Second chances

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Tom refuses to let Emily take Daniel away, Meg talks Jack into giving it a second chance with Carly, and Emily asks Henry for the unthinkable!

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Tom speaks with Meg, who asks him for help. Tom thinks that she's not telling him the whole story regarding Emily and wants to know what they did to cause her meltdown. She tells Tom that she told Emily that she was engaged and that was when she flipped out. Tom explains that Paul was telling Emily that he and Meg were not that close, and this is probably why she flipped out. Meg doesn't believe it, but Tom reminds her of Paul's history of deceit. Tom leaves and Meg dashes off to see Jack.


Jack angrily chops wood at the farm as he thinks back to his talk with Carly.

Later, Meg pays Jack a visit and he tells her the bad news. Carly and he are divorced. Meg implores him to do something about things with Carly and jokes that he should grovel! He is in no mood to joke, and tells her that. She asks him if he can start over and do it right this time. She tells him, "Jack, get her back or we won't have anymore trees!" She tries to get him to listen to her and he listens to her, telling her he's going to give things another shot!


Gwen and Carly talk about Gwen's marital issues with Will. She is upset that she can never have his baby but that Jade can; she loves him but wishes she didn't. Gwen changes the subject when she sees Carly's divorce decree. Because of the decree she compares her situation to Carly's situation, but Carly tells her that "God forbid you should ever end up like me!"
Carly goes on to tell Gwen that Jack is the forgiving one, just like she is. Gwen thinks about it and wonders that she may be able to get over the fact that Will slept with Jade, but is unsure if she can get over that they will have a child together. She doesn't feel strong enough for this. Carly gives Gwen advice, to move on and one day she may feel stronger!
Will comes to the door as they talk. Gwen tells him she doesn't want to talk to him, but he is there to see Carly. She leaves to go talk to Casey and Will implores Carly to help get Gwen back. She tells him that it's not going to happen and explains that if Gwen is talked into staying with him that it won't last. She shares what she told Gwen, to be self- sufficient, strong, work on herself, and asks that he do the same. She laughs to herself that she is giving marital advice!

Simon gives Carly a call. She's late, and he wonders where she is. She tells him she's on the way and leaves.


At the hospital, Mike and Katie argue that Mike didn't know he was supposed to go in with Katie to the fertility clinic. She tells him that they both need to get checked out, not just her. She goes on to explain that he hasn't fathered a child in years and should be checked out. She wants to be sensible but he feels that she is being controlling, and he's miserable. Katie is extremely upset as Mike storms off.


Emily shows up at Margo's place to ask who called Tom. She hasn't a clue and visits with her son Daniel for a while. Tom comes in and Margo leaves Tom and Emily alone and the two discuss her leaving town. He tells her that Meg has already told him. She tells him that she can't trust Paul and once she is settled he can visit Daniel whenever he wants. He tells her that she will always be his family but Daniel can't go with her. Tom feels that they're a team, but he needs to think about what is best for Daniel. Margo comes back and Emily apologizes for the disturbance and tells them she knows they take good care of Daniel. She leaves for a doctor's appointment. After Emily leaves, Margo asks what that was all about and he explains.

Emily is outside at Tom and Margo's when she calls Henry to meet her.

Henry gets off the phone and is greeted by Simon, who asks that they get together soon to catch up. He gives his condolences to Henry.

Later, Emily meets with Henry, asking him for help in leaving the country with Daniel.

Simon meets with Carly who tells her she is beautiful, no matter how much she sneers at him! She ignores him and talks business, and when he presses her, she tells him that they agreed to keep it all business for now. She is angry that the design budget is cut and has to leave, because she has forgotten the paint charts. Simon tells her that he will go get the paint charts.


Gwen and Casey sit outside and talk but are interrupted by Will who has followed her. She tells him that they can't solve things and he asks her to remember their vows. Gwen reminds him that he is the one who has forgotten them. Gwen tells Casey that Jade is pregnant with Will's baby. An upset Will leaves while Casey comforts Gwen.

In the kitchen at the farmhouse, Meg makes a phone call, explaining how things didn't go well with her talk about Emily.

Jack arrives at Carly's door with flowers!

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