Sofie Kidnaps Hallie!

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Barbara turns Sofie away from the Muson's door; Bonnie also warns her to stop making unannounced visits. Sofie takes extreme measures to see the baby. Brad proposes to Katie! Carly and Jack make a big decision about Sam - and Parker!

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Sofie and another hotel worker are just finishing their shifts. The worker says she is lucky to only have a short elevator ride; Sofie doesn't agree because a hotel isn't a home. The other worker walks off.

Barbara is still at the cottage. Will and Gwen talk about having some time alone and she volunteers to watch Sofie so they can have a date. Gwen readily accepts, telling Will that Babs is eager to prove she can be a great grandma. They leave for the evening. Will and Gwen arrive for their romantic dinner. Both are worried about Hallie because they haven't left her alone for an entire evening but decide they can trust Barbara. Sofie walks by, sees them alone and says, "They left Hallie with a sitter!" and quickly hurries away. Will and Gwen finish dinner and Gwen makes a point to stay a little longer for coffee so that Barbara has some extra time with Hallie. Gwen reminds him that Barbara's heart is always in the right place but that her actions do get messed up from time to time. They leave to go home; Gwen suggests they do the dating thing a little more often now that Barbara is back in their lives. Will agrees and they head home.


Sofie arrives at the cottage and is surprised to find Barbara there. She asks to see Hallie but Barbara refuses to let her in! Sofie begs and pleads but Babs refuses, saying she needs to take up visitation questions with Will and Gwen and not just show up unannounced. Barbara shuts the door in her face. Babs calls Bonnie and tells her about the issue with Sofie. Bonnie says she'll talk to Sofie as soon as she returns to the hotel. Babs puts Hallie down for the night and then lies down on the sofa to rest.


Bonnie waits until Sofie arrives at the hotel and then confronts her about the unannounced visits. Sofie calls Hallie "her baby" and says she doesn't need to set up visits! Bonnie reminds her about signing away her parental rights and says she has to talk to Will and Gwen about any visitation in the future. She leaves. Sofie storms off. She returns to the cottage and watches through the windows while Barbara is sleeping! She quietly enters the house and goes straight to Hallie's room. Sofie picks up Hallie and takes her from the cottage!

Vienna knocks on Katie's hotel room door, tells her to get dressed and come along. Katie doesn't want to go anywhere but Vienna begs and pleads, saying she and Henry really need someone to help them stop fighting. Katie gives in.


Henry walks in to the diner and finds that Brad has shut it down and is preparing a romantic dinner. Annoyed, he tells Brad that he can't take over the diner for the night; Brad says Vienna said he could. Seeing that Brad isn't going to give up, Henry decides to let him go ahead, believing that Katie will turn him down and the whole ordeal will be over. Vienna and Katie, who came in through the back, calls Henry an animal and asks Katie to go into the dining room to deal with him. Katie leaves. Henry comes out of a dark corner and tells Vienna he is no animal! Katie finds Brad with candlelit tables waiting for her. Brad convinces her to stay for dinner but when he tries to talk seriously about their relationship Katie makes an excuse about Vienna's dog and leaves the table. She returns with Peper a few moments later and plays with the puppy while Brad tries to talk about his feelings. Katie tells Brad he is a great friend and tries to stop him from talking but he just keeps going. She hurriedly gets up from the table, saying Peper has been bad and leaves. Brad calls Henry and Vienna, who are at The Lakeview, and begs them to come get the dog - now! Vienna and Henry return to take the puppy home with them. They ignore Katie's requests that they stay and that they stop playing matchmaker. They leave. On the street, Henry tells Vienna they need to stay to drive Katie home but Vienna won't hear of it. She returns to the door and then pulls Henry away from the restaurant. They are having coffee and freezing when Vienna admits she locked them inside the restaurant. Henry grabs her, saying they have to rescue Katie - now!


Katie turns back to Brad, saying they need to call it a night. She tries the door but discovers they are locked in! Brad says it's a sign but Katie says her friends just have it in for her. He convinces her to stay for dessert and prepares her favorite strawberry cheesecake. Katie takes another bite of the dessert and begins to choke! Brad pounds on her back and a ring flies out of her mouth! "I was trying to propose," he says! Without waiting for a response Brad plunges forward, declaring his love, apologizing for having the last name Snyder and telling Katie he'll never hurt her the way Jack did. Then, he asks if she'll marry him. Katie gets tears in her eyes, turns away and runs for the door as Henry and Vienna return to unlock the door. Henry follows Katie but Vienna stays with Brad, apologizing for not giving him more time. Brad says it doesn't matter anyway. He has given up on Katie! Vienna tells him to keep the faith and then goes after Henry. Brad stays at the diner for a few minutes and then leaves.

Henry catches up with Katie, who angrily tells him to stop meddling in her life. She says she doesn't need a matchmaker and storms off. She returns to the hotel, upset and sad, and begins getting ready for bed.


Jack and Carly are in Old Town when they see Parker with his crew of tough kids. Jack drags Parker away from the kids and back to the farm. Once there Parker says the only thing that will fix the situation is Carly getting rid of Sam! He storms upstairs. Carly is ready to get rid of Sam but Jack says that isn't the way to proceed. He says letting Parker have his way is sending a bad message. Carly leaves. Jack calls Parker down and tries to talk to him like an adult. Parker doesn't care what Jack says and insists that he is in the right. He says things will be fine once Sam is gone and goes back upstairs.

Carly arrives at Metro and blurts out, "Sam you can't work here any longer." She says Parker can't deal with Sam and that she has to do the right thing for her kid. Sam pretends to be ready to accept, saying she has to do the right thing. Kit takes offense and says if Sam goes, she goes - and so does her money!


Carly returns to the farm and tells Jack they have big problems. She says Kit is going to take her money out of the bar if Sam leaves and she doesn't have the money to buy Kit out. Jack doesn't care and says they can't tell Parker that they changed their minds. Carly wonders if Brad can help - by loaning money for the buy-out - but Jack doesn't like that idea. He says she will just have to keep her word and get rid of Sam. "So to keep my son happy I have to give up my chance at a new life," she asks! Jack finally gives in and says he'll stand by her while she talks to Parker. Parker reacts badly to the news, calling them both liars and manipulators. He storms out. Carly calls Sam to give him the good news. She thanks Jack for standing by her. Jack says as long as they are strong for Parker he'll be fine.

After speaking to Carly, Sam tells Kit that they are staying on and building a life in Oakdale. She goes upstairs to unpack. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack, hoping that the worst is over with Parker. Cowboy Jack has a new worry - maybe Kit will find out that Sam is really interested in Carly and not the bar! "You've got to take Carly somewhere private," he says.

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