Casey's Home and Bob's Awake!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Lily believes Emily killed Dusty; Emily tells Chris they need to coordinate alibis. Casey's home; Bob wakes up. Gwen and Will lay down the law with Sofie.

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Chris and Kim are sitting with Bob at the hospital. Chris tells Kim he isn't sure what else to do; Kim says he is doing all he can. She fawns over Chris, telling him what a great job he has been doing. Chris can't take it and leaves. In the hall he runs into Evan, who wants a signature so that MEMO21 can go forward. Chris hesitates. Evan manipulates him, telling Chris that he is a chicken and doesn't deserve the run of the hospital. Chris gives in and signs the papers.


Back with Bob, Kim tells him how much she misses him and how much she wants their life back. She begs him to wake up. "Feel free to wake up any time now," she says, "Sooner would be better than later." Bob doesn't respond. Kim kisses his hand. She turns to go and Bob reaches out to her! "Hello, beautiful," he says, and she begins to cry. Kim orders him to stay awake and goes to the hall to get Chris. Chris hurries inside and checks Bob's vital signs and his reactions. Bob asks for food; Chris says this is a good sign. He orders a bunch of tests for Bob, which worries Kim. Kim goes to call the family so Chris can run another test. Bob asks where Dusty is!


Margo and Dallas are going over the Donovan murder files when Tom arrives. He tells Margo to take the rest of the day off. They go home and Margo kisses him, wondering if they are going to have a romantic getaway. Tom turns her around and Casey is there! Margo hugs him, in disbelief that he is home again. Casey is uncomfortable with the show of affection. Margo smacks him for fighting with the prison guard and getting himself put back in prison again. Casey is more comfortable with that. He asks if things are always this quiet. They eat lunch and Margo begins questioning Casey about his future plans. He doesn't have any so Margo begins planning for him. Casey tells her he just wants to take things slowly, which makes Margo very leery. Tom interrupts them, saying Casey has time. Kim calls with the news about Bob. She asks him to come quickly. Tom gives Casey and Margo the news; Casey hangs back.

Emily breaks through the police tape on the research lab door, telling herself she has to face what happened that night. Emily looks at the floor and sees Dusty lying there.


In the stairwell, Lily demands to know what Holden is hiding from her. Holden keeps interrupting her, saying they need to go home. Lily realizes that Holden thinks she killed Dusty! She gets him to admit that he found her in the stairwell with the syringe and says she won't let him take the blame for her! Seeing that she won't take no for an answer Holden sits with Lily and they talk through what happened. She visualizes the syringe and says she found it on the floor in one of the offices; she isn't sure which one. Then, Lily says she saw Dusty on the floor. She is positive that Dusty was already dead when she got there! Holden and Lily go back to the research office, hoping for another memory flash. As they arrive, Emily hurries from the office! Emily and Lily argue about Dusty and who has the right to go into the office. Emily turns on Holden, asking if he really killed Dusty; he doesn't answer. Emily walks off. Lily and Holden go inside the room and Lily has another memory flash of someone running from the office before she came in! Lily isn't sure who it was at first but then the memory flash comes again and she realizes it was Emily! Lily is positive that Emily must have killed Dusty. When Holden doesn't believe her, Lily tells him about Emily's prostitute past. Holden is stunned. Lily decides she has to tell Jack what she remembers. Holden follows her from the hospital.


The whole Hughes clan arrives to see Bob. Casey walks in, surprising Bob. Margo and Chris are uncomfortable with one another until she tells him she is off the clock. Chris closes the door and sees Emily in the hall. He returns to the family. Tom decides to call Nancy and leaves; Casey follows and asks Tom not to tell Nancy he's home. He wants to talk to her himself. Tom agrees. A candy-striper and an orderly come in to prep Bob for the tests. Chris and the family leave the room. Seeing Emily is still hanging around, Chris grabs her and pulls her into another room. He tells her to leave him and his family alone. Emily asks why he is really upset. Chris admits that Bob asked about Dusty when he woke up. He tells Emily that he has to focus on his family and leaves. Emily finds him a few minutes later and tells him they need to get their stories straight. Chris wonders why; Emily brings up MEMO21, the note and Dusty's death. Chris shuts them back in the empty hospital room and tells Emily there is nothing to hide from his father or his family. Chris tells Emily to keep her mouth shut and they'll never need to coordinate their stories.

Tom and Margo tell Casey to go see Will and Gwen; they tell him about Hallie. Casey is nervous to see his old friends but leaves. Tom and Margo are walking the halls, waiting to be able to see Bob again. Tom tells Margo to give Casey a little space for a while, until he gets his footing back.

Kim is sitting with Bob, telling him how great things are going to be.

Sofie and Aaron are walking and talking in Old Town. Sofie talks and talks about Hallie and how great things are going for her now. When she calls Hallie "my little girl" Aaron becomes worried. He reminds Sofie that the baby isn't hers. Sofie says she knows that but Aaron isn't sure. Sofie turns the subject back to Aaron and asks about Holden's arrest. Aaron says it isn't a big deal.


At the cottage, Will decides they have to call Sofie to set up some boundaries about Hallie. Gwen is reluctant but agrees. Gwen calls Sofie and asks her to come by the cottage that afternoon. Sofie drops everything to come to the house. Gwen asks Will for reassurance; he says they are absolutely doing the right thing. Sofie arrives with Aaron in tow a few minutes later. They try to talk to her but Sofie is more interested in talking about Hallie. When the baby cries she tries to go to her but Will and Gwen stop her. Aaron goes to check on the baby and Sofie asks what is going on. They tell Sofie that they need to have boundaries between them. "You're going back on your word," Sofie cries, calling Hallie her daughter. Will and Gwen stand firm and Sofie is heartbroken. Aaron comes out of the nursery with Hallie and Sofie asks to say goodbye. They offer to let her hold the baby but Sofie won't. Crying, she tells Hallie that she can't come around for a while and leaves. Aaron follows.


In Old Town, Sofie and Aaron talk about what she did. Sofie tells him she isn't okay with her decision any longer. Aaron tries to make her feel better but Sofie is very depressed and leaves.

Casey arrives at Will and Gwen's cottage and watches them through the window.

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