Gwen Is Devasted by Will's Confession

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Will finally admits to sleeping with Jade. Dallas defends Maddie. Carly and Simon are having a very good time in New York City, but little do they know, Katie is on her way.

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Mike and Katie are at home together, feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate their anniversary. Mike's foreman calls. Hanging up he says to Katie, ...You are never going to guess who's with Simon in New York.... He puts his shirt on, needs to go meet the foreman for a lumber delivery. Katie is worried about Carly. Mike says it's not their life and that Carly can take care of herself. When Mike leaves, Kim shows up and wants Katie to travel to NYC right away to attend an affiliates meeting. Katie is psyched about going, says the timing couldn't be better. She leaves Mike a message on the answering machine about where's she gone and he's clearly upset.

In the New York hotel suite, Jack talks to Simon on Carly's cell phone, Jack can hear music in the background. Carly asks what Simon told Jack. He says he told him to call back when he lightened up. Carly demands that Simon not to ever speak for her again. Then she becomes worried that Jack called because something may be wrong with kids, Simon says if it's important he'll call back. Carly gets angry, tells Simon to stay out of her marriage, not to answer her phone anymore and that she wants to set some ground rules, keep things businesslike, Simon says that he reserves the right to appreciate her as a beautiful woman. She protest, tells Simon the deal will be that she works, he pays her, no gifts, no answering her phone, no trying to make Katie jealous, stop humoring her, she quits, again. Simon shows her to the door, calls her bluff. After a few minutes Carly goes back in the room and tells Simon to leave, but he calms her down by promising to honor her wishes. Carly wants to call room service for champagne, she tells Simon she wants to be Jack;s wife and independent, Simon says he can teach her how to do both. They make a toast to her career. Simon comes up with a name for her business, CTS designs! They are fantasizing about an empire, drinking champagne. Carly makes a logo. Simon asks her if she thinks she can handle it, they fall back on the bed, dreaming of the future. They decide to go out to dinner and dancing.

Gwen asks Will if he slept with Jade, he evades the question, telling her he loves her, she keeps asking him over and over. He says, ...You can't go by what Maddy says, she has serious problems, is it her word against mine?... But finally he admits to sleeping with Jade. It was graduation night, only once, the night they had a fight, he was drunk, it meant nothing, he's hated himself ever since. He tries to hug Gwen but she breaks away. She he is furious and pushes Will. She begins packing her bags as they fight. She's mad because he lied all this time, didn't tell her when it happened, he begs forgiveness. He points out all the good things he's done. Gwen asks, ...What happens next time we fight?... Will continues to beg her forgiveness but Gwen says she can't forgive him. He becomes desperate, says they can go to counseling. Gwen tells him he keeps his guard up with everyone. Will is trying to block her from leaving. She says she can't stay in the same room with him right now and storms out. Will goes ballistic; then chases after her.

At the scene of crime where Maddie was attacked, Dallas is investigating when Jade suddenly appears. He asks her what Maddie did to set her off. Jade tells him why she believes Maddie is the killer. Dallas doesn't think so.

At the police station, Eve has been trying to find a psychologist. Henry says Maddie doesn't need one, she needs a ticket out of town, he wants to get her a new identity, send her away. Eve tells Henry not to dare mentioned such a ridiculous plan to Maddie. In the interrogation room Casey talks to Maddie but she doesn't want his help. He says, ...You didn't do this, Maddie!... She asks, ...How do you know?!... Casey gives her a CD he made of them and talks about the future. She tells him she can't be a part of his future. She tells him he could be next if he doesn't stay away from her. Casey says he can't quit them, tries to convince her that he knows it wasn't her who killed Lia. She asks him how he knows what's real, he says he knows it's real between them, tries to get close, but Maddie holds back.

Casey argues with Margo, tells his mother she shouldn't be honing in on Maddie and find the killer. Jessica, Maddie's attorney, shows up. She dismisses Henry and talks to Margo. Henry goes into the interrogation room and talks to Maddie. She asks, ...What if I did it?... Henry refuses to believe it, almost breaks down. Dallas returns to the police station and talks to Jessica, She asks him what his gut feeling is and he says that to him Maddie is still the little girl he knew back in Chicago. Jessica goes into the interrogation room and tells Maddie not to say a word. Jessica talks to Dallas alone, saying that the more she knows the less this adds up, that the profile of the killings does not fit a rape victim. Dallas and Margo discuss Maddie and her problems in Chicago and that he needs to find out what happened there.

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