they need to start painting. Simon is paying more attention to Carly than to their task and instead of preparing to paint, Simon kisses Carly. She throws him to the floor, telling him that he has to start taking her seriously.

Tom and Margo come home with Maddie. She's moving in today. Margo wonders why Casey is still there, but he tells his mom he was just off to the dorms but tells them he can stay for dinner, now that Maddie is there.


At Will's house, Jade and Will sit by the fire to warm up. He gets edgy when she talks about the time when Gwen was pregnant. At that moment, a chilly Aunt Kim shows up. She asks what's going on and Will admits that Jade is pregnant and he is the baby's father. Kim is shocked and asks what she can do to help. Jade listens in as the two talk, and Kim tells Will that she is proud of him for stepping up to his responsibilities. She tells him to call if he needs anything at all. She leaves and Jade comes out to give him a big hug to thank him. He pushes her away and stoically tells her that it's not like he had a choice. She tries to hold his hand and he pulls away, irritated with her. He explains that they are not together - he doesn't love Jade and never will.

As Carly prepares to leave, Gwen comes in to talk to her sister about applying for college. Carly is happy and invites her to stay with her, but Gwen explains that she wants to be on her own. Carly understands but has concerns that she may not be able to afford it. Simon speaks up, even though Carly asks him to stay out of it. He tells Gwen he has a scholarship, and he asks her to do a standard interview. Carly doesn't believe him, but he sits Gwen down right then and there to ask what she wants to do with her life! She explains about her mom being uneducated and she believes that knowledge when used with humility is the most powerful knowledge one can have. Carly is smiling as Simon gets out his checkbook to write her a check for a few thousand dollars. A thrilled Gwen runs off to put the check into the bank, and Carly asks Simon why he gave her sister the money. He tells her he did it for her! Carly is upset that she used to use men, and that her sister is not like her. She tells Simon that they could sleep together right now. She is very attracted to him, but if something happens to this project, and she trails off. She is worried that Simon is just attracted to her body and she wants him to know there is more to her.

At the College, Margo has a tough time leaving her son. She wants to put his clothes away and help him, but Tom pulls her out of the room, asking him to give time to Maddie and Casey. As the two step out of the room, Casey tells Maddie that he has a new roommate. The two go to kiss but she tells him she isn't ready for that. He completely understands. He tells her he loves her and agrees to wait. She smiles and the two hug.

After she leaves, Casey hears a knock on the door. It's Gwen! She has moved across the hall from him!

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