Dusty's Dead!

Friday, January 18th, 2008

It's a murder-mystery whodunnit - Dusty's dead and several people wanted to kill him. Brad finally tells Katie he loves her. Luke and Noah share a special moment.

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Brad walks into Katie's hotel room. She demands that he give her key back and Brad reluctantly hands it over. She says they need to set up new ground rules but Brad isn't interested in rules. Katie shuts herself in the bath, ordering Brad to keep his hands to himself. Katie returns, dressed for the great outdoors, and tells Brad they have to hit the road for their next Oakdale Now show. They are going to Wisconsin for an ice fishing contest; neither is thrilled. They are just finishing packing for the trip at WOAK when Vienna walks in with treats for the road. Katie goes to find a space heater and Vienna smacks Brad, telling him that he needs to tell Katie how he feels. "Use this trip to get close to her again," she advises. Katie returns and they hit the road. Brad begins to describe the cabins where they will be staying. Katie tells him to stop trying to make the trip better. The phone rings and they find out the competition has been cancelled! Brad isn't disappointed. He tells Katie they should keep going to the cabin because they are almost there but she wants to go back to the hotel. Brad says they can't - because he is completely lost! She thinks he is joking around but quickly realizes that Brad is being honest. He suggests they pull over until morning when they can get their bearings because they are also almost out of gas. They pull over, put on all the artic gear they can find and settle in for the night. Brad tries to warm up Katie by thinking "hot thoughts" about a Cabo vacation. Brad puts himself to sleep so Katie has to entertain herself. She lays her head on his chest and decides to sleep. "There is no place I'd rather be," Brad mumbles. "I love you."

Dusty is alone in the office when the lights flash on. "What are you doing here?" he asks. He keeps questioning the person but he or she won't say a word.

At the hospital, Tom and Margo wonder what Dusty really has going on. Tom points out that Dusty is out of time if he wants to "out" Chris about something. Margo is more worried about where Chris has disappeared to. Tom decides to check on Bob, hoping Chris is there. Lucinda walks in and orders Margo to go arrest Dusty for Lily's collapse. Margo points out that it isn't a police problem.

Emily is stressed out and a little freaky, repeating, "It's over, it's over." Susan walks in and tries to get Emily to talk but she just keeps repeating that phrase. She walks off.

Chris is at The Lakeview, drinking in the lounge and remembering what he overheard between Dusty and Emily. Tom calls and orders Chris to get to the hospital immediately.


Holden finds Lily, nearly unconscious, in the stairwell. She is holding something but won't show him what it is. Holden gathers her up and carries her back to her room. Lucinda comes in and asks how Lily is, then decides to go after Dusty herself! Holden finally pries the syringe from Lily's fingers and asks where she got it and if she took the drugs inside. She won't say anything; he leaves to find a doctor. In the hall, Holden opens a few drawers in one of the drug chests. Susan walks up but before she can ask what he is doing she is paged to the Emergency Room. Holden calls Luke and asks him to stay with the kids because Lily is very ill. Luke is worried and asks what is going on and Holden reluctantly tells him about the overdose. Luke wants to come to the hospital but Holden won't allow it. Luke asks about Dusty and Holden says Dusty is out of the picture for good. He asks Luke not to tell anyone anything until he gets home.


Lucinda is walking the hospital halls when she sees a door half-open. She finds Emily sitting over Dusty's body! Em lays her head down on Dusty's chest. Lucinda tries to get between them but Emily won't move; Lucinda decides to find a doctor. Emily tells Dusty he can start breathing now. Lucinda returns with Tom, Margo and a doctor in tow. Susan hurries in as the doctor shakes his head. They begin CPR. After several minutes with no response from Dusty, Chris walks in and tells Susan to call it. Dusty is dead! Emily faints. Susan sits with Em for a while and then asks Chris to take her home. Chris won't do it, saying he is needed at the hospital. Tom doesn't understand why Chris won't take Emily home and tells him Susan would be the better person to talk to the police and the investigators since she was first on the scene. Chris won't back down. Lucinda asks Susan what could have happened to Dusty but Susan says she doesn't know anything other than that Dusty's heart stopped beating. Margo asks Chris the same question. Manny, the Medical Examiner, and Dallas arrive from the police department to begin their investigation. Susan keeps at Chris, asking him to take care of Emily. He refuses. Susan walks Emily out of the room but Margo won't let them leave. She questions Emily about when and how she found Dusty. Emily can't answer her questions because she doesn't remember anything but wandering around. Susan and Margo begin to argue about the questioning but Emily tells them to stop. Crying, she tells them the questions won't bring Dusty back. Margo allows them to leave. In the stairwell Emily tells Susan that Chris found out about her relationship with Dusty. Susan wants more details but Emily doesn't want to talk about it. Susan keeps questioning her because she remembers seeing Emily in the office area earlier in the evening. Crying, Emily tells Susan that she and Chris broke up and it was because of Dusty but that she doesn't remember anything else. She runs off. Emily goes to the hospital chapel and, crying, begs for forgiveness.


Lucinda returns to Lily's room and tells Holden about Dusty's death. Lily cries out for Holden and he hurries back inside. "Dusty's dead," she whispers. Holden asks how she knows and Lily says she "just knows". She collapses back on her pillows and tells Holden she is tired. Holden sits with Lily while she sleeps. Finally he pulls the syringe from his pocket and wipes it clean! A nurse comes to check on Lily. Lily wakes again and asks Holden what is going on. He tells her to sleep and he'll take care of things.


Back in the office with Dusty's body, Chris tries to instruct Manny on how to investigate. Seeing what he is doing, Tom steps in and tells Chris to back off. "Are you saying I'm a suspect?" Chris asks. Tom won't answer and asks Chris to come with him for coffee. Margo comes back in. The M.E. is almost done when Dallas returns from questioning the staff. Margo says robbery isn't a motive because the only thing missing is Dusty's cell phone. The M.E. says the only thing he can find is a puncture wound. He suggests an immediate toxicology screen.


Chris and Tom have coffee in Old Town; Chris says he wants to keep Dusty's death a secret because of MEMO21. Tom brings up Emily and asks what is really going on between them. Chris just keeps talking about how Dusty has been out to get him since he returned to town and tells Tom about the New Year's Eve fling. Tom isn't surprised and tells Chris that he and Emily weren't committed to one another. This only makes Chris angrier and he tells Tom he did want Dusty dead. Chris receives a hospital page and leaves. Back at the hospital Chris and Even run into one another. Chris is worried that Craig won't fund the project but Evan is certain that with Dusty out of the picture they are home free.


At the farm Noah notices how distracted Luke is. Luke tries to keep Holden's news secret but can't. He tells Noah that Lily is sick, not that she overdosed, and Noah offers to drive him to Memorial. Luke says he has to stay at the farm with the kids. Faith and Natalie walk in, surprised to see them hugging. Faith says it's what people who are dating do and asks about Holden. The guys say Holden decided to skip out on Family Game Night because he couldn't face beating his own daughters. The girls buy the explanation and they all sit down to play games. Luke thanks Noah. The girls win and Luke sends them off to bed. He and Noah clean up; neither can believe the girls actually beat them. They talk about family. Luke is worried that his family will never be normal. He hopes that with Dusty out of the picture Lily will get better.

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