Trouble at the MEMO21 Party!

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Lily collapses. Chris, Lily, Emily and Holden all make threats against Dusty; so does Lucinda. Holden tells Bonnie he has to focus on Lily now. Gwen allows Sofie to baby-sit; she and Will worry about Sofie becoming too attached to the baby.

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Gwen can't believe Sofie is volunteering to baby-sit and feels odd about the offer. Sofie convinces her that she can do it; Gwen agrees to the plan and leaves to meet Will. A while later Hallie begins to cry and nothing Sofie does will calm the kiddo. Desperate, she calls Aaron and begs him to come and help her out. Aaron stops by and suggests feeding Hallie. He warms up her formula, as he is doing that he sees all the instructions Gwen left for Sofie. She says she was too nervous to read them. Sofie returns to Hallie, picks her up and the baby calms a little bit.


Will and Gwen go into the coffeehouse on their break from the seminar. He asks about Hallie and Gwen says that Sofie is watching her. Will isn't comfortable with the decision Gwen made. Gwen says it wasn't a big deal and that Sofie was just being friendly but he doesn't agree. They return home and are surprised to find Aaron there. He says Sofie needed help but is fine now. Gwen sees Sofie holding Hallie and both she and Will become more nervous. They tell Sofie she can go now. Once they are alone Will tells Gwen that he really doesn't like what happened with Sofie and he wants to begin putting some distance between them, the baby and Sofie. Gwen agrees with him.

In Old Town Sofie tells Aaron how exciting it was to baby-sit for Hallie. They go into Al's diner to celebrate.


Lucinda warns an increasingly tipsy Lily to take it easy. She goes off to talk to Kim and Lily heads into a closed room to take a few more pills! She sees Holden arrive with Bonnie on his arm! She goes straight over to them and asks why they are there. "Well, enjoy," Lily says and turns away from them. Meanwhile Kim and Lucinda chat with Evan, Margo and Tom about MEMO21. Lucinda asks about Craig. Margo wonders if Dusty will show his face. Tom is sure things will be fine. Tom brings up Chris and Lucinda says he is looking around for Emily. Holden and Bonnie watch as Lily becomes even more drunk; Holden goes to her side and Lily tells him to leave her alone! Bonnie chats with Kim and Margo for a few moments.


In another room Chris overhears Dusty and Emily talking about their New Year's tryst. Emily tries to explain it was only once but Dusty interrupts, saying Emily is in love with him and that is why she won't commit to Chris! Emily asks Chris to come with her so they can talk but Chris can barely even look at her. Dusty brings up Bob. Chris lunges for him, grabs him by the lapels and slams him up against the wall! Tom hears them arguing and bursts in to the room. He separates them and follows Chris out of the room. Emily turns on Dusty, asking if he is trying to ruin her life. "I will get payback for this if it's the last thing I do," she says and storms off. Margo overhears! She asks Dusty what is going on but he won't say a word. Tom returns to Kim, who is worried about Chris. Tom says it has something to do with Emily and Dusty; Lily overhears and wonders if Chris now knows more than he wanted to about "those Stewart women". Emily chases after Chris but he won't give her the time of day. Dusty watches it all and then calls his investigator to bring in the coffee mug results. Holden and Bonnie reunite. She realizes he isn't really there with her and asks what is going on. They leave together. Lily watches them. Dusty sees her and asks what she is trying to accomplish. Lily is too drunk to care what she has done; Dusty tells her to apologize and Lily tosses her drink on him! Lucinda comes over and tells Lily she needs to calm down. Kim interrupts before Lucinda can take Lily away. Lily swears she is fine and just needs to freshen up. Lucinda goes back to the party. Lily sees an unmonitored cart and begins to rifle through it looking for drugs! She grabs one pill bottle and takes several capsules.


Back inside Chris and Evan take center stage and begin the presentation about MEMO21. Chris dedicates the project to Bob. Before he can sign the contract Dusty interrupts and tells everyone that Bob didn't want the project! Margo tries to interrupt but Dusty says he has proof against Chris and his underhanded dealings. Kim and Tom both try to get Dusty to shut up. Holden and Bonnie return as Lucinda rushes from the room and asks where Lily is. She tells him about the scene and asks Holden to find Lily. Bonnie returns inside alone and Holden goes to search for Lily. Lucinda returns and asks everyone to hear Dusty out! Chris calls for security and tries to have him arrested. Lucinda won't let Chris do it and says no one will sign any contracts until they hear everything Dusty has to say! Chris can't believe he is being foiled again.


Holden is searching the hallways. He goes around one corner and finds Lily, collapsed, on the floor. He calls a nurse and Lily is wheeled away. Holden goes after Dusty, telling him that Lily OD'd and it is all Dusty's fault! Lucinda hurries off to be with Lily. Holden focuses on Dusty, who says Lily's overdose is Holden's fault and not his! He tries to leave to go down to see Lily but Holden won't let him go and swears if he goes near Lily Holden will kill him! Margo tells both men to stop fighting.

Lucinda sits with Lily, who is out of it. Lily says she has been so hurt that she couldn't handle it any more. Lucinda tells her she loves her and then swears to make Dusty pay.


Lucinda returns to the party, telling everyone that Lily will be okay. She and Holden are relieved; Lucinda says Lily blames Dusty, too. Dusty storms out and Emily watches him. Meanwhile Chris tries to convince his family to let him sign the contract but they won't let him. Chris sees Holden and the two bond a little over their mutual dislike of Dusty. Chris tells Holden that Dusty will pay and walks off. He spots Lucinda and tells her that he is going to take care of Dusty once and for all. Emily sees Chris and asks him to come away and talk with her. He throws the prostitution back in her face and then walks away. Holden talks to Bonnie about how horrible Dusty is. Bonnie tries to convince him that Lily made her own bed but he won't listen to her. He says Lily needs him now but he isn't sure what that means for them as a couple. Bonnie leaves. Margo and Tom wonder what Dusty might have on Chris; Tom is upset when Margo seems to be siding with Chris. Emily follows Chris and tells him that sleeping with Dusty was a mistake that she regrets. Chris isn't interested in listening to her. "You slept with the one man. . .stay away from me," he says and leaves. Dusty walks up but Emily won't speak to him. In the main room Lucinda realizes that Evan is really anxious to sign the contract and wonders why. Holden walks back in and asks Lucinda how they can keep Dusty away from Lily. He sees Dusty coming back over and tells him to stay away. Holden goes to Lily's hospital room but she is gone! Dusty gets a call from his investigator and goes to get the information. He goes into a darkened room to wait. Someone comes inside behind him!

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Susan sees Holden with a syringe.

Emily asks forgiveness.

Brad says, "I love you."

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